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Sunday, 6 September 2009

LOCAL NEWS, Northfield, Weoley & Longbridge by Brummieenoch

For anyone who uses the new road/traffic lights in Northfield,Birmingham

Contact has been made with the local Councillors{Tory} for an explanation regarding increased Traffic problems in Northfield and the ongoing problems with the traffic light system on the corner of Frankley Beeches road and Bristol Road South. Since the New road has been in operation the traffic through Northfield has been reduced,but the traffic light system is becoming a worry which could result in a severe accident. But due to the regeneration of Northfield {long over due}we now have an Aldi supermarket with spaces for around 70 cars, guess what? This has now bought traffic back onto the street of Northfield. Also the Bournville college is to be relocated in the Longbridge area{date, unsure}. I await the reply from the councillors{Tory}. In the past contact was made with the Labour M.P for Northfield but alas he was found to be lacking in, shall we say enthusiasm.


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