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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Aids and diversity

'Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 67% of global cases of HIV/Aids'

From the Guardian

For a start. Any immigrants who want to enter Britain should have to be tested for Aids/HIV, at their own cost. Anyone with the disease should not be considered for citizenship in Britain.

Council of Ex Muslims of Britain 2007

Hadn't heard of this organization. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

News from Iranian Christians

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 BNP roundup The return of Pan European Nationalism

A great year for the party as two MEP's are elected, Richard Barnbrook speaks up for Londoners in the Greater London Assembly and a media hurdle is jumped via Nick Griffins appearance on question time.

2009 also included much travel for the leader of the BNP as links with nationalist parties across Europe are cemented for the future.

Nick Griffin meets Petra Edelmannova leader of the United Nationl Party (Czech Rep)

Nick Griffin with Marc Abramsson Leader of the National Democrats (Sweden)

A European federation of Nationalists was formed. The left said it would never happen.

Jobbik movement for a better Hungary became friends with the BNP.

Links were established between the BNP and National Democracy(Spain)

The Australian Protectionist Party attended the RWB festival and have been communicating with the BNP all year. Good luck to them in 2010.

Nick Griffin went on question time despite pathetic attempts by the UAF to stifle democracy.

Trevor Phillips the over paid Marxist and anti white racist threw everything but the kitchen sink at the BNP. first he accused the BNP of having 'cooked books' implying Nick Griffin was a thief (no proof). All the while his own organization accounts were more than a little shady.

Then Mr Phillip's organization tried to financially cripple the BNP by virtue of it's membership criteria. Constantly crying racist the real reason for the membership criteria ignored. Namely that every other ethnic group in Britain has exclusive representation. Their answer 'not political ones', the obvious truth...operation black vote is a political organization.

Trevor Phillip's finishes the year with a embarrassing apology as 'whistle blowing' staff say three regional executives were asked to find black and Asian “agents” who would approach BNP councillors with purported complaints about poor council services. Nothing heard from him since.

The Qur’an Curses Mary

An article from Bad Eagel. The total disrespect and contempt for the Christian bible is discussed.

By DR David Yeagley

This Christmas season, a Muslim professor was interviewed for a typical “inter-faith” television special. He said the Qur’an contains the story of the virgin birth, and that Mary is the only woman mentioned, by name, in the Qur’an. In fact, he said, she is mentioned by name in the Qur’an more times than in the Bible.

Thus the Mohammedan attempted to rob Mary of the exclusive honor Christians render her. He feigned to share the glory of the Christian nativity, to appropriate some portion of sacred, Christian affection to the murderous religion of Islam. It was a most insidious blasphemy.

A simple young Jewish girl, the most true, the most innocent, the most honored for her faith. All she did was have a baby. From a painting by Rein Poortvliet, in his collection, “He Was One of Us,” 1980.

And thus the media-oriented multi-cultural religionists hoped to convey a world unity of faith, and desperately attempted to show commonality between Muslims and Christians.

While it is true that Mary is mentioned in the Qur’an, it does not follow that Mohammad (or whoever wrote the Qur’an) and his followers believe what Christians believe. Indeed, a profound opposite is true.

The Qur’an makes Mary a blasphemer, a fraud, and a deceiver, when compared to the Mary of the Bible. How so? Sura 19 (Maryyam) tells quite a different story than Mathew or Luke. This is evident to anyone who knows the texts. The Qur’an seems to indicate a miraculous birth, but states clearly in 19:35,

It is not befitting to God that He should beget a son. Glory be to Him. When He determines a matter, He only says to it, “Be,” and it is.

The birth was merely miraculous. The Christ child then, is not the incarnation of the Divine. To insure that there is no misunderstanding, the Qur’an further states (5:72-75)

They do blaspheme who say: “God is Christ the son of Mary.”
They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a Trinity.
Christ the son of Mary was no more than an apostle; many were the apostles that passed away before him.

The atoning sacrifice on the Cross, the blood of Christ, is therefore anathema to the Muslim. It is not holy or efficacious. Therefore, according to the Qur’an, Mary herself did not believe Jesus was the incarnate, divine Son of God. Mary herself is an unforgiven sinner. Mary is an unbeliever–according to the Christian faith.

Make no mistake. Islam is not in harmony with Christianity in any wise. Attempts to suggest unity, or even similarity, are in themselves blasphemous. Those who make such efforts are not peace makers, but inevitably agents of deceit, opening the door to Islamic aggression.

Islam teaches self-discipline, yes. So did Adolf Hitler. Islam teaches conversion or death. So did Hitler. Those Christ-less good deed doers in Washington these days think being a international “good guy” is an eternal high road, exempting them from Islamic slaughter. But there is no appeasement of Islam, nor was there for Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or any other heroes of tyranny so greatly esteemed by the Barry Soetoro gang.

Considering the events of the most recent terrorist attack (Northwest Airline Flight 253), and the US government-instigated failure of the international security system, it is abundantly clear that the religion of Islam is a red flag to all concerns about safety. Deportation of Muslims to their home countries, an international travel ban–certainly on any trying to enter Western Christian countries, or even stringent ‘profiling,’ all are obviously and intensely appropriate measures.

Islam is not a friend of the world, and bears no resemblance to the Judeo-Christian religion. Islam’s god is not the Lord, neither Mohammed’s Mary the mother of Christ. That during the Christmas season media moguls would seek to feature some superficial, solicitous association of Islam with Mary is blasphemy. The media curses the world in this. Beware, media.

Secret review launched into Birmingham counter-terrorism unit

Perviz Khan planned to kidnap and behead a soldier form Birmingham.

Birmingham is a center for Islamic terrorism. Officially Birmingham will be a white minority city by 2015. Most think we are already a minority in the second city. A taste of things to come for other cities who have not yet been colonized by worshipers of the dead pedophile.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Northfield pensioner forced to wait four hours for ambulance

Traffic chaos, housing shortages, insufficient school places, over crowded prisons, violent crime daily (against whites), a mean increase in diseases such as diabetes (costing the country £1,000,000 a minute), and a dangerously overstretched NHS. Some of the glorious benefits of mass immigration and polygamy.
Article in the Birmingham Mail

Monday, 28 December 2009

Radical Islamic preachers give speeches at Green Lane Mosque

Green lane mosque, Formerly a church

Article in the Birmingham mail

Telecom Company is protesting against the British proposal for new "Stasi"-Law

It is good to take a step back and get a different perspective at times. Am i being paranoid? Are the government only concerned about our safety after all? It would appear not as scores of countries around the globe state; Britain is becoming the new surveillance capitol of the world.

"BRITAIN, telecom companies in the UK are protesting against government plans for a new bill that they believe strongly reminiscent of the interception of the population of East Germany Stasi, which operated until the Wall came down in 1989."

Article from a Swedish nationalist site

Visit National Democratic Party (Sweden) here

NDE's (National Democratic Party) stall was attacked by immigrant gangs

Marc Abramsson leader of National Democratic Party (NDE)

National Democratic Youth was today invited to Västergård high school in Södertälje (Sweden), where it ran a stall and distributed leaflets to students for about two hours.
Towards the end the Youths of National Democratic Party were attacked by immigrants.

Article here

Curry King who invented the Birmingham Balti on multi-million pound fraud charge

Don't eat halal, cook your own curry.

Credit card fraud, scam marriages, fake colleges (for grants), and heroin dealing. Some of the skills the Muslim community have brought to Britain.

Article from the Birmingham Mail

Sunday, 27 December 2009

New Black Panter Party 20 year anniversary Dallas,TX Nov. 4th - 6th 2009

Poor devils (oh no that's what they call us) can't seem to decide whether they are black or Muslim first. They blame white people for everything though, no confusion on that point. Do they know there are white Muslims?

What they think of us

VONA: What do we mean by radicalism?

Jobbik president Gabor Vona spoke at a conference on 28/11/2009. He describes the main aim of Jobbik (movement for a better Hungary) and their core ideal's. He makes some intersting comments on property rights of none Hungarians.

The speech (translated) can be read here.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

The arrogance of the colonisers

Video on Unrepentant British Nationalism blog

The shocking savagery of the African colonisers

Seventh man stabbed in Lozells

More cultural enrichment stories to warm the cockles this Christmas. A (black) man is known to have stabbed Severn people in Lozells Birmingham and is still at large.

The Birmingham Mail says:
'We know that robbery is not a motive, as nothing has been taken by the offender in any of the incidents and we do not believe that he is specifically targeting his victims for a reason such as race or any other hate crime.'

On what rationale do the Birmingham mail decide these crimes are not involving hate or race hate? If they told us the ethnicity of the victims and they were of different races then that would be a fair statement. What seems more likely is the police are being pressured from above to play down racist murders of white people by black savages (yes you are a savage if you go around stabbing innocent people). The true accounts, and the sheer number of these incidents doesn't fit in with the governments rainbow colored future, where peoples of different races and cultures live peacefully together.

In the mean time white people who can't afford to move to the suburbs (where most anti fascists live) are being 'picked off' by blacks and Asians who have a severe hatred of the indigenous peoples of this island. Those who suffer the brunt of the failed multicult experiment are school kids in area's where white people are now the minority, shop keepers who live in area's where they have become the minority, and white women who live in Muslim majority area's and are constantly harassed and called 'slag' or 'white bitch'.

Story from Birmingham Mail

Thursday, 24 December 2009

18-year-old from Dresden murdered by Pakistani immigrant

In Dresden a 18 year old German woman has been killed by her Pakistani friend. The young woman's battered body with strangulation marks, was found dead in an asylum-residence at the Dresden Johann city.

Full story

You can access the National Democratic Party (Germany) website here

South Birmingham BNP deliver Christmas hampers to local community centers

Members of South Birmingham BNP distributed four boxes of Christmas food, to four different community centers yesterday. The money for the boxes had been donated by South Birmingham BNP, a generous member from Billsley, and a small contribution from the supermarket where the goodies were purchased.

The first community center had closed down for the year but staff who were there said they would distribute it in the new year. The other boxes were given to centers still open and mostly catering for local senior citizens. One of the centers was just about to dish up a Christmas meal. A warm feeling in the form of heartfelt thank-yous from the old folks was more than enough to make the effort worth it.

Christmas patriots were delivered to local residents in the area of Billsley which is currently facing the prospect of a mosque being opened in which was formerly a doctors surgery. The residents of Billsley have made it clear they do not want a mosque in their area via petitions organized by South Birmingham BNP. More about that in the new year.

In the evening South Birmingham BNP delivered 350 leaflets in the Fairfield area of Bromsgrove along with the newly formed Bromsgrove BNP branch.

Ireland ‘amongst worst for racism’ (you know what to do then don't you?)

A article in the (black) voice is crying over alleged abuse and discrimination by the Irish. With the immigration invasion swamping Ireland's shores, crying racism is a way to get sympathy, and to maybe, soften up the 'Mick'. I always thought it would not be so easy in Ireland due to their staunch nationalism. Africans not happy in Ireland, i will not sleep tonight. As the world becomes more overcrowded it is a natural phenomenon for countries to look after their own first! Once the European people awake fully and vote out their Marxist masters, this kind of spontaneous nationalism will increase, and the sympathy for parasites who have no loyalty or respect for their new countries customs will evaporate.

The Black Voice

Dublin today

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Black Peter

Certain European christmas traditions have been lost to the U.K in exchange for a American style commercialized Christmas. Some European nations such as Holland and Germany have kept the traditions alive however, ignoring liberal outcry's.

Read about 'Black Peter'

Read about 'Cristkind' the German Angel who bears gifts

Solihull mum died after solution burnt lungs at Heartlands Hospital

Dr Mansur. Murderer or imbecile? Either way he should never be allowed to practice in this country again.

'Under cover mosque' filmed in Birmingham. "We are doctors, we are dentists, you know what to do" preached to the gatherers at a Birmingham mosque.

Another Briton is dead after being given ten times the normal amount of solution during a medical procedure. What kind of NHS kills patients who come in for routine interventions? Dr Mansur has come up wit pathetic excuses and begs for forgiveness. Firstly his license should be removed for life. Then he should be up in crown court, FOR MURDER!

Should Muslim doctors be allowed to treat our vulnerable citizens at all? I certainly wouldn't use a Muslim G.P because frankly i don't trust them. If nothing else the Hippocratic Oath comes second to the Koran and the Koran has no love for unbelievers as we know.

Appeal for information after six assaults in Birmingham

Unusually for the Birmingham mail they have included the color of the individual the police are looking for. Yes you guessed it! They also point out however "We do not believe that the offender is specifically targeting victims for a reason such as race or other hate crime.” Really, funny how the six victims ethnicity was omitted. If they are all white people then surely that would be a racial motive, wouldn't it?

Article in the Birmingham mail

Bias denied as Swan Valley mosque rejected

Good news from down under as plans to build a mosque in Perth have been strongly rejected. Well done APP (Australian Protectionist Party) for warning the Australian people of the growing threat of Islam.

Article from the Australian

You can access The Australian Protectionist party here

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Jean Marie Le pen dabates with Sarkozy

20/11/2003 Note how normal it seems for the FN leader to be debating with the French President (who stole Le Pens policies to get elected). Will the BNP be in this position in 4 or 5 years time? I would predict.... OUI (we)!

Front Nationale website (English translated)

P.s I will check out tiny url soon.

Julie Kirkbride steps down

Julie Kirkbride and her husband Andrew Mackay are letting her brother live rent-free in their mansion flat that WE pay for.
And the brother, Ian Kirkbride, is even listed as running a BUSINESS from the apartment in a stately home near Bromsgrove, Worcs.

Julie Kirkbride, Bromsgrove MP (Tory) is to step down after being shamed during the expenses scandal. South Birmingham BNP have started a new branch in Bromsgrove and just last week had a full page advert in the Bromsgrove advertiser.

You will need to register and read the paper via pdf to view the excellent full page advert.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Political correctness debate

Picture of the Old Grammar School, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

East Midland's BNP Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, was invited to take part. Forward to 11 minutes.

Leicestershire Community Voice

Friday, 18 December 2009

Pakistan Faces Genetic Disasters

Article from Oh my news international

The "rat-people" of Shah Dola were, according to the myths, the beloved of Allah.

Born to the mothers only because the saint of the shrine had opened their barren wombs, these small-headed ones, first-born among their mothers' children, were therefore to serve the saint all their earthly days. As guardians of sandals left behind in the courtyard so the faithful may not soil the prayer chamber, or in some other role suited to their limited strengths, they pass their hours in the vicinity of the shrine rarely ever wandering beyond.

Full article here

Teberculosis returns as Birmingham slides into second world health status

Eradicated from Britain 100 years ago. T.B outbreaks at schools with high number of migrants.

From the Birmingham mail.

Rednal man dies after contracting MRSA in Heartlands Hospital

It's no secret that when going in for routine treatments and interventions in todays NHS you can end up dead. Heartlands hospital is in a 'enriched' area of Birmingham. As with the swine flu outbreaks there seems to be a definite link between multicultural area's and MSRA and Swine flu. Perhaps it is outrages to bring people over from third world countries to treat people with compromised immune systems.

Tropical diseases and poor hygiene have lead to the deaths of average Britons who are unfortunate to live near a 'enriched' area. Muslim women refusing to wash their arms and Africans who have not been health screened themselves are usually working on wards were people 'slip away' in a matter of days.

BNP policy is to train our own doctors and nurses to install the best possible care for our citizens, and particularly the old who are 'dropping like flies' in second world NHS trusts staffed by immigrants. We do not need medical staff from anywhere! There are enough young people and graduates on the dole to train up. They will not necessarily vote labour however. Is that part of their employment and training equation?

Article in The Daily Mail

Western Race Hatred Laws: Keep the Caucasians Down

Article from

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Switzerland: Swiss minaret ban reaches European Court of Human Rights

A recent referendum in Switzerland placed a ban on minaret construction in the country. Now, a Muslim man living in Switzerland has filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights.
Algerian-born Hafid Ouardidi lodged the complaint with the human rights court in Strausbourg, saying the referendum violates the right to religious freedom. Ouardidi is a former spokesman at the Geneva Mosque.

The referendum passed in Switzerland after 57.5 percent of the country's citizens approved the measure in a November 29 vote. The Swiss national government urged its citizens to vote against the measure, which was supported by a campaign from the right-wing Swiss People's Party. The party opposed the "Islamisation of Switzerland."

One of Ouardidi's lawyers, Pierre de Preux, said that the Swiss government and all members of the European Council had been informed of the complaint.

"We will have both the plaintiff Hafid Ouardiri and the defendant, [the Swiss government], saying the same thing," de Preux told Reuters news agency. "The court is still free to decide whatever it wants, but it sure is going to help the request."

The European Court of Human Rights must still decide if it will accept Ouardidi's complaint.,,5019985,00.html

The Spanish wake up to Islamic conquest (once more)

Spain's National Democracy party (DN) have raised the issue of (so called)'Islamic morality squads' in Catalonia.

The National Democracy Party website:

Conservative Muslims believe 'the moral brigade' in Catalunya

• The 'trial' a woman in Reus uncovered mounting pressures in the collective

• Several girls were assaulted by going without a veil, and a young man to play soccer with Catalans


The alleged abduction and trial of a woman Islamist Reus by a group of religious fanatics is, as explained to this newspaper yesterday Interior Ministry sources involved in the fight against terrorism, "the most violent expression" of a phenomenon of increasing concern : the emergence and rise of fanatical groups of individuals who, under ultra-conservative mosques, assumes the role of judges and police of Islamic morality and exert enormous social pressure on the Muslims in those villages.

Until now, this phenomenon, which for years has spoken in countries like France or Holland, has been identified with strength in rural municipalities in the area of Camp de Tarragona, as well as in villages in Girona and Segarra.
The scenarios are almost always places where the mosque is run by followers of Salafism, an ultra-conservative current that forces its followers to practice the lifestyle, which they led the Salaf (ancestors, that is what they call the first followers of the Prophet Muhammad).

BLINDER COMMUNITY / These people use their status in the community to shield most of the group and create a separate country, separated from the Catalan environment, which they consider unjust. From the mosques call the faithful not to interfere with the Catalans, not to resort to their institutions (Moss, tried or associations), to purchase only products halal (permitted by Islam) in shops of Muslims and not to resort to banks because, being based on interest, the system would amount to usury, a sin in Islam.

In addition, (they) pressure parents not to allow their daughters to (take part) gymnastics, much less go to the pool, and (they) ask them to withdraw from school as soon (as they) have their first menstruation.

"If the word and the sermon at the mosque is not enough, then enters a group of people linked to punish the rebellious oratory," says a source of specialized security forces on Islamic extremism. These people applied the concept of Islamic Catalunya hisba, which is the name for (their) police of morality and decency.

Many of these individuals have come to Salafism from the Tabligh, an Islamic power that is based on peaceful dawa, which is also known as the appeal that its members make other Muslims to abandon their life of sin. However, Tabligh members always make this appeal peacefully, trying to convince without exerting any pressure. "These, however, apply the logic of the Tabligh but using violent action," say the sources.

GETTING PEOPLE OF BARS / 'Although many victims do not dare to speak out, because a significant number of incidents in which these moral brigades have acted, "says the charge of counterterrorism, explaining how women are the target of both these groups. The insults, threats and sometimes even assault "he says. Sometimes the target is the parents or husbands of these women, who will scold the woman for not wearing a veil when walking the street. "Some have even (been) holding them for hours and beating them," says the commander of the security forces.

"A terrible event was that of a Moroccan teenager who was beaten (by) some guys just because of playing football with other children who were not muslim," relate to judicial sources, who warn that from these places of worship (the children) are encouraged (by their) parents to prohibit their teens (from) relateing to Catalans.

In his obsession to separate the Muslims from the rest of society, one of the main activities of these groups is to remove the bars to those Muslims who liked to mix with his Catalan friends for coffee or play cards. Some are forced to grow beards or are forbidden from wearing jeans', say these sources.

You can access the National Democracy party website here

These pictures are from some kind of patriotic event organized by DN. It appears to be members of the public and party members/activits attending.

October 12, 2009 Montjuic, Barcelona.



'A heart for Spain'

'The Spanish First'

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