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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Boris Johnson cuts funding for black history month from £76,000 to £10,000

Left: London Assembly member, Jennette Arnold.

She is unhappy that black history month (also known as black invention myth month) has had it's funding cut down to £10,000 p.a

At the same time she has the gaul to complain that St George’s day has had extra funding added - from £100,000 to £140,000.

No doubt 'Islamaphile' Boris is doing this to counter the growing anger of the majority, as people are realising that the English, and their culture, have been disdained for decades  under the Lib-lab-con.

Most importantly it is another sign that the BNP are a serious force politically, and culturally, in modern day Britain.

Article from The (black) Voice

LONDON ASSEMBLY member, Jennette Arnold has joined a growing number of campaigners calling for Mayor Boris Johnson to restore the funding for Black History Month(BHM) after he reduced the amount that City Hall were willing to spend to support the event.
The Mayor cut funding for BHM from £76,000 to just £10,00 in January yet critics of the decision point to increased funding for St George’s day from £100,000 to £140,000 as well as allocating £100,00 to fund a new “USA DAY” to coincide with the NFL football games coming to London. Read more


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