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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Well said Lord Pearson

The man who invited Geert Wilders to Britain speaks out.

Friday, 30 October 2009

The benefits of enrichment - Guncrime

This story is from the Evening Mail

Three boys aged 13, 14 and 16 from Birmingham have been remanded in custody charged with committing a gunpoint robbery which was filmed on mobile phones.

The teenagers, from the Newtown and Hockley areas, are alleged to have robbed a 16-year-old youth who was thrown into a skip in the centre of the city earlier this month.

Magistrates sitting at Birmingham Youth Court ruled that the case against the boys should be committed to the city's Crown Court for trial.

The youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons, spoke only to confirm their names, ages and addresses during an hour-long hearing and were not required to indicate any pleas.

The youngest defendant is also charged with possessing an imitation handgun at the time of the alleged robbery in New Meeting Street, Birmingham, on October 17.

His 14-year-old co-defendant is further charged with two counts of possessing an imitation firearm at the time of his arrest on Tuesday.

Magistrates ordered all three boys to reappear at the Youth Court for committal proceedings on December 10.

Being from the Newtown and Hockley area's of Birmingham they are overwhelmingly likely to be black. We hear alot about how the police are too harsh on this section of the community. We hear complaints about stop and search and racism within the police force. If these teenagers had been searched then it would have saved the victim an ordeal. I hope they get long sentences. ic1male

In other news Birmingham (black) gangster crews to be portrayed in new film out 4th Sept 2009.

Titled One Day – Postcode Wars, the rap-based film, which was made in Handsworth, tells the story of a day in the life of a gangster.Its director, Penny Woolcock is reported to have toured estates in Birmingham to find real-life gang members to star in the film, which was filmed over five weeks and features members of the local community performing in central roles.

But producers today insisted no active gun gang members were starring in it and a spokeswoman for Channel 4 denied it glamorised gangs.

However, the film was blasted as an obscene attempt to cash in on youth gang culture that has seen three people shot dead in Birmingham within the last 12 months and four more seriously injured in a spate of shootings.

The latest fatal city shooting which is believed to be gang related happened on Saturday when Dimitri Foskin, aged 24, was shot outside a house in Hockley Close, Newtown.

Today, Families for Peace campaigner Gleen Reid, whose 28-year-old son Corey was shot dead in Handsworth seven years ago, said: “These people are making money from the misery of families who have become victims of gun crime.

“The fact that there is a film shot about gangs in Birmingham gives out the message that you can get fame and notoriety by being a gangster. The only message they should be putting out is that being in a gang will see you dead or in prison.”
Gleen Reid

The film was kept top secret due to the sensitive nature of its content and film makers liaised with West Midlands Police in a bid to ensure the safety of their crew and cast.

Extensive research among gang members was reportedly carried out by Ms Woolcock in a bid to piece together a fictional story line based on the day to day lives of people living in areas affected by gun crime.

She could not be contacted for comment, but is reported to have toured estates in Birmingham to find real-life gang members.

Billed as a rap-based musical, the film has been given a provisional 15 certificate and is funded by Channel 4, Blast Films, Screen WM and Vertigo.

The term “postcode wars” refers to some districts being territorial no-go areas for feuding, gang members.

Producers are remaining tight lipped over the details of the film while tapes are edited. It will hit TV screens next year.

The Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “The film does not glamorise or condone gang culture, but aims to go behind the headlines and explore the lives of young men in the inner city in a humane and three dimensional way.”

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “West Midlands Police routinely liaises with film and programme makers on both factual and fictional projects.

“Representatives from production companies regularly approach the force for assistance, advice or simply to advise us that filming is taking place.
“The force may not agree or support the aims or content of any given project but we have no powers to stop filming.

The force also has no say on who is employed in such projects.”

Thank you to the Afro Caribbean community for making large sections of Birmingham a crime ridden, violent, and intimidating place to live, work and travel. ic1male

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

New Black Panter Party update

The picture above was taken during the presidential election campaign 2008. Members of the panthers were accused of intimidating voters. Police were called in but charges were soon dropped. You can read about this below:

The following is taken from the magazine of the New Black Panther Party.

History has proven that the white man is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace. No one
has been able to get along with the white man. All the people of color have been subjected to the
white man’s wrath. We believe that his very nature will not allow for true sharing, fairness, equity
and justice. Therefore, to the Red Man and Woman, to the Yellow and to the Brown, we say to you

You can access their website below:

The left plans block voting in Hall green

This article is taken from the Socialist Unity website (barrrfffffff).

Greens will give Salma Yaqoob a free run
Filed under: Birmingham, green party, elections, Respect — Derek Wall @ 2:32 pm

Just heard the news!

I am very pleased that the Green Party in Salma’s constituency of Hall Green have voted to withdraw the Green Party General Election candidate and give her a free run.

I have been arguing very strongly for this for a while and also arguing that the decision should be made democratically by local members.

Salma is great, I am very happy to have worked with her in the past and I am hoping to go up and support her General Election campaign.

Her support for the Green Party at the last European Elections was very welcome.

She has also been supportive of ecosocialist ideas and action in RESPECT.

So very good news.

I will be posting more details of how people can support her campaign.

And I am off to work for Caroline on 7th November.

Its also a vindication of the good work of Green Left.

And mail me dates/places/times to support good General Election candidates and I can post them.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Race and intelligence the last taboo C4

In 2007, Nobel Prize winning US scientist James Watson was quoted referring to research suggesting that black people were less intelligent than other races. His comments caused a storm of controversy. Rageh Omaar interviews some prominent scientists who support James Watsons comments in 2007. A politically incorrect effort apart from the end quarter where the phrase AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is conveniently omitted.
You can watch the full programme here.

<span style="font-weight:bold;">About Jmaes Watson

West Midlands meeting with Nick Griffin

A packed audience of at least 100 filled the venue for last nights West Midlands meeting. First speaker was councillor Martin Findley who spoke about being proud of his membership. He discussed diffrent methods for promoting the party and shared his experiences of explaining to people what the party stands for. Next was James Wittal (West Midlands election officer). He gave an update to the general situation in the county and spoke about the new influx of enquiries and membership requests following our recent publicity.
Finally Nick Griffin gave a passionate speech which detailed the church in Manchester which had been desecrated to make way for a mosque car park. He handed round a piece of granite from a grave which was all that was left of the graveyard. The graves have been crushed to make hardcore for the mosque car park. Nick told the crowd how the spiteful and unprofessional attacks he suffered on question time only showed the public the true nature of the BBC and the political elite.
A collection sum of £800 was raised.

UKIP and their corrupt financial model

Article from the times

The high-profile Brussels whistleblower who became the treasurer of UKIP has stormed out of her new post and blown the whistle again — over the anti-EU party’s financial decisions.

Marta Andreasen, who achieved notoriety when she was sacked as chief accountant of the European Commission for exposing the appalling state of EU accounts, was appointed treasurer of UKIP in 2007 to “restore faith” in the party’s finances.

Her appointment was seen as a huge coup for the party, but her resignation is likely to unsettle donors, not least Stuart Wheeler the gambling millionaire, who was expelled by the Conservatives for giving UKIP £100,000 for the European elections. He cited Mrs Andreasen as a key reason for his switching allegiance.

Mrs Andreasen told party leaders she was quitting during an executive meeting where she pointed the finger at Paul Nuttall, the party chairman, for pushing through decisions she could not support. “I resigned because I disagree with how the party is being managed at the level of the chairmanship,” Mrs Andreasen told The Times.
Related Links

* Nigel Farage to quit as leader of UKIP

* Kinnocks have six state pensions

“There have been certain breaches in the procedures that I have implemented, therefore I warned the NEC [National Executive Committee] this is not the way I want to handle the finances of the party.

“I do not want to see funds being wasted, and the management of this party needs to wake up,” she added.

Her departure comes as an embarrassment for UKIP as it enjoys a wave of support with 13 MEPs, including Mrs Andreasen, returned during the European elections in June. The party came second, ahead of Labour.

It also exposes deep internal tensions as the party embarks upon a leadership campaign to replace Nigel Farage. The charismatic figurehead is stepping down to concentrate on Brussels and his own general election challenge to John Bercow, the Speaker of the Commons, in Buckingham.

Mr Nuttall, an MEP in the North West, is seen as a possible replacement for Mr Farage. However, Mrs Andreasen said that the last straw came when Mr Nuttall wanted to double the salary of an official without her approval.

Mr Nuttall said last night that the salary decision had the full backing of the NEC. He admitted that he had a different working style to Mrs Andreasen but insisted that they would continue to work together for the benefit of the party.

“Let’s get one thing perfectly clear. I am the party chairman. I get paid to make decisions,” he said. “If those decisions do not work then it is my head on the chopping block.

“Marta and I have different methods of working, however I do not have a problem with Marta and Marta does not have a problem with me.”

Mr Nuttall said that he was still considering whether to run for party leader.

Mr Wheeler said in March that “as the unimpeachable Marta Andreasen, the EU’s chief accountant, sacked for exposing incompetence and fraud in the EU, has pointed out, our own scandal here [Westminster MPs’ expenses] is nothing compared to the EU gravy train. She is now the treasurer of UKIP, and one of many reasons for voting for them.”

Mrs Andreasen, who will remain a UKIP MEP in the South East, was sacked by the European Commission in 2004 after revealing her concerns about accounting standards.

Lord Kinnock, who was then the Commission’s vice-president, accused her of “disloyalty and breach of trust” for telling MEPs her concerns.

She added: “I have increased the trust of the [UKIP] donors and this can be seen in the financial position of the party today which is the best it has been for years. I am committed to the party but I think that the party needs to understand that it has to be a more mature organisation.

“We do not have the funds that the Conservatives or Labour have so we need to make very good use of the funds we do have.”

UKIP to elect new leader

Article from the independent

Nigel Farage is to step down as leader of the UK Independence Party, it was revealed today.

The South East region MEP said he wanted to focus on trying to oust Commons Speaker John Bercow from his Buckingham seat at the next general election.

Mr Farage is expected formally to announce his departure after three years at the party's conference in Southport later.

"I've been the leader of the domestic party for the last three years and frankly doing both of those jobs is too much for any one person - the party is far too big," he told the BBC.

"We're about to embark on a general election campaign in which we're going to have over 500 candidates and because of the way UKIP is structured the leader of the domestic party has got to plan, organise, lead and run that domestic general election campaign.

"And I'm not going to take that burden on because frankly it's too much and anyway I'm going to be busy in Buckingham taking on John Bercow"

By convention, Speakers remain politically neutral and the main parties do not field candidates in their constituencies.

However, Mr Farage said he had decided to stand because MPs had "broken the trust" of the British people, and Mr Bercow "represented the worst" of the Commons.

He is expected to keep his role leading UKIP MEPs in the European Parliament.

The party enjoyed success at the recent European elections, coming second behind the Tories.

Who will UKIP elect as leader? Perhaps the transsexual Nicky Sinclaire?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Absent form the main news

This story is from the Brussels journal

“Racist” Schoolgirl (14 yrs old) Arrested in al-Britannia
From the desk of Fjordman on Fri, 2006-10-13 00:36

In al-Britannia, you end up in jail if you complain that immigrants do not speak English, but if you are saying that those who insult Islam should be killed, it’s OK.

A quote from The Manchester Evening News, 12 October 2006:

A teenage girl was questioned by police after allegedly making a racist remark to Asian students in the classroom. The 14-year-old pupil had refused to take part in a science tutorial with five other students at Harrop Fold High School, Salford, after claiming they didn't speak English. After questioning by police she was released without charge but the school say they are investigating the matter.

[…] Head Dr Antony Edkins said: “An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark by one student towards a group of Asian students new to the school and this country.”

A quote from the Daily Mail, 13 October 2006:

A teenage schoolgirl was arrested by police for racism after refusing to sit with a group of Asian students because some of them did not speak English. Codie Stott’s family claim she was forced to spend three-and-a-half hours in a police cell after she was reported by her teachers. According to Codie, the five – four boys and a girl – then began talking in a language she didn't understand, thought to be Urdu, so she went to speak to the teacher.

“I said ‘I’m not being funny, but can I change groups because I can’t understand them?’ But she started shouting and screaming, saying ‘It’s racist, you’re going to get done by the police’.” Codie said she went outside to calm down where another teacher found her and, after speaking to her class teacher, put her in isolation for the rest of the day.

A complaint was made to a police officer based full-time at the school, and more than a week after the incident on September 26 she was taken to Swinton police station and placed under arrest. “They told me to take my laces out of my shoes and remove my jewellery, and I had my fingerprints and photograph taken,” said Codie. “It was awful.”

[…] Robert Whelan, deputy director of the Civitas think-tank, said: […] “A lot of these
arrests don’t result in prosecutions – the aim is to frighten us into self-censorship until we watch everything we say.”

A quote from The Daily Telegraph, 29 September 2006:

The Metropolitan Police has also decided not to take action against the controversial Muslim figure, Anjem Choudary, who allegedly said in a television interview about the row over the Pope that anyone who insulted the Muslim faith would be “subject to capital punishment”.

Some people, apparently, do not have to watch everything they say. The less control the authorities have with Muslims, the more control they want to exercise over non-Muslims. This strange mix of powerful censorship of public debate, yet little control over public law and order, has by some been labeled anarcho-tyranny. The reason why European authorities are becoming increasingly totalitarian in their censorship efforts is to conceal the fact that they are no longer willing or able to uphold even the most basic security of their citizenry.

BNP has 'inspired' Australian nationalist movement

Nuneaton By-Election Dec 09

South Birmingham activists were out Saturday and Sunday helping with the Nuneaton Bi Election. The current BNP councillor has unfortunately had to stand down due to work commitments. Early preparations for holding the seat are in place. Patriot leaflets have been delivered with more to follow. Anyone who is able to help out should call West Midlands organiser Alwyn Deacon.

The statue is of English author George Eliot (real name Mary Anne Evans) who was a citizen of Nuneaton.

Why we must not falter

Even after being caught out the first time in dispatches under cover mosque. A year later a female Muslim teacher openly condones murder and hatred for non believers.

BNP West Midland Candidates 2010

Lets not forget the respectable votes we received, although didn't get anyone elected (next time we will).
Below is the Birmingham counting agents for the 2009 Euro election.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Well done Nick = MAINSTREAM

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Whack a mineret

There is a game online which has been made called Whack a mineret. You can play it here

Original link Gates of Vienna

Viva Le Pen, Viva Le France, Viva Nationalism!

The singers in the Americano bar are actual French refugees from Vichy France. ic1male

Tip of the iceburg

Muslim coward 19 year old Amjad Qazi

The daily mail reports how Henry Webster, 15, suffered a fractured skull and brain damage after being set upon by a gang of Asian youths. These cowards were not even pupils from the school and were called in as 'back up' (as if they needed it). The total number of savages was 12!

In an earlier post i spoke of my own experiences attending a Muslim majority comprehensive in Birmingham. Just as in this incident the cowards would only start a fight when they were in numbers, and would have their cousins/brothers turn up to give the 'kaffer' a beating.

The spineless teachers in Henry's' case ignored the bullying and therefore condoned it. These things don't 'marry up' with their left wing Marxist beliefs that teach them only white people can be racist, thus only white people can be guilty of racial violence. Henry's parents are applying for damages and i hope they get it. Webster family we salute you! ic1male

Original story

Furious Birmingham clergy step into BNP row

The church leaders of Birmingham have apparently jumped on the band wagon of attacking the BNP. Pastor Calvin Young, the chairman of the Council of Black-led Churches puts the boot in for good measure. Hold on a minute pastor; no 1, the black church speaks for a minority of Birmingham and NOT the majority, no 2 Isn't having a black church council racist in the first place? Therefore making you a racist hypocrite! I refer them to the letter written by Reverend West, which was published in a leading Church of England newspaper. ic1male :

Sir, As a member of the British National Party and as their lead candidate for the European Community elections for the East Midlands, due to take place on 4th June this year, I feel that I can endorse — from a Christian viewpoint — the BNP’s stance on race, immigration, ethnicity and voluntary repatriation. Whilst the BNP is a secular and not a religious party, its views generally agree with the Bible’s own teaching that we are to live as nations, in our nations, and not to submit to a “resurrection” of the Babel thesis of one undifferentiated mass under some form of, probably dictatorial and very unstable, world governance. The BNP undoubtedly accept that all mankind are equally human and, therefore, equally imperfect; so the worst traits of Darwinism are rejected by the party. The BNP would also have no truck with any form of national or racial hegemony of any group over another. As far as the BNP is concerned supremacism — whether white, black, or multi-racial — is out of the question. One of their key principles is, in fact, national independence for all, including our own people. They would not, however, see racial differences as superficial, or as simply a matter of physical appearance: rather, every racial or ethnic group does have a collective and distinctive character, which is to be both valued and critiqued, making up the rich diversity of humankind. On the matter of the “right of return” exercised by some UK citizens, whether born here or not, the BNP’s view is that this legal right (which already exists) can be exercised and helped, where needed, by financial packages to both the ‘returnees’ and the receiving nations. But this is to be voluntary in the case of those legally here. Those illegally here are to be given no amnesty, however. In my view this strikes the right balance. With regard to those of distant provenance who wish to remain, they must adjust to our laws and ways and not us to theirs. This is, after all, our historic and national homeland where, in that sense, our ways and identity must be legitimately and properly upheld. In particular, Islamic culture and the Muslim sharia must have no place in a modern, progressive, and civilised society based on Christian values. Many black and ethnic minority people now living in Britain, and indeed born here, would wholeheartedly support all of these policies of the British National Party and are wanting to vote for the BNP, and be seen to stand with the BNP, on these issues. This happened in particular in Barking and Dagenham. The BNP’s policies are therefore not racist: they are simply common sense. Yours sincerely, Revd RMB West Christian Council of Britain.

Original story Evening mail

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The traitor army and its generals

Weymans lost weight!

Jörg Haider 26/01/1950 – 11/10/ 2008 R.I.P

From Wikipedia

Under Haider's leadership, the FPÖ moved to the right, reflecting Haider's nationalist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU views. Haider relied primarily on populism (see below) to advance his interests. From 1986 when Haider became the FPÖ's chairman the party's share in elections rose from 5% in the 1986 elections to almost 27% in 1999.

With Haider practically leading the FPÖ single-handedly, he was able to unite the scattered, divided extreme-right in Austria and establish a party that was not so much founded on leading personalities or an ideology but on just one leader - Haider himself, who used to change his opinions frequently. His style of governing the party became authoritative in the following years, however his followers did not challenge his ultimate authority in the party, especially because Haider was able to gain one victory after another in elections. End.

M.R Haider was a European hero who took his party to new heights of success. He died in suspicious circumstances but not in vein. His legacy is building a party which is capable of saving Austria and putting Austrian Youth first. No more mosques in Austria! No more mosques in Europe! You will not be forgotten Jorg Haider. ic1male

p.s Heinz-Christian Strache is the new leader of the FPO.

Be proud of your membership

So the list has been leaked again. People are concerned for their families safety as addresses are on there. People are worried they may lose their jobs. Time to stand up and be counted. If you are on the list speak to a neighbour, just in case any red scum does come round (best to have a witness). As for work they cannot sack you for being a member of a legal party. Contact Solidarity if it becomes a problem. The more they attack us the stronger we become and regular voters will empathize. Vote BNP!

Anarchy in the U.K

Amjem Choudry recently posted a video calling Muslims to attend the London 'March for Sharia' on 31st October. In the same video the leader of 'Islam for U.K' also invites the queen to turn Muslim. Laughable perhaps but historically it seems that inviting a head of state to embrace Islam is a offer one can't refuse. ic1male

The invitation to Islam has long been a prelude to war if the invited party fails to return an RSVP in the affirmative:

Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them….If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them. (Sahih Muslim 4294)


Monday, 19 October 2009

Closer to home

A recent story from the BBC about a man stabbed by another man in South Woodgate (next to Quinton). The race of the victim and attacker have been left out. The fact that 5 other men and a woman have been arrested and put on police bail suggests gang activity. ic1male


African-American journalist Rich Benjamin has written a book called 'Whitetopia' . Below is his recent interview with time magazine.,8599,1929729,00.html

For an example of a 'Whiteopia' visit The city of Northfield website in the state of Minisota. ic1male

Evening mail doesn't show muggers picture

Above is another recent robbery where the picture, thus the race of the individuals is lacking. Dean Gleeson and Aarron Elliott were each sentenced to 42 months’ imprisonment. The names to me sound West Indian, perhaps I'm wrong but going by personal experience and what I've saw with my own eyes over the years i doubt it, because lets be honest here; NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE MUGGERS, BUT ALL MUGGERS ARE INDEED BLACK! ic1male

The reason why we have cameras everywhere

I sometimes think people are getting somewhat carried away with the reasons why we are the most watched (CCTV) country in the world. They say 1984 Orwellian society is here. I don't disagree that our rights are being eroded but on the CCTV issue i doubt it's so complex. Before we had cameras in Birmingham city centre it was a regular occurrence to see black youths 'taxing' white kids on a Saturday afternoon. People would walk past as if nothing was happening and expect someone else to be the hero. Buses have been fitted with cameras for the exact same threat (muggings), from the exact same group of people, young black males, in my opinion. Why the cameras weren't working in Erdington is a serious question which deserves a answer. ic1male

Friday, 16 October 2009

Another British Manufacturer sold off

LDV was backed by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska but collapsed into administration earlier this year following sharp falls in commercial vehicle sales. Prior to this LDV has spent five months asking lenders and the government for loans and aid to keep it going, but ministers were sceptical that it had a commercial future. LDV had called on the government to keep it afloat with a £60m loan, after ministers had already offered a £5m facility to help fund a potential takeover.
Another betrayal of the workers of Birmingham offering such a meagre sum to one of the last British vehicle producers. As with Rover; no more skilled/semi skilled work for local people, no more technical placements for university students/graduates, no more local apprenticeships teaching engineering, and a loss to the supply chain in the local manufacturing sector. Alas!

Leyland Daf something special

Thursday, 15 October 2009

How rapid the decline!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Well said

Excellent speech from Mr Bowden highlighting the decay of our country under successive Tory and Labour governments. ic1male

Anti white Rap lyrics

After having a heated debate with a friend of a friend on rap music recently, i thought it worth while to see what young people have been listening to. The image left is of ICE - Ts album released in 1993. He is widely credited with bringing hip hop/rap into the mainstream. Others to follow were Ice cube and the Wu tang clan.
Below is a quote from The Wu tang clans 1997 album.

“To all my Universal Soldier’s: stay at attention while I strategize an invasion; the mission be sassination, snipers hitting Caucasians with semi-automatic shots heard around the world; my plot is to control the globe and hold the world hostage … see, I got a war plan more deadlier than Hitler … lyrical specialist, underworld terrorist … keep the unity thick like mud … I pulling out gats [handguns], launching deadly attacks” “Blood for Blood”; Killarmy, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, 1997, Wu-Tang Records, Priority Records, The EMI
Group, United Kingdom.

Although maybe a little out of date now, if you would like to visit what youths in the west have been subjected to culturally over the past 15 years, click here:

Humble pie for Gordon Brown and Lord Ahmed

After denying the free speech hero, and Dutch politician, Geert Wilders U.K entry back in February the decision has been overturned. Now via process of a tribunal Mr Wilders M.P will be free to visit our country. In February Lord (sic) Nazir Ahmed (of Rotheram) wrote in the Guardian newspaper; Wilders' film, Fitna, takes a lot of Qur'anic verses out of context and relates them to some terrible terrorist events, connecting them as though such acts are a religious teaching.

The 'out of context' excuse is one you tend to hear often if you debate with Muslims on the Kor'an.
What contexts could the following suru be taken in? 8:12 spoils of war.....
And the lord said to the angels: I am with you; go and strengthen the faithfull. I shall fill the hearts of infidels with terror. So smite them on their necks and every joint, and incapacitate them.

9:35 Repentance
On the day we shall heat up (their gold) on the fire of Hell and brand their foreheads, sides and backs (and say to them): 'it is this you stored up for yourselves; so now taste of what you had stored!'.

Lord Ahmed was (in February) widely rumored to threaten the government with an angry mob of 10,000 muslims rioting should Mr Wilders be allowed to visit and show his film. Lord Ahmed is also the man who killed someone by dangerous driving and served only 16 days this year, who you know eh?

Mr Wilders will visit the U.K soon. This is another small victory for free speech and European nationalism. It is another small defeat for the liberal appeasers of Islam and the apostate Lord Ahmed.
Geert Wilders M.P blog can be found here:

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The racism of Diane Abbott M.P

If you take a look at Diane Abbott's website you soon see who she is interested in helping. Does living in a 'diverse' (sic) society mean everyone is equal and therefore deserving of an equal amount of help? Evidently Abbot doesn't think so. On her website she sates:
'I set up Black Women Mean Business in 1992 with the aim of supporting and celebrating black businesswomen. At the time it was the first of its kind in the UK, although since then a number of other similar organisations have taken root'.

Discriminating against white women in their own country is one thing. When she unjustly makes excuses for the poor academic achievement of black children at school however she shows how racist she actually is. How does the system fail black kids? Is it rather the attitude of these youngsters which leads to them failing themselves?
'I have campaigned for many years on educational issues. In particular I have researched, organised and spoken out on the way in which the education system fails children of African and Afro-Caribbean descent'.

After attending an inner city Birmingham school myself, and several colleges, i have had more than a ample chance to observe your average 'black boy' in the classroom. They are in most cases, aggressive, rude, disruptive, short (of temper), and if anything hold white youngsters back in the classroom. Routinely they display their predictable 'victim syndrome' and characteristic 'chip on the shoulder' air. These points clearly explain why more 'black boys' are excluded from school than any other group. Abbott prefers to blame the luckless teachers who have to try and educate these fatherless, unfavourable, and ungrateful individuals. ic1male
'However there is still much to do. It is still the case that black boys are more likely to be excluded from school than their peers, while studies continue to highlight the disproportionate adverse treatment given to black children in the education system from pre-school assessment through to the crucial secondary years'.

Friday, 9 October 2009

'Immigrants and their desendants keep the NHS afloat' Fareena Alam

If you believe the comments of 'journalist' Fareena Alam, the NHS would collapse without recent/2nd generation immigrants. Forward the video to 7.24 to hear her wisdom.

A brief amount of research into which groups cost the NHS more suggests a different reality.

1. More than 80% of people with Aids come from Africa.

2. The researchers wrote in a new report appearing in the November issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that black HIV rates are 10 times higher than white Americans.

3. • Not everyone who has a sickle gene is black. However, one black Briton in ten could become the parent of a child with sickle cell disease.

4. Most adults in northern Europe and North America are able to absorb lactose. However, the majority of the world's population is lactose intolerant.

5. Black people now make up 30%of in patients on medium secure psychiatric wards ( U.K population is %2 black Wikipedia).

6. Compared with the white population, Type 2 diabetes is up to six times more common in people of South Asian descent and up to three times more common in those of African and African-Caribbean descent.

7. The cost of diabetes to the National Health Service stands at approximately £1 million per hour, and is increasing rapidly, a new report indicates. As many as 2.75 million people in the UK now have diabetes, the latest figures show.

Not surprisingly Fareena writes a column in the Guardian newspaper. The other issues which affect the health service are perhaps harder to prove. Have immigrants poor hand washing standards contributed to, or created, super bugs in our hospitals? Is Arthur Kemp speaking rationally when he suggests female Muslim staff, refusing to wash their forearms, is a conduit for infection and the spread of pathogens? Bearing in mind super bugs are a post enrichment phenomenon i would advance that he is . ic1male.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

52 y.o man attacked by (Asian) Gang in Halifax

Another racial attack with the main element omitted from the title. As it was four on one (reasonably brave for Asians) the author presumes he has serious injuries?
Our thoughts are with the victim and his family.
Vote BNP! ic1male

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2nd Bromsgrove branch meeting

The second meeting in the new branch went well last night. First there was a new member to the party who explained why he had joined. He told the crowd how he and his family had left Birmingham to 'live around their own' which all could understand. Any racial group requires it' s own space for its own people of course. Think Handsworth (black), Alum Rock (Pakistani), Handsworth Wood (Indian), and Northfield (White) just about. For a first speech it was delivered well and hopefully brought the party some new activist's in the area of Bromsgrove.
Secondly Mike Bell gave an update on party activity since the first Bromsgrove meeting two months ago.
Last but not least was the legendary Arthur Kemp. He gave figures on the scandalous amount of money our government gives away while are own elderly are poor, many are unemployed, and soldiers are sleeping on the streets. Rhetorical questions were raised such as 'why are we giving Mungabe's regime 60 million a year, while he has openly called the British pigs and swindler's'. Some new activist's were confirmed towards the end of the night and money for the local branch was raised. ic1male

Arthur Kemp's book March of the Titans can be previewed/purchased below.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Black History Month

As its black history month we might want to remember Dr Khalid Muhammad. You might recognise him from a Louis Theroux documentary called black nationalism. The western press might have told us more about such frenzied hatred being propagated against us, but dependable in their bias, they didn't. Below is a brief history of this 'black Hitler' wannabee. ic1male

original source



Friday, 2 October 2009

Another racially motivated sex attack

Although the controlled media has tried to play down such attacks over the past couple of decades, the sheer volume of crimes, and the rise of the BNP, has meant the truth is coming out, on a VERY regular basis. Take care of your family, watch your back when traveling alone in the Midlands at night, and for all our sakes vote BNP! ic1male

Original story

Candid article from a black man

I must concede admiration for Leighton Levy at the Jamaica star, for considering truthfully what many of us see, or chose not to, when we stand at a bus stop, walk through the city centre, or stand in a takeaway queue on a Friday night. ic1male

'Desperation? Yeah, right. I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem.' Leighton Levy

Read the article here

Black history month (sic)

Residents of Birmingham will be pleased to know Black history month is once more upon us. Time for your taxes to be lavished on 'white guilt' talks, phony black achievement indoctrination and justification for subsidising the advancement of non British people.

Some local events include Poetry event with Daljit Nagra (funny name for a black chap) 8th October at North field library, A Beginner’s Guide to Bollywood (didn't know blacks had contributed to the Hindi movie scene) 12t October North field library 11-12p.m, and House of Sugar -Showing of the Documentary Film, “House of Sugar” in the company of the producer, Barbara Kelly. The film examines the history and opulent lifestyle of plantation owners in Jamaica, and the source of their wealth. 19th October central library 6.30 - 7.30 p.m that will be the white guilt part then!

See the link below for a defamation of history and outright academic deceit. Note definition of Fabel - fantasy. ic1male

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