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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tip of the iceburg

Muslim coward 19 year old Amjad Qazi

The daily mail reports how Henry Webster, 15, suffered a fractured skull and brain damage after being set upon by a gang of Asian youths. These cowards were not even pupils from the school and were called in as 'back up' (as if they needed it). The total number of savages was 12!

In an earlier post i spoke of my own experiences attending a Muslim majority comprehensive in Birmingham. Just as in this incident the cowards would only start a fight when they were in numbers, and would have their cousins/brothers turn up to give the 'kaffer' a beating.

The spineless teachers in Henry's' case ignored the bullying and therefore condoned it. These things don't 'marry up' with their left wing Marxist beliefs that teach them only white people can be racist, thus only white people can be guilty of racial violence. Henry's parents are applying for damages and i hope they get it. Webster family we salute you! ic1male

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