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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Heinous treatment of muslim women, by their own husbands!

A video from Germany that shows atrocious acts of violence against women by their own husbands and families. The backward and bestial philosophy written in the Koran is condoned by Muslim men in the video. Here in Birmingham we have many such Muslim men who hold these views and feel it is acceptable.. Thankfully the media revolution is helping to open people's eyes to the truth about this sick religion, and it's 'moderate' adherent's, who at best can be described as ignorant.

Warning video contains extreme violence

Muslim's murder in the name of Islam

Sunday, 27 September 2009

People of Europe affronted, annoyed, antagonized

Some brave individuals took to the Dutch street's of Gouda this week. They said they are sick of having their tires slashed, women harassed and old folk spat at. Also mentioned is the cowardly mayor of Gouda who accused the protesters of being (you guessed it) extreme right.


Birmingham school produces anti British extremist

This traitor was a year below myself in the culturally enriched Wash wood Heath School, which i mentioned in my first post. He managed to escape the police when they took his handcuffs off so he could enter a mosque to pray. If he is still alive and is caught, would not the death penalty (for treason) be justified? ic1male

Birmingham terror suspect linked to secret Al Qaida training camp

Sep 27 2009 by Ben Goldby, Sunday Mercury

MI6 officers have uncovered a new terror training camp which may have been run by “dead” Brummie Al Qaida terror suspect Rashid Rauf.

New evidence recently emerged that the alleged mastermind behind a British-based plot to blow up transatlantic airliners was alive, despite US claims that he was killed in a predator drone bombing last year.

Now intelligence officers in North Western Pakistan have uncovered a major new training centre for jihadists, which reports suggest was the brainchild of Birmingham-born Rauf.

The base, one of the biggest terror training centres in the troubled Afghan/Pakistani border region, was discovered in the densely populated Punjab province.

A leaked report from the security services says the camp, in the town of Bahawalpur, has become a site for indoctrination and terror planning for foreign men training in Pakistan.

“This summer thousands of jihadists have been brought there to be mentally prepared, then sent to Afghanistan,” the MI6 report says.

The size of the recruitment camp is believed to have prompted Pakistani intelligence services to place the Brummie fifth on their top 10 most wanted terror list, adding to rumours he is still alive.

The CIA had claimed to have killed the baker’s son, 28, in a missile attack on a Taliban target in the border region of Waziristan in November 2008.

But other US intelligence sources are convinced Rauf – said to be the brains behind the liquid bomb plot to kill thousands of transatlantic airline passengers – is alive.

He has not been confirmed dead by Pakistani authorities and video footage taken by the US drone aircraft that launched the missile attack is inconclusive.

His family, who still live in Ward End, Birmingham, have also consistently denied that he is dead.

The former Washwood Heath High School student has been linked to a number of failed terror plots, including a plan earlier this year to attack a shopping centre in Manchester on Easter Sunday.

Rauf fled to the tribal areas of North Western Pakistan in April 2002 as West Midlands Police tried to question him over the murder of his uncle, Mohammed Saeed, in Alum Rock.

He married a relative of Maulana Masood Azhar, the notorious founder of Kashmiri terror group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, in 2003.

Intelligence reports claim he took an active role in planning terror “spectaculars” and was the ringleader of the liquid bomb plot.

Although charges against Rauf over the transatlantic plot were later dropped, he was held by Pakistani police as detectives in Birmingham sought his extradition over his uncle’s murder.

But he escaped custody after Pakistani guards allowed him to pray in a roadside mosque while being transferred from prison to court and he disappeared back to the Waziristan region.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

White 15 year old beaten up by muslims

The following story is one i myself can relate to after attending Washwood Heath school in Birmingham from 1990 -1996. Many a time we were jumped by Muslims, sometimes with their older brothers turning up in taxi's. Fortunately, now all young voters have someone who understands their plight. Vote BNP! ic1male


Pupils are suspended after fights near school

Fourteen pupils have been suspended from a Black Country school following a series of fights that left a 15-year-old boy badly injured in hospital.

The boy has had plates inserted into his jaw after being attacked by a gang of Asian youths in a car as he walked home from Alexandra High School in Tipton despite having nothing to do with previous incidents.

That incident on Wednesday came a day after a row between two pupils led to the police being called to the school.

This was followed by a series of fights between Asian pupils and a group of white youths, who did not go to the school, in Upper Church Lane.

Since then Sandwell Council’s wardens have been patrolling and the police keeping watch.

Last night hundreds of concerned parents packed into the hall of the Alexandra Road school after being invited to a meeting.

Many called for headteacher Ian Binnie to ban pupils leaving the school at lunchtime while others said they would be keeping their children home until the disputes had died down.

Friday, 18 September 2009


From a report by R&M from The Billesley Patriot Blog.

This is a question all parents need to ask themselves? It is quite possible that it is and you don't even know it and the school aren't telling you (this decision is usually a financial one). Halal is a vile, barbaric process (better known as ritual mentioned in a previous post on The Billesley Patriot about 'halal pizzas') We could have included graphic pictures, but assure you most people could live without seeing them, even in black and white! There are parents up and down this country starting to ask this question more frequently and saying 'NO' to their children eating Halal school meals. This is Shariah Law alive and kicking in the schools of Great Britain; even in schools where less than 5% of the population are Muslim, schools are routinely giving ALL children Halal meat for convenience, to save money and to be politically correct. The British Navy ONLY serves Halal meat despite the fact that only a tiny percentage of its personnel are muslims. A lot of schools are of the attitude of what parents don't know won't hurt them or 'most parents are too stupid to even know what Halal is' (quote from a Deputy Head of a Birmingham school.)

The time has come for the parents of white, Christian, British children to start asking questions and saying NO to Halal, NO to visiting mosques, NO to celebrating alien faiths and cultures

YES to humanely killed meat, YES to visits to churches and cathedrals and YES to celebrating Christian/English/British culture, history, traditions and values. Speak to your child's teacher or head teacher, ask awkward questions, stick up for the rights of your children, and if they are being served Halal meat say NO.
(How long before your child comes home with a HAPPY EID card?)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Kraft plan another asset stripping of our nation's confectionery manufacturers

A TAKEOVER of Cadbury by Kraft would threaten the “long-term survival” of the chocolate maker’s historic Bournville factory and its 2,500 jobs, it is claimed.

A local Councillor who represents the Bournville, Cotteridge and Stirchley ward for the Tories, issued a dire warning over the future of the factory if the US giant forces through a takeover.

Kraft has so far seen its initial £10.2 billion bid for Cadbury rejected by the chocolate maker but City experts predict the approach could now trigger a bidding war for the UK group.

The councillor who is also prospective Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Selly Oak, said: “Cadbury is now one of our great British brands and world leading companies."

“It would be a tragedy if it was allowed to be taken over by an American food giant."

“This country simply cannot afford to let yet another great British company fall into the hands of foreign ownership."

“We have lost so many of these kinds of companies over the last 40 years."

"Either they go bust, like our car industry, or they fall under foreign control as was the fate of such icons as ICI, British Oxygen and Rolls Royce."

"No matter what assurances they get a takeover would threaten the long term survival of the Cadbury factory in Bournville and that would be a disaster for Bournville and for Birmingham.”

He further said Kraft had “no particular allegiance to Birmingham or Bournville.

“Kraft are a huge predatory American company. Americans are what Americans are. If they can move manufacturing elsewhere in their empire at better profits, they will."

“This is scary. In the long-term, I would fear for the level of activity at Cadbury. We have so few large manufacturing companies left in this country.”

Speculation is mounting that the world’s other big confectionery groups, including Nestle, Mars and Hershey, could now come in with their own bids for Cadbury in the wake of Kraft’s rejected takeover approach.

The fact Cadburys is still a public limited company and this is a hostile bid, unless Kraft withdraws or increases their measly offer, or unless other bidders now enter the bidding, then there is a simple process and the shareholders will be asked if they want to take the present price on offer after the Cadbury board issues its own written advice and its own proposals.

However, as in other industries, the company threatened could launch a counter bid, i.e Cadbury to buy out Kraft. Their bankers should be able to offer finance to Cadbury, based solely on the assets of the target company.

We could follow that by relocating much of Kraft to The West Midlands on the wastelands produced by the state engineered Longbridge car industry collapse and thus boosting our economy here no end.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ex-Longbridge workers face payout wait

MORE than 6,000 ex-Longbridge workers face more months of waiting for four-figure payouts from the employee Trust Fund – despite the imminent release of the Government report into the collapse of MG Rover.
With Government publication of the report into the demise of Longbridge due on Friday, workers were warned today by Phoenix Venture Holdings of further lengthy delays to payments.
In a letter to MG Rover Trust Fund member Carl Chinn, fellow member and PVH non-executive director Nigel Petrie said: “I should make it clear that the completion and publication of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills report cannot automatically trigger the disbursement of the Trust Fund.
“The process from now onwards is to settle all remaining assets and the liabilities and the directors are hopeful that once the DBIS report is published this process can be completed in a matter of months.
“Suggestions that disbursement can happen immediately fail to take into account the businesses processes involved in the liquidation of a solvent company.
“When this process is complete, the directors will resign their positions and pass the company and its assets to an insolvency practitioner who will perform what is known as a ‘members’ voluntary liquidation’ process.
“The cash generated then passes to the Trust Fund for the trustees to distribute as they see fit.”

Sunday, 6 September 2009

LOCAL NEWS, Northfield, Weoley & Longbridge by Brummieenoch

For anyone who uses the new road/traffic lights in Northfield,Birmingham

Contact has been made with the local Councillors{Tory} for an explanation regarding increased Traffic problems in Northfield and the ongoing problems with the traffic light system on the corner of Frankley Beeches road and Bristol Road South. Since the New road has been in operation the traffic through Northfield has been reduced,but the traffic light system is becoming a worry which could result in a severe accident. But due to the regeneration of Northfield {long over due}we now have an Aldi supermarket with spaces for around 70 cars, guess what? This has now bought traffic back onto the street of Northfield. Also the Bournville college is to be relocated in the Longbridge area{date, unsure}. I await the reply from the councillors{Tory}. In the past contact was made with the Labour M.P for Northfield but alas he was found to be lacking in, shall we say enthusiasm.

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