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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Jörg Haider 26/01/1950 – 11/10/ 2008 R.I.P

From Wikipedia

Under Haider's leadership, the FPÖ moved to the right, reflecting Haider's nationalist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU views. Haider relied primarily on populism (see below) to advance his interests. From 1986 when Haider became the FPÖ's chairman the party's share in elections rose from 5% in the 1986 elections to almost 27% in 1999.

With Haider practically leading the FPÖ single-handedly, he was able to unite the scattered, divided extreme-right in Austria and establish a party that was not so much founded on leading personalities or an ideology but on just one leader - Haider himself, who used to change his opinions frequently. His style of governing the party became authoritative in the following years, however his followers did not challenge his ultimate authority in the party, especially because Haider was able to gain one victory after another in elections. End.

M.R Haider was a European hero who took his party to new heights of success. He died in suspicious circumstances but not in vein. His legacy is building a party which is capable of saving Austria and putting Austrian Youth first. No more mosques in Austria! No more mosques in Europe! You will not be forgotten Jorg Haider. ic1male

p.s Heinz-Christian Strache is the new leader of the FPO.


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