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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

FPÖ General Secretary Herbert Kickler on the increased wearing of headscarves in Austria

FPO General secretary Herbert Kickler

From The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) website.

"A ban on headscarves in schools and in public service is an order of the day to prevent under the guise of religious freedom emerging parallel societies in Austria, said today FPÖ General Secretary. The headscarf is clearly a sign of distinction to Western culture and particularly the integration efforts stand in your way.

According to a recent study by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency was already around the Turkish migrant group in the female clothing customs of the most conservative in the EU: 64 percent of women surveyed with Turkish migration background gave in Austria in the framework of this study, traditional or religious dress, including headscarves "carry. While local children would be banned in schools, the wearing of headgear by school regulations often, should Muslim girls wear the headscarf by decree of the Ministry of Education. Austrian children Discrimination against Muslims but it should not be.

"We therefore call for a general ban on headscarves, both at school and in public service," said the General secratary. In addition, there is yet another serious problem: the archaic structures, especially in Muslim - and especially in Turkish - families in Austria are increasingly on the rise, and thus would form in some larger cities have already isolated and parallel societies. The headscarf was abused more and more as a symbol of persistence in the Islamic world and the rejection of the integration in Austria. "The headscarf is also from the local population more and more as a signal of the growing Islamization seen in the country," said Kickler further. One must therefore prepare for the wearing of headscarves in public services and schools to establish clear rules to counter such developments. "The Freedom Party will fight against it, that established itself in our country a Muslim Parallel Society is devoted to their archaic traditions and also lacks any integration will be," said Kickler concluded.

You can visit the FPO website (translated) below.


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