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Monday, 8 March 2010

Marxists organize anti BNP 'demo' in Barking on 13th March

Left: An impressive turnout for the Socialist Workers Party at Staffs University.

From the Stoke Socialist blog: Socialist Party and Socialist Student members, Matt and Liat, were out at Staffs University today building support for the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign.

Many leaflets advertising the YFJ demo in Barking on 13 March were given out, more names were collected on the YFJ petition and five students bought copies of the Socialist. There will be more stalls at Staffs Uni & Keele Uni next week.

BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing as a candidate in the General Election in Barking. The demonstration is being organised to demand; jobs, free education and homes not racism!

*Transport will be going to the demo from North Staffs so get in touch if you are interested in going

Vote BNP!


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