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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Anti white Rap lyrics

After having a heated debate with a friend of a friend on rap music recently, i thought it worth while to see what young people have been listening to. The image left is of ICE - Ts album released in 1993. He is widely credited with bringing hip hop/rap into the mainstream. Others to follow were Ice cube and the Wu tang clan.
Below is a quote from The Wu tang clans 1997 album.

“To all my Universal Soldier’s: stay at attention while I strategize an invasion; the mission be sassination, snipers hitting Caucasians with semi-automatic shots heard around the world; my plot is to control the globe and hold the world hostage … see, I got a war plan more deadlier than Hitler … lyrical specialist, underworld terrorist … keep the unity thick like mud … I pulling out gats [handguns], launching deadly attacks” “Blood for Blood”; Killarmy, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, 1997, Wu-Tang Records, Priority Records, The EMI
Group, United Kingdom.

Although maybe a little out of date now, if you would like to visit what youths in the west have been subjected to culturally over the past 15 years, click here:


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