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Saturday, 10 October 2009

The racism of Diane Abbott M.P

If you take a look at Diane Abbott's website you soon see who she is interested in helping. Does living in a 'diverse' (sic) society mean everyone is equal and therefore deserving of an equal amount of help? Evidently Abbot doesn't think so. On her website she sates:
'I set up Black Women Mean Business in 1992 with the aim of supporting and celebrating black businesswomen. At the time it was the first of its kind in the UK, although since then a number of other similar organisations have taken root'.

Discriminating against white women in their own country is one thing. When she unjustly makes excuses for the poor academic achievement of black children at school however she shows how racist she actually is. How does the system fail black kids? Is it rather the attitude of these youngsters which leads to them failing themselves?
'I have campaigned for many years on educational issues. In particular I have researched, organised and spoken out on the way in which the education system fails children of African and Afro-Caribbean descent'.

After attending an inner city Birmingham school myself, and several colleges, i have had more than a ample chance to observe your average 'black boy' in the classroom. They are in most cases, aggressive, rude, disruptive, short (of temper), and if anything hold white youngsters back in the classroom. Routinely they display their predictable 'victim syndrome' and characteristic 'chip on the shoulder' air. These points clearly explain why more 'black boys' are excluded from school than any other group. Abbott prefers to blame the luckless teachers who have to try and educate these fatherless, unfavourable, and ungrateful individuals. ic1male
'However there is still much to do. It is still the case that black boys are more likely to be excluded from school than their peers, while studies continue to highlight the disproportionate adverse treatment given to black children in the education system from pre-school assessment through to the crucial secondary years'.


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