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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birmingham commuters facing four days of rail strike chaos

Left Rail Maritime and Transport union General secretary Bob Crow.

Once again the unions are trying to bring Britain to it's knees. In the 80's when the unions didn't get their way, the members decided to attack 'scabs' and throw bricks through the windows of those who had chosen not to strike. It was know as Militant Tendency. Many of the supporters of this kind of action are hard core Communists. They ignore the fact that union leaders themselves are 'champagne Socialists'.

The Birmingham Mail reports

COMMUTERS will face chaos next week during the planned strike by rail signals staff – the first national rail strike for 17 years.

Train firms operating out of Birmingham say they hope to run a reduced service throughout the four-day walkout.
And Network Rail has said it will man a limited number of signals as 5,800 staff down tools between Tuesday and Friday.

But cross city services will be slashed from six an hour to just two on one of the busiest routes between Redditch and Lichfield, via New Street. London Midland, which operates trains through the city, said it would only be able to operate between 7am and 7pm. Read more

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

One of the few remaining pubs in Washwood Heath likely to be demolished

Left: The Crossguns Pub. One of a few pubs remaining in Washwood Heath.

Although pubs in general are having a tough time in the current economic climate, when the surrounding area changes from 80% British, to 90% Pakistani within the space of ten years, this surely is a factor.
The nearby Swan pub closed down around five years ago. The 'Cross Guns' is still a relatively popular pub as people visit it from surrounding area's.

Left: Pak Supermarket recently replaced the bus garage at Washwood Heath.

Washwood Heath History (Wasshewode: first record 1454)

The Wash Brook is the stream that runs alongside Ward End Park and is thereafter culverted to its confluence with the River Tame. Its name derives from Old English gewaesc and means 'ground washed over by water' ie. land susceptible to flooding.

n 1760 the Castle Bromwich (Coleshill) Turnpike cut through the district. The old road to Coleshill had run from the Rea ford, now replaced by Saltley Viaduct, along Alum Rock Road to Stechford Road. The heathland across Washwood Heath must have made for better travel. This is land on well-drained glacial drift. There was a large gravel pit north of Phillimore Road until the end of the 19th century. Where the route crossed the Wash Brook the ford was paved and later a hump-backed bridge was built. The river is now culverted beyond this point and barely noticeable.

During the 18th century a gibbet stood at Washwood Heath. Although its site is unknown, it may have been near the junction of Washwood Heath Road and Aston Church Road, this being the highest point in the area. A public hanging of eight men at these gallows attracted 100 000 people in 1802. As was the custom the tarred bodies were left to hang in irons, a constant warning to potential law-breakers.
William Dargue - A History of Birmingham Places & Placenames

The Birmingham mail reports on the future of the Cross Guns

A PUB company locked in a “dodgy data” row over a bid to demolish a Birmingham watering hole is set to win approval for the controversial scheme.

Punch Taverns was rapped earlier this month after an investigation claimed the firm’s application for permission to knock down the Cross Guns pub in Washwood Heath Road, Washwood Heath, contained an inaccurate list of alternatives – many of which were closed or demolished.

The company, which has planned 13 houses for the pub site, insisted it had not tried to deceive Birmingham City Council into approving its proposals. Read more

Commentary: Jill Scott Talks Interracial Dating

Left: Jill Scott

Jill Scott is a three-time Grammy Award-winning artist, writer, actress, philanthropist and mother. She gives her views on interracial dating in Essence Magazine
Is the era of white guilt coming to a close? Hat tip Amrem

You know the moment when you realize that fine, accomplished brother is with a White woman? Let's call it "the wince." Three-time Grammy Award-winning artist, writer, actress, philanthropist, mother and all-around Renaissance woman, Jill Scott gets to the root of our feelings on the matter.

My new friend is handsome, African-American, intelligent and seemingly wealthy. He is an athlete, loves his momma, and is happily married to a White woman. I admit when I saw his wedding ring, I privately hoped. But something in me just knew he didn't marry a sister. Although my guess hit the mark, when my friend told me his wife was indeed Caucasian, I felt my spirit...wince. I didn't immediately understand it. My face read happy for you. My body showed no reaction to my inner pinch, but the sting was there, quiet like a mosquito under a summer dress. Read more

Monday, 29 March 2010

Witness Appeal (Black) Gang attack (White) teens

Left: A typical black on white mugging. The reader will not be surprised to learn, that this recent story, is not being classed as a race hate crime!

Vote BNP for the issue of race crime to be accurately reported, and dealt with.

Story from Southwark News

POLICE ARE appealing for witnesses after two teenagers were attacked by a gang on Thursday, March 11.

The two victims, aged sixteen and seventeen, were walking along Warndon Street at around 9pm when they were confronted by a group of black youths, who surrounded them and began to kick and punch them.

They also demanded the victims’ mobile phones. They then chased them, threw bricks at them, and the victims realised afterwards that they had also been stabbed.

Detective Constable Ben Cresswell, from Southwark's robbery squad, said: "We need to speak to anyone who witnessed the attacks, in particular the driver of a silver 4x4 who stopped to assist the victims". If you have any information please contact DC Cresswell on 020 7232 7544 or speak to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 if you wish to remain anonymous.,news,18949,440,00.htm

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Another death caused by incompetent NHS staff

The Sunday Mercury reports

AN inquiry was underway last night after a 16-year-old boy died in the operating theatre of Birmingham Children’s Hospital after a routine procedure went disastrously wrong.

Ryan Senior was admitted for minor keyhole surgery on his abdomen that should have taken just 40 minutes.

But he suffered horrendous bleeding and multiple organ failure after a blood vessel was allegedly punctured during the low-risk op. Read more

Friday, 26 March 2010

'Many sons and alot of guns' philosophy of the 'Darra people' Pakistan

Left: Arms store in Darra (Pakistan). Russian 'Kalakov'(AK-47) $180

Darra Adam Khel is a town in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, located between Peshawar and Kohat, very close to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It is inhabited by Pashtuns of the Afridi clan, the Adam Khel. The town consists of one main street lined with shops, with some alleys and side streets containing workshops. Darra Adam Khel is devoted entirely to the production of ordnance (Weapons).

Video by VBS

Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin wanted to rebuild the Red Army, in the mid-1920s, with Planet-of-the-Apes-style troops by crossing humans with apes. This was according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper on 20 December 2005.

The report claimed that Stalin ordered Russia’s top animal-breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, to use his skills to produce a super warrior. Stalin is said to have told Ivanov, ‘I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.’2 In 1926, the Politburo in Moscow passed this request to build a ‘living war machine’ on to the Academy of Sciences, who engaged Ivanov and sent him to West Africa with many thousands of dollars to conduct experiments in impregnating chimpanzees by artificial insemination. In the USSR, a centre was set up in Georgia, Stalin’s birthplace, for the ‘apes’ to be raised. Read more

Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov pictured shortly after his African mission.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

KFC diner told 'you can't have bacon in your burger here - we're now halal'

If you see this sign on a take away it means Halal. In Muslim abattoirs the animal is not stunned when slaughtered. It has it's throat slit and is hung upside down until it dies. This is extremly cruel because the blood goes to the head and it can take in excess of five minutes for the animal to die.

The Daily Mail reports

A diner was left fuming after a KFC restaurant took his favourite meal off the menu because it breached their new halal regulations.
Alan Phillips was told he would have to travel five miles to another branch if he wanted the Big Daddy, a chicken burger, topped with bacon, cheese and salad.
The branch, in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, is one of 86 KFC restaurants which is running trials of a scheme where they sell nothing other than halal meat.

Trial: This KFC in Burton-on-Trent is one of 86 stores to be selling nothing other than halal meat during the next few months
The company has taken the burger off the menu because Islamic dietary law forbids Muslims to eat anything which has been prepared on the same premises as pork, which is itself strictly forbidden. Read more:

The Big Johns fast food chain is 100% Halal.
Note the discrite Halal insignia in the corner of the sign.

Many microwave products sold in Asain shops are also Halal

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Boris Johnson cuts funding for black history month from £76,000 to £10,000

Left: London Assembly member, Jennette Arnold.

She is unhappy that black history month (also known as black invention myth month) has had it's funding cut down to £10,000 p.a

At the same time she has the gaul to complain that St George’s day has had extra funding added - from £100,000 to £140,000.

No doubt 'Islamaphile' Boris is doing this to counter the growing anger of the majority, as people are realising that the English, and their culture, have been disdained for decades  under the Lib-lab-con.

Most importantly it is another sign that the BNP are a serious force politically, and culturally, in modern day Britain.

Article from The (black) Voice

LONDON ASSEMBLY member, Jennette Arnold has joined a growing number of campaigners calling for Mayor Boris Johnson to restore the funding for Black History Month(BHM) after he reduced the amount that City Hall were willing to spend to support the event.
The Mayor cut funding for BHM from £76,000 to just £10,00 in January yet critics of the decision point to increased funding for St George’s day from £100,000 to £140,000 as well as allocating £100,00 to fund a new “USA DAY” to coincide with the NFL football games coming to London. Read more

Hertfordshire GP Dr Kanval Nagpal who sexually assaulted patients jailed

A Hertfordshire GP who carried out sexual assaults on three women has been jailed for 16 months.

Dr Kanval Nagpal, 61, of Gladding Road, Cheshunt, had denied the charges but was found guilty by a jury at St Albans Crown Court.

On one occasion in 2008, Nagpal tricked a patient into going to his home where he assaulted her, the court heard.In another case, he told a patient to relax "as if she was having sex" then fitting a coil would not hurt. Read more

Waseem Anwar of Shipley denies raping and beating a 16 y.o boy in park

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus Reports

A 16-year-old boy was terrorised, raped and beaten by a man he met in an internet chat room, a jury heard today.

The teenager told Bradford Crown Court he was driven to a secluded spot and sexually attacked after texting Waseem Anwar and arranging to meet him.

Anwar denies twice raping the boy at a park in Shipley on July 5, 2008.
He also pleads not guilty to causing the teenager to engage in sexual activity without his consent and stealing his phone and money. Read more

ANC's Julius Malema guilty of South Africa hate speech

Left: The judge said Julius Malema should be wary of what he says

A South African judge has convicted ANC official Julius Malema of hate speech for his comments about the woman who accused President Jacob Zuma of rape.

The Equality Court judge ordered Mr Malema to make an unconditional apology and pay 50,000 rand ($6,700; £4,500) to a centre for abused women.
The ANC Youth League leader had said the woman must have had a "nice time". Mr Zuma was acquitted of rape.

The youth league said Mr Malema would appeal against the ruling. Read more

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sparkbrook polling station to change after voter intimidation

Left: Sparkbrook Respect Councillor Salma Yaqoob shared a platform with

Jesse Jackson (false rape allegation supporter)

and Lee Jasper (disgraced black charity fraudster)

at the ANNUAL EQUANOMICS UK CONVENTION - Birmingham 30.11.08 .

This event had the subtitle of 'THE BARACK OBAMA RIPPLE EFFECT'. In other words, now Obama is in power we are going to flood your political bodies with non European ethnics. And if you (whitey) dare raise a whimper.... you know the rest.

Background to story: September 2009

Sparkbrook postal fraud

Birmingham polling station to change after voter intimidation March 2010

INTIMIDATION and harassment at a Birmingham polling station has led the city council to promise a new venue will be used for the General Election.

It follows warnings that voters in previous elections were forced to walk through a “a cacophony of sound” as supporters of rival candidates shouted at them on their way to the ballot box.

Voters in Sparkbrook are to have a new polling station at Sparkhill Methodist Church, following complaints about the behaviour of campaigners at Conway Primary School Polling Station in recent elections. Read more


Workers in (predominantly Muslim) Sparkbrook held at machete point in raid

Left: Sparkbrook residents early 1950's

Left: Sparkbrook residents present day

The Birmingham Mail reports

TWO terrified workers were kidnapped at knifepoint during an armed hold-up at a Birmingham firm. Masked raiders – all brandishing a machete – confronted the workers at Sparkbrook-based tile company Euro Claddings as they locked up for the night.

The two hostages, thought the be in their late 30s or early 40s, were bundled into the back of a white Transit van as the gang ripped out the company safe.
It is the second time this year that workers in Birmingham have been kidnapped as part of an robbery. Read more

Monday, 22 March 2010

Islamification of Birmingham continues as Stechford Mosque/Madrassa gets full planning permission

Left: Stechford station 1963

Enoch Powell was born in Stechford, on 16 June 1912. He would walk along the railway track in his younger years to find a quiet spot to read.

I myself have happy memories of walking up a steep hill which brings you to the railway station, after getting off the 14 bus from Alum Rock to go to the swimming baths at Stechford. The swimming baths were unique because in the 80's there was an outside pool, which was heated!

Although the area has relatively few Muslims, now there are 3 Mosques in Stechford! This latest one includes a Madrassa (Islamic indoctrination centre) and education annex. Islamic colonisation in progress in the very area Enoch Powell was born.

The Birmingham Mail reports

Mosque leaders have been told to introduce stewards to control parking after winning planning permission to keep their prayer rooms open.

City planners have also set a limit of 150 worshippers attending the mosque in Albert Road, Stechford, at any one time following complaints from local residents. But the mosque, which has been open for 12 years under various temporary and limited planning approvals, was delighted to finally be given permanent approval. The building will serve as a prayer room for Friday worship, a madrassa, or Islamic school for children, and community training centre offering courses in English, computing and even sewing. Read more

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sex with sheep Alum Rock asylum seeker sent back to prison

The Birmingham Mail reports
A Midland asylum seeker, once jailed for having sex with a sheep, has been sent back to prison for breaching the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Hidyat Amin, 34, of Alum Rock, Birmingham. Birmingham, was placed on the register for seven years in 2006 after being found guilty of romping with the animal in a farm shed.

The Kurd was jailed for six months for that offence which took place at a farm in East Yorkshire. Amin reportedly had feared he would be deported upon his release. However, he was allowed to stay in the UK and after being freed he moved to Birmingham. Read more

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Over 30 UAF protesters arrested at EDL demo in Bolton

Left: A UAF supporter

The Times reports: Among those arrested were UAF joint secretary Weymann Bennett, who organised the protest, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit violent disorder, and Martin Smith, who runs the Love Music Hate Racism campaign. Read more

UAF get a taste of their own medicine as EDL 'interrupt' one of their meetings in Bristol

Left: Martin Smith -UAF second in command and Chairman of the Socialist Workers Party. Martin and the rest of Unite Against Freedom are constantly telling people that the BNP are violent thugs. This picture taken in Birmingham in 2009 shows his true colours.

The Socialist Unity Website reports a UAF meeting in Bristol was 'interrupted' by EDL members. The hypocrisy of the UAF knows no bounds as they have intimidated BNP members who attend perfectly legal meetings for years, and proudly claim so.

Although they say they are peaceful and talk about protecting democracy, anyone who has opposing views to their communist ideology is automatically labelled 'fascist'. The UAF were exposed in 2009 as the real fascists as they fired up young Muslims to attack EDL supporters and had many arrests within their ranks for violent behaviour. Going by the comments left in newspapers the general public has realised who the real thugs are and are no longer fooled by the UAF double standards and cheap lies.

The Socialist Unity blog reports

The following is a report by a young postal worker that he sent to Billy Hayes of the CWU:

I am just writing to inform you about an incident that took place at a UAF meeting at the Railway Club in Bristol last night (17th March). In the very same room that you gave a speech in a couple of weeks ago.

The meeting which started at 730pm was arranged to discuss election strategy and to build support for the counter fascist operation that is taking place in Bolton this Saturday. Weyman Bennett was due to speak at this meeting but pulled out at the last minute. It was a public meeting and it was advertised as such. When i arrived there were about 35 people in attendance the usual type of people you would expect at meetings like this. Rob Wotherspoon (CWU), Trade Unionists, SWP, Socialist Party and Labour party members. The meeting was running a bit late as the replacement Guest speakers train was running late. Read more

More gun crime from the multicultral hell hole Handsworth

Left: Pre Multicultral Handsworth 1948

The Birmingham Mail reports A man has been convicted of being part of an armed gang which terrorised a Birmingham family after bursting into their home.

A jury at the city’s Crown Court found Ricardo Cousins guilty of aggravated burglary and possessing a firearm with intent.
Sentence on Cousins, 20, of Amherst Avenue, Handsworth Wood, who had denied the charges, was adjourned by Mr Justice Simon so that reports could be prepared.
Cousins was one of four men who went into a house in Booth Street, Handsworth, in September last year. Read more

Handsworth gunman jailed for rampage during race riots

Left: Tobias Rowe
A GUNMAN who went on the rampage during race riots in Birmingham, shooting a man in a pub, has been given an indefinite jail sentence.

Tobias Rowe went on the run after he was shown on TV brandishing the weapon but was eventually arrested after police discovered a secret birthday party had been arranged for him in Birmingham.

Mr Justice Simon sentenced Rowe to imprisonment for public protection and ordered he serve a minimum of 12 years in jail before being considered for release by a parole board.He said he believed Rowe was a dangerous man and that a serious aggravating feature in the case was that it was racially motivated. Read more

Friday, 19 March 2010

test post

Hi everyone,this is just a test post to see if i have got the hang of it.I will endeavour to post items of interest to followers.The elections are fast approaching and if you do not get out and vote in numbers we will end up with the corrupt liblabcon franchise again. VOTE BNP A VOTE FOR REAL CHANGE.

Outstanding results for Front Nationale in first round of regional elections

It seems the French people are not convinced with Mr Sarkozys fake (tough) stance on immigration and Muslim colonisation.

Article from Democracy National (Spain)

12% of votes is the result of a campaign where the FN has never been the voice of the people against the bureaucrats of the left and right, seemingly so distant and really so similar to each other as strangers to the problems and needs of citizens.

The FN supporters have once again made a very important contribution by making their message visible in all regions.

Anne Sigrist conducts street activism. De Rhône-Alpes.

Visit Front Nationale (translated) Here

Dr Salawati Abdul-Salam responsible for 4 deaths in 2008 including 1 baby - Panel meet next week

Left: Dr Salawati Abdul-Salam
An inquest heard how a man died after a mistake by the doctor at the centre of the probe into baby Aleesha Evans' death.

Dr Salawati Abdul-Salam sent patient Colin Perriam home from Cardiff's University Hospital for Wales in December 2004 after wrongly diagnosing a case of constipation. He died days later from a perforated ulcer.

Left: Aleesha Evans
The coroner concluded yesterday that nine-month-old Aleesha Evans would have survived the blood poisoning that killed her if a doctor had not ignored Royal Gwent Hospital policy and sent her home with prescriptions for Calpol and Nurofen. Read more

It seems after 16 months Dr Salawati Abdul-Salam is still practicing in some capacity as the hearing is due - week commencing 22 March 2010. Curiously the General Medical Council refer to the incompetent immigrant doctor as a he?

GMC Reference Number 4257583

Area of practice: Cardiff

Planned dates: 1-26 March 2010
Regent's Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN

The Fitness to Practise Panel will meet at Regent's Place, 350 Euston Road, London NW1 3JN to consider a new case of impairment by reason of misconduct and deficient professional performance.

The Fitness to Practise Panel will inquire into allegations that, Specialist Registrar in Accident and Emergency Medicine, Dr Salawati Abdul Salam's assessment of, recording of medical history and interpretation of test results in relation to a number of patients were inadequate. It is also alleged that Dr Abdul Salam did not adhere to Departmental Clinical Guidelines when discharging a child and that he did not adhere to guidelines set out for his retraining.

In accordance with Rule 41(2) of the General Medical Council (Fitness to Practise) Rules 2004, the Panel may decide to exclude the public from the proceedings or any part of the proceedings, where it considers that the circumstances of the case outweigh the public interest in holding the hearing in public.
Committee hearings page week commencing 22nd March

As you scroll down the page of hearings for the week commencing 22/03/2010 a pattern emerges! Bear in mind our liberal elite keep telling us that the NHS would collapse without immigrants! Below the author includes every doctor who is summoned to the fitness to practice panel.

GMC Reference Number: 6107657

GMC Reference Number: 2377801

GMC Reference Number: 6024989

Dr Ramesh KUMAR (also known as Dr Ramesh MURTHY)
GMC Reference Number: 2287537

Dr Rakesh SINGH
GMC Reference Number: 4217585

Dr Wafaa Wadie NAGIUB
GMC Reference Number: 6051824

Dr Anushree THAYUR
GMC Reference Number: 5204687

Dr Peter Nicholas Watts ROBINSON
GMC Reference Number: 4721309

Dr Mansukhlal Dharamshi UNADKAT
GMC Reference Number: 1595949

Dr Mohammad Farhad RAFATI
GMC Reference Number: 6025464

Dr Surendra Charan MISRA
GMC Reference Number: 2449252

GMC Reference Number: 4249186

Dr Judith Anne ATKINSON
GMC Reference Number: 0042031

Dr Naveen KARWAL
GMC Reference Number: 2232379

You can email the registrar and tell them your views on Dr Salawati Abdul-Salams 'fitness to practice' at the address below

Killer convicted using dog DNA in legal first

Left: Chrisdian Johnson, 22

A gang member who used his dog to drag down a 16-year-old rival before he stabbed him to death has become the first killer to be caught using a new animal DNA database that allowed officers to place him at the scene.

Prosecutors were able to prove that Chrisdian Johnson, 22, was at the murder site by analysing his dog’s blood — found both on him and at the attack site. Johnson, a member of the O-tray gang in South London, was with up to 20 members of his gang in a park in Stockwell when they surrounded Christopher Ogunyemi, known as Seyi, and his friends, from a rival estate. Read more

Another elderly (white) patient dies at Heartlands Hospital - 3 falls “contributory cause” says pathologist

Left: Joyce Maureen Dempster.

Mrs Dempster was referred to Heartlands by her GP after complaints of nausea and acute abdominal pains. Heartlands Hospital, in Bordsley Green Birmingham, has a high number of immigrants, and descendants of immigrants on its staff. The hospital has a history of neglect, leading to death of our senior citizens.

The Birmingham Mail 18/03/2010

THE family of a Birmingham woman whose death was partly caused by several falls in hospital are considering legal action.Joyce Maureen Dempster fell over three times in the space of two days while in the care of Heartlands Hospital in June last year.

At the inquest into her death it emerged how a Falls Care Plan, a new measure to help nurses stop vulnerable patients falling over, should have been implemented after her first fall, but was not introduced until after Mrs Dempster’s third.
Read more

Left: 76 year old Bernard Galloway

September 19th 2008 A BIRMINGHAM hospital (Heartlands) is to be reported to Justice Minister Jack Straw over a catalogue of blunders surrounding the death of an elderly patient who died from superbug Clostridium difficile(C.diff).

City coroner Aidan Cotter recorded a verdict yesterday that Bernard Galloway died from natural causes after receiving an unsatisfactory standard of medical care at Heartlands Hospital over the preceding two days. Read more


An inquest is due to begin on Monday 21st December, to investigate the circumstances which led to the death of a 64 year old woman at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

Mother of four, Rosemary McFarlane, from Kingshurst, Birmingham, was admitted to Heartlands Hospital on 4th August 2008. On 12th August she underwent a routine bronchial lavage procedure.

She died ten days later on 22nd August 2008. Mrs McFarlane, known to family and friends as Marie, leaves behind a husband, Ian, and five grandchildren. Read more

No more third world nurses, doctors, or consultants need be recruited for Britain. When Liberals (and immigrants) say the NHS would collapse without them it is an insult to our intelligence! We can train our own medical staff and although there is always the possibility of human error, such error obviously is less likely when English is the first language of the practitioner.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Australian Protectionist party protest new mosque in Newcastle

Left: Auburn Gallipoli mosque, Sydney.

A plan to build a mosque and community centre at Elermore Vale has drawn criticism from a newly-formed political group.

The centre is designed to cater for the area’s growing Muslim population, and would replace a mosque at Wallsend.

Visit the Australian Protectionist Party here

Poorva Joshipura Director of (Peta) calls dog owners Nazis for breeding pedigree pooches

Director of special projects at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has organised a protest against the Crufts dog show. She claims that pedigree breeders are "creating a Frankenstein's monster of a dog".

Although selective breeding in horses and dogs has been practiced in the West for centuries, Poorva Joshipura has decided anyone who breeds pedigrees is a Nazi! Joshipura supported the fine for I'm a celebrity when one of the contestants killed a rat.

Spokeswoman Poorva Joshipura said: "Whether you call it 'pedigree' or 'master race', the quest for pure bloodlines is the same thing - the false and dangerous belief that some breeds or races are superior to others."

Typical left wing thinking which ignors scientific facts. Why are Labradors used as guide dogs? Because they are very intelligent dogs. A Rottweiler would not be suitable as they are clearly unintelligent (in comparison) and have a temper.

You can be sure that is only the beginning of such protests and their real aim is to rubbish advances made in Genetics. The left are working there way up to people because, as the Human Genome project has proven, races are different, physically and intellectually. Eugenics never went away, it was just taboo for a time.

African Villager

European Astronauts

The Sunday Mercury reports: Crufts dog show is to begin in Birmingham amid claims that pedigree breeders are "creating a Frankenstein's monster of a dog".

Protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) will gather outside the National Exhibition Centre, where the four-day event is held, with banners bearing the slogan: "Hitler Would Be Proud".
The campaigners will also display posters featuring a white Maltese dog, pictured with a black comb placed across its upper lip to make it look as if it has an Adolf Hitler-style moustache. Read More

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Walsall ethnic gets eight years for robbing school kids at knife point!

Left: Craig Ramsey 26. After pleading 'not guilty' for the mugging of three school kids (one a girl), at knife point, he was sentenced to eight years.

Vote BNP for a return to law and order in Britain.

The Birmingham Mail reports: A HOODED knife man who was the “ringleader” in a series of terrifying robberies on Midland teenagers has been jailed for eight years.

Craig Ramsey, 26, targeted his victims along with his 20-year-old accomplice Lee Sutton.
Wolverhampton Crown Court heard they both wore hooded sweatshirts and face masks as they stole mobile phones and cash from school pupils.
One of their victims was a 16-year-old schoolgirl, who had a knife held to her face as she was robbed of just £6. Read more

Salma Yaqoob - Respect Parlimentary Candidate let's down Palestine protesters

Left: Boycott Israel protesters. Only 22 protesters turned up at Birmingham University, for the demo which was planned to start at 15:00. Cllr Yaqoob had stated on her blog "I will be there and encourage as many people as possible to turn up also".

Clearly disappointed that the self styled 'champion of the Palestinians' had let them down, half the protesters had left after just one hour.

The author hopes the voters of Hall Green Constituency (Birmingham) take this 'no show' into account on polling day.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Four Espanics shouted "All the whites will die tonight" as they attacked whites in pennsylvania bar

Left: La Raza (The Race) Leaflet.

A preliminary hearing has been set for a Shenandoah woman facing multiple charges in connection with a bar fight in the borough last week.

Miriam Leticia Malave, 36, of 114 W. Laurel St., will go before Magisterial District Judge Anthony J. Kilker, Shenandoah, at 9 a.m. April 14. She faces two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of simple assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person, one count of making terroristic threats and one count of harassment.

Malave and three Hispanic men allegedly beat several white patrons inside M&T Bar, 200 S. Main St., on Feb. 17.

Malave also allegedly yelled, "All the whites will die tonight," during the assault, and hit bartender Melissa Elrod with a baseball bat.

Elrod eventually escaped and called police.

No charges have been filed against the three men involved in the fight, and they are not named in court documents. Read more

Fighting Acid Attacks in Pakistan - Are there unreported cases in Britain?

Left: Victims of acid attacks in Pakistan.

Many women living in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have been the victims of acid attacks that have distorted their faces. In Pakistan in 2009, there were 48 registered cases. Only a third of acid attack victims are officially reported, estimates the Acid Survivors Foundation, a non-governmental organisation. A new domestic violence draft law to stop these attacks is currently under review in the Pakistani parliament.

Article from Deutsche Welle

Naila Farhat was 13 when she became the victim of a heinous crime -- an acid attack. Her schoolteacher wanted her to marry his friend. She and her family had made the “mistake” of saying they did not want her to get married so early.

"I was coming back from school that day,” Naila remembers. “My schoolteacher and his friend crossed my path and asked me to go along with them. When I refused my teacher held me tight and his friend threw acid in my face." Read more

Zimbabwean Asylum seekers who celebrated raping 13-year-old girl locked up

Two Zimbabweans have shown their gratitude to British hospitality by raping a 13 year old school girl. If Labour enforced international law this would not have happened. Asylum seekers are supposed to go to the nearest safe country!

The Independent reports: Two men who celebrated raping a 13-year-old girl by giving each other a high-five were starting sentences today.

Walter Mwale, 19, and 22-year-old Elvis Taona began talking to the teenager and her friends, some of whom they knew, on the afternoon of July 29 last year.

The girl had been drinking vodka in Aylesbury town centre, Buckinghamshire, and was drunk by the time the men approached their group, Oxford Crown Court heard.

Mwale and Taona took the girl to a wheelie bin store in a nearby block of flats in the Prebendal Farm area of Aylesbury, where they both raped her in an attack described by Judge Julian Hall as "sordid".

Her ordeal came to an end when one of her friends opened the store cupboard door and found her there in a distressed state.

The two men were then seen by another one of the girls to high-five each other in celebration. Read more

Greens go for.... quote : lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer vote!

The Green party are courting the gay vote (predictably). Not content on using peoples sexuality to gain votes, they have also made up a new term 'intersex' (not sure I want to know what that is).

If you thought that was weird they have also brought back an old term 'queer'.

From the Green Party website

Green Party celebrates strongest UK policy on LGBT marriage – Peter Tatchell and Caroline Lucas to speak at launch

18.30, Friday 26th February The Brighton Tavern, 100 Gloucester Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4AP

The Green Party is to launch what it claims is the best manifesto on offer for LGBTIQ people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) in the coming general election (1).

The launch will be held in Brighton, which has one of Britain’s biggest LGBTIQ communities, and is where the Greens hope to win their first parliamentary seat – Brighton Pavilion, where party leader Caroline Lucas has been tipped by bookies and most opinion polls to be on course for victory.

Marxists organize anti BNP 'demo' in Barking on 13th March

Left: An impressive turnout for the Socialist Workers Party at Staffs University.

From the Stoke Socialist blog: Socialist Party and Socialist Student members, Matt and Liat, were out at Staffs University today building support for the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign.

Many leaflets advertising the YFJ demo in Barking on 13 March were given out, more names were collected on the YFJ petition and five students bought copies of the Socialist. There will be more stalls at Staffs Uni & Keele Uni next week.

BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing as a candidate in the General Election in Barking. The demonstration is being organised to demand; jobs, free education and homes not racism!

*Transport will be going to the demo from North Staffs so get in touch if you are interested in going

Vote BNP!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Assassination fears over Pope Benedict XVI visiting Birmingham.

Left: Muslim activists burn an effigy of Pope Benedict XVI during a protest in Srinagar, India.

The Pope is due to stop off in Birmingham during his U.K tour in September. In 2006 the Pope spoke truthfully about the concept of Jihad and quoted Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaiologos.

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached".

The pope had consulted a bilingual critical edition of this dialogue in the original Greek and with French translation.

The Regensburg lecture was a lecture delivered on 12 September 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI at the University of Regensburg in Germany, where he had once served as professor of theology.

Following this speech the Muslim world acted in their usuall manner by setting things on fire, and demanding infidel blood.

The Sunday Mercury reports: Hospital security chiefs in the Midlands have been put on alert for an assassination attempt on the Pope.

Benedict XVI is expected to visit Coventry and Birmingham when he makes his first historic visit to Britain in September.

Now security bosses at Birmingham City Hospital have revealed they would deal with any assassination attempt because of their expertise in dealing with bullet injuries because of gang crime.

The 82-year-old Pope is due to carry out the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman while in the Midlands for only the second Papal visit to this country since Henry VIII broke with Rome. Read more

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