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Monday, 1 March 2010

Darcus Howe attacks Trevor Phillips

Veteran 'Black Power' campaigner Darcus Howe has 'gone ape' at Trevor Phillips in the (black) voice newspaper. He begins by quoting Enoch Powell, and ends by referring to Phillips and his "white tribe".

Howe has been on the rocks for some time. In 2005 he was teared apart on a radio show by Joan Rivers after insinuating she was racist.

More recently he filmed a documentary called 'Who you Callin a nigger?". He was mortified to learn that Pakistanis in the West Midlands had "taken over" whole area's, and were attacking blacks on a regular basis. Non too pleasant is it MR Howe?

By Darcus Howe: THOSE WHOM the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. I refer here to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission led by Trevor Phillips.

This government quango has been on a downward spiral since its inception. Only hours old and there was an exodus of senior staff all complaining about Phillips’ style.

Day-after-day this quango bombed. Phillips announced that the British police were no longer institutionally racist eliciting a war cry from those

of us who campaigned, beginning in the early sixties, against police malpractice towards blacks. Judge McPherson condemned the Metropolitan Police as such and laid out a programme to improve its performance. Read more


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