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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 BNP roundup The return of Pan European Nationalism

A great year for the party as two MEP's are elected, Richard Barnbrook speaks up for Londoners in the Greater London Assembly and a media hurdle is jumped via Nick Griffins appearance on question time.

2009 also included much travel for the leader of the BNP as links with nationalist parties across Europe are cemented for the future.

Nick Griffin meets Petra Edelmannova leader of the United Nationl Party (Czech Rep)

Nick Griffin with Marc Abramsson Leader of the National Democrats (Sweden)

A European federation of Nationalists was formed. The left said it would never happen.

Jobbik movement for a better Hungary became friends with the BNP.

Links were established between the BNP and National Democracy(Spain)

The Australian Protectionist Party attended the RWB festival and have been communicating with the BNP all year. Good luck to them in 2010.

Nick Griffin went on question time despite pathetic attempts by the UAF to stifle democracy.

Trevor Phillips the over paid Marxist and anti white racist threw everything but the kitchen sink at the BNP. first he accused the BNP of having 'cooked books' implying Nick Griffin was a thief (no proof). All the while his own organization accounts were more than a little shady.

Then Mr Phillip's organization tried to financially cripple the BNP by virtue of it's membership criteria. Constantly crying racist the real reason for the membership criteria ignored. Namely that every other ethnic group in Britain has exclusive representation. Their answer 'not political ones', the obvious truth...operation black vote is a political organization.

Trevor Phillip's finishes the year with a embarrassing apology as 'whistle blowing' staff say three regional executives were asked to find black and Asian “agents” who would approach BNP councillors with purported complaints about poor council services. Nothing heard from him since.


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