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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Birmingham commuters facing four days of rail strike chaos

Left Rail Maritime and Transport union General secretary Bob Crow.

Once again the unions are trying to bring Britain to it's knees. In the 80's when the unions didn't get their way, the members decided to attack 'scabs' and throw bricks through the windows of those who had chosen not to strike. It was know as Militant Tendency. Many of the supporters of this kind of action are hard core Communists. They ignore the fact that union leaders themselves are 'champagne Socialists'.

The Birmingham Mail reports

COMMUTERS will face chaos next week during the planned strike by rail signals staff – the first national rail strike for 17 years.

Train firms operating out of Birmingham say they hope to run a reduced service throughout the four-day walkout.
And Network Rail has said it will man a limited number of signals as 5,800 staff down tools between Tuesday and Friday.

But cross city services will be slashed from six an hour to just two on one of the busiest routes between Redditch and Lichfield, via New Street. London Midland, which operates trains through the city, said it would only be able to operate between 7am and 7pm. Read more


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