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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The left plans block voting in Hall green

This article is taken from the Socialist Unity website (barrrfffffff).

Greens will give Salma Yaqoob a free run
Filed under: Birmingham, green party, elections, Respect — Derek Wall @ 2:32 pm

Just heard the news!

I am very pleased that the Green Party in Salma’s constituency of Hall Green have voted to withdraw the Green Party General Election candidate and give her a free run.

I have been arguing very strongly for this for a while and also arguing that the decision should be made democratically by local members.

Salma is great, I am very happy to have worked with her in the past and I am hoping to go up and support her General Election campaign.

Her support for the Green Party at the last European Elections was very welcome.

She has also been supportive of ecosocialist ideas and action in RESPECT.

So very good news.

I will be posting more details of how people can support her campaign.

And I am off to work for Caroline on 7th November.

Its also a vindication of the good work of Green Left.

And mail me dates/places/times to support good General Election candidates and I can post them.


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