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Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Spanish wake up to Islamic conquest (once more)

Spain's National Democracy party (DN) have raised the issue of (so called)'Islamic morality squads' in Catalonia.

The National Democracy Party website:

Conservative Muslims believe 'the moral brigade' in Catalunya

• The 'trial' a woman in Reus uncovered mounting pressures in the collective

• Several girls were assaulted by going without a veil, and a young man to play soccer with Catalans


The alleged abduction and trial of a woman Islamist Reus by a group of religious fanatics is, as explained to this newspaper yesterday Interior Ministry sources involved in the fight against terrorism, "the most violent expression" of a phenomenon of increasing concern : the emergence and rise of fanatical groups of individuals who, under ultra-conservative mosques, assumes the role of judges and police of Islamic morality and exert enormous social pressure on the Muslims in those villages.

Until now, this phenomenon, which for years has spoken in countries like France or Holland, has been identified with strength in rural municipalities in the area of Camp de Tarragona, as well as in villages in Girona and Segarra.
The scenarios are almost always places where the mosque is run by followers of Salafism, an ultra-conservative current that forces its followers to practice the lifestyle, which they led the Salaf (ancestors, that is what they call the first followers of the Prophet Muhammad).

BLINDER COMMUNITY / These people use their status in the community to shield most of the group and create a separate country, separated from the Catalan environment, which they consider unjust. From the mosques call the faithful not to interfere with the Catalans, not to resort to their institutions (Moss, tried or associations), to purchase only products halal (permitted by Islam) in shops of Muslims and not to resort to banks because, being based on interest, the system would amount to usury, a sin in Islam.

In addition, (they) pressure parents not to allow their daughters to (take part) gymnastics, much less go to the pool, and (they) ask them to withdraw from school as soon (as they) have their first menstruation.

"If the word and the sermon at the mosque is not enough, then enters a group of people linked to punish the rebellious oratory," says a source of specialized security forces on Islamic extremism. These people applied the concept of Islamic Catalunya hisba, which is the name for (their) police of morality and decency.

Many of these individuals have come to Salafism from the Tabligh, an Islamic power that is based on peaceful dawa, which is also known as the appeal that its members make other Muslims to abandon their life of sin. However, Tabligh members always make this appeal peacefully, trying to convince without exerting any pressure. "These, however, apply the logic of the Tabligh but using violent action," say the sources.

GETTING PEOPLE OF BARS / 'Although many victims do not dare to speak out, because a significant number of incidents in which these moral brigades have acted, "says the charge of counterterrorism, explaining how women are the target of both these groups. The insults, threats and sometimes even assault "he says. Sometimes the target is the parents or husbands of these women, who will scold the woman for not wearing a veil when walking the street. "Some have even (been) holding them for hours and beating them," says the commander of the security forces.

"A terrible event was that of a Moroccan teenager who was beaten (by) some guys just because of playing football with other children who were not muslim," relate to judicial sources, who warn that from these places of worship (the children) are encouraged (by their) parents to prohibit their teens (from) relateing to Catalans.

In his obsession to separate the Muslims from the rest of society, one of the main activities of these groups is to remove the bars to those Muslims who liked to mix with his Catalan friends for coffee or play cards. Some are forced to grow beards or are forbidden from wearing jeans', say these sources.

You can access the National Democracy party website here

These pictures are from some kind of patriotic event organized by DN. It appears to be members of the public and party members/activits attending.

October 12, 2009 Montjuic, Barcelona.



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