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Sunday, 28 November 2010

How nations die!

Hypocritical to raise this issue while fighting against radical Islam?

Not really, neither side have our interests at heart.

European man is on his own...we like those odds, it's when we're at our best!

The new (multicultural left) protesting in London

No comment necessary...

Nick Griffin MEP on 'Global Warming'

Thanks to BNP Crusade for the video

UAF only manage to muster 150 for Nuneaton EDL protest

Left: Birmingham September 2009.

The UAF proudly claimed that a united group of anti fascists, from all racial backgrounds, 'ran the EDL out of town'.

In reality it was gangs of Muslim/Black youths, armed with knives and chains, who confronted the EDL, and attacked the lone EDL supporter (pictured left).

However, it would appear that the mosques have ordered the Muslims to stay away from such protests.

Now the UAF find themselves standing alone.

At this present time it seems the UAF are getting jitters when it comes to confronting the EDL.

They never confronted them head on anyway, the UAF prefer to hide behind Muslims and shout their tired rhetoric.

Despite all the tough talking, if the Muslim youth don't turn up, the UAF it appears don't want to know.

Solidarity with Qur'an burning girl

The author of this blog will be burning a Qur'an and posting it on utube soon.

The author recommends readers do the same, the Qur'an is a book of evil hatred, the Sandwell girl deserves our support!

The Sunday Mercury reports - English Defence League identify school where girl 'set fire to Koran'

A SCHOOL where a 15-year-old girl allegedly burnt a copy of the Koran could become the target of extremists.

English Defence League supporters identified the school, alongside demands for the mass burning of Islam’s holiest book in protest at the pupil’s arrest. The youngster allegedly posted a video of her setting fire to the Koran on Facebook.

The footage was reported to education chiefs and subsequently removed. She was arrested on suspcion of inciting racial hatred on November 19. A 14-year-old boy was also arrested on suspicion of making threats.

Both have since been released on police bail. Sandwell Council and West Midlands Police had asked the media not to name the school in an attempt to prevent extremists provoking trouble.

But EDL supporters ignored the request and, as well as naming the school on the internet, called for demonstrations that could lead to violence. But a senior teacher at the school said the girl did not realise what she was doing.

He said: “If she stopped to consider the fallout, and the offence it would cause to people within her own community, I honestly don’t believe she would have done it.”


Friday, 26 November 2010

White couple hit with bottles and their kids aged 6 and 9 called 'white devils' in Harvester restaurant

Left: The injuries sustained by the mother and father at the Harvester restaurant.

Another serious racial attack inflicted on white people is ignored by the msn.

This sickening attack has yet to reach the big papers or the BBC!

The couple were attacked by five 'people' (the paper doesn't publish the race of the attackers).

Their two young children who must have been terrified to witness this act of savagery, to top it off they were called white devils by the attackers.

This phrase would strongly suggest the attackers were black.

The staff of the Harvester should hang their heads in shame for standing by and letting this happen.

Hopefully CCTV will help the police identify the attackers.

thisiscroydontoday reports - A MOTHER and father left a pub covered in blood after they were attacked in front of their two young children.

The mother was punched in the face and slashed with a broken bottle after an argument at The Harvester, in Beulah Hill, Upper Norwood.

When the father stepped in to protect her, he was smashed over the head with a bottle.

The couple also claim their children, aged just 6 and 9, were racially abused.

The family, whose identity we have agreed to protect, is asking for help to catch their assailants.

"I can't sleep at night because I feel like my children are at risk that these people might come back," said the mother.

"Someone must know who these people are, so I would just plead with them to go to the police with any information they have.

"I just want to know my family is safe."

The family, who are from the Coulsdon area, went into the Harvester pub Beulah Spa at about 6.15pm on November 13.

They had just sat down when a group of five people came in.

The mother said a woman started the confrontation by suggesting she was looking at her.

When the father tried to defuse the situation, the others in the group began hurling racist abuse, even calling the couple's six-year-old a "white devil".

"It all happened really fast," the mother said. We stood up to leave and the woman punched me in the face.

"We were struggling and someone else smashed this bottle over my head from behind, the pain was blinding."

The mother suffered two black eyes and a cut to her head, while the father was treated at Croydon University Hospital for a gash to the back of his head. He has since returned to work, but has suffered concussion, while his partner has been having panic and anxiety attacks.

"I am scared all the time and I can't think of anything else," she added.

"It was one of the worst nights of my life and I just want to put it behind me."

A police spokesman said officers are investigating the attack, but no arrests have been made.

A spokesman for Mitchell and Butlers, which owns Harvester, said: "This was an isolated yet extremely serious incident which occurred between two groups of customers.

"Our staff called the police immediately to deal with the situation, and will do everything they can to assist with any subsequent police investigation."

Anyone with information can contact Croydon Police

Article Thanks to WestCountry Patriot for highlighting this story

Thursday, 25 November 2010

15 year old British girl arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred, for burning a Koran!

If any readers were still in doubt that the authorities of England are willing to submit to Islam, this story should cast the last grains of doubt from your mind.

While five Muslim men have not been arrested for burning the poppy, breaking the sacred two minute silence, and shouting "British troops go to hell"...a fifteen year old British girl has been arrested for burning a Koran!

Vote British National Party to give our people a voice and put an end to such disgraceful occurrences!

The Birmingham Mail reports - A teenage girl was arrested on suspicion of inciting religious hatred after allegedly burning an English language version of the Koran, police said today.

The 15-year-old was questioned and bailed by detectives last Friday after the alleged incident at a school in the Sandwell area of the West Midlands.

She is alleged to have posted footage of the burning booklet on Facebook.

A 14-year-old boy was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of making threats on the social networking site, in connection with the alleged incident. He was released on bail, a spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said.

She added: "The local neighbourhood team have strong links with the school and have been working closely with key partners from the community
and the local authority to resolve the matter locally.

"West Midlands Police will investigate and monitor any crime reported by individuals who may have been targeted because of their disability, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or transgender."


Surprise EDL demo - Wolverhampton

The Express and Star reports - A surprise protest by the English Defence League in Wolverhampton brought chaotic scenes to the city centre.

Alarmed passers-by sought refuge in shops as around 100 protesters from the right wing group staged the demonstration, which was arranged over the internet.

Today police were facing questions over the handling of the protest, which officers said was “unplanned”.

Reports appeared on the internet on Friday night, some 16 hours before the event. Police used social networking site Twitter on Saturday morning to announce “rumours” of a demonstration in the city.

Officers say they are unable to ban protests, but can ban marches.

The group began chanting and swearing at passers-by, while an anti-EDL demonstration was launched by around 40 people in Queen Square. Police kept that group, organised by Wolverhampton Trade Union Council, away from the EDL and no arrests were made.

The drama unfolded at around 11.40am when members of the EDL, which is against Islamic extremism, gathered outside the Oceana nightclub in Bilston Street.

They chanted and marched towards Dudley Street but were stopped by a dozen police officers. They walked back along Garrick Street and through the Wulfrun Centre. Police took up positions at the entrance to the Wulfrun Centre at Dudley Street and attempted to stop the EDL from leaving.

But the protesters, many wearing masks and scarves, forced their way through.

Officers contained the mob near Marks & Spencer and eventually allowed the group to move, within a cordon, to Queen Square.

The EDL was contained by police near the Prince Albert statue and were largely kept there by police until around 2pm. Shopper Eve Bishop, aged 38, of Merridale Street West, Wolverhampton, said: “It was frightening to see gangs of men shouting at each other.”

Police were unavailable for comment today.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The Swiss People's Party (SVP) have raised eyebrows with another highly original campaign poster!

You can visit the Swiss People's Party website here

The Telegraph reported on the campaign poster - A Right-wing political party in Switzerland has produced a provocative anti-immigration campaign in which a photograph of naked young models wading into Lake Zurich is contrasted with an image of headscarf-wearing Muslim women bathing in filthy water.

The campaign is meant to warn the Swiss of what could happen to the country if it allows greater immigration.

It comes as the Alpine nation prepares to vote on whether immigrants who commit serious crimes should be automatically expelled.

The online campaign was produced by a regional branch of the Swiss People's Party (SVP), the largest in parliament and the country's biggest political force. Read more

Left: The highly successful campaign poster from the SVP 2009.

The European Times - recent history of the SVP

Monday, 22 November 2010

The enemy within: Territorial Army recruits 'racially abused' in Bordesley

Territorial army cadets have been spat on and chased by Muslim thugs in Bordsley Green Birmingham.

The cadet centre is next to a mosque. This is what happens when Islam starts to take over a city.

In 2008 a plot by Muslims in Birmingham was uncovered whereby they planned to behead a British soldier!

Wakey wakey Birmingham residents, these Muslims will not stop until they have hedemony over the indigenous population.

The Birmingham Mail reports
- POLICE fear Midland Territorial Army recruits who claim they have been racially abused while wearing their uniforms are victims of hate crimes.

The cadets say they have been verbally abused and spat at while walking to training sessions near Blues’ St Andrews stadium in Bordesley, Birmingham.

One recruit has reported that driver slowed down his car, wound down his window and shouted: “I hope you get blown up by an IED.”

Another says he was chased by a group of Asian youths who screamed insults and spat at him.

West Midlands Police said they are investigating the allegations.

A spokesman said: “The incidents in question have been recorded as racially motivated section four public order offences. Read more

Sunday, 21 November 2010

'Brixton is as crime-ridden as Cape Town' says South African police chief

Left: Commissioner Bheki Cele.

The South African commissoner has ruffled some feathers within the London 'black community'.

Why is Brixton so crime ridden?

Brixton is the Civic centre of Lambeth.

Lambeth demoghraphics

54.0%White British
2.7% White Irish
9.0% Other White
1.8% White & Black Caribbean
0.7% White & Black African
0.9% White & Asian
1.2% Other Mixed
2.3% Indian
1.1% Pakistani
1.0% Bangladeshi
0.9% Other Asian
10.2% Black Caribbean
9.6% Black African
1.8% Other Black

1.3% Chinese
1.3% Other

The Black Voice reports - THE SOUTH African police chief investigating the murder of British newlywed Anni Dewani, has claimed that south London's crime rate is just as bad as those in Cape Town.

Commissioner Bheki Cele made the comparison when asked by a British journalist whether Cape Town was safe destination for tourists following the murder of Mrs Dewani's on Nov 13.

Ms Dewani was shot dead after the taxi she and her husband Shrien Diwani were travelling in was hijacked in a slum area of Cape Town.

The journalist, said he was representing 'all UK newspapers' and said that he was asking for an assurance no more tourists would be killed there.

Mr Cele reacted angrily to the journalist's line of questioning and referred to Britain as 'not crimeless' and claimed that during a recent trip to London, his driver ‘literally refused’ to take him through Brixton, ‘You (in Britain) are not crimeless,’

He said: “We should not come here as if we are spotless in our own countries. I’m simply saying we are dealing with an international phenomenon. You are not crimeless. Don’t talk as if you are crimeless”

However, 24-year-old Samantha Robison from Brixton strongly refutes Mr Cele’s comparisons, claiming that Brixton is a safe area at any time of the day.

She told Voice Online: “I’ve lived in Brixton all my life and what the South African police are saying is false! Brixton has seen a lot of changes and is even safe to walk around in the night much less drive into.

The south Londoner, who has lived in Brixton all of her life, continued: “Under no circumstances can Brixton be compared to Cape Town, Brixton is culturally diverse and people are very friendly.”

Meanwhile, Xolile Mngeni yesterday appeared in court charged with robbery and the murder of 28-year-old Mrs Dewani, from Bristol. He was remanded and the case was adjourned. The name of a second co-accused man has not been released. Article

Black woman with Jamaican asylum partner states: If they keep taking my kids away I will keep having them

Left: Lavine Samma and her 31-year-old asylum seeker boyfriend Damien Sewell.

Vote BNP for an end to the asylum seeker farce!

The Sunday Mercury reports - SHAMELESS benefits mum Lavine Samma has a plan. She intends to carry on having babies until she gets a council house.

So far the jobless 28 year-old has has five children by three different fathers – and all of them have been taken into care by social services.

Now she is pregnant again, and is expecting her sixth child in just nine years. Like the rest, it is likely to be taken from her.

“I’ve been told the only way I can get a council house is by having children to look after,” she says.

“If they keep taking them away from me I will just keep having them.

“Again and again and again!”

Lavine lives in a tower block council flat in the Newtown area of the city with her 31-year-old asylum seeker boyfriend Damien Sewell.

The unemployed couple have been together since 2002 when Jamaican Damien came to England on a holiday visa and decided to claim asylum. They have since had three children together.

Damien thought it was four – until a DNA test revealed that the tot was not his child.

The baby they are expecting, who will be Lavine’s sixth overall, is due in May 2011.

So far all of her children have been taken into care after she was found guilty of neglect in 2007, and sentenced to a year in prison after her eldest child was found with scratches and bruises on its body.

Lavine served six months in jail and was then released on licence. She has continued to have children ever since.

“It is my human right as a woman to have children,” she boasted.

“I know I may have done wrong in the past, but it feels like I am being persecuted now.

“It feels like a campaign by the council to sterilise me by taking all my children off me.

“They claim I am a high risk and that the children would be better off elsewhere, but how can a child ever be better off without its mum? Read more

Nigerian Doctor sacked for sexually harassing nurses

Vote British National Party to end the blatant lie... "the NHS would collapse without immigrant doctors and nurses".

The above statement is absolute 'codswallop', the influx of third world immigrants is dragging down the NHS, and adversley affecting standards.

Below the author lists the first 20 entries on the General Medical Council fitness to pratice panel.

# Aumed Arkan Salih - 28 Oct 2010
# Maria Dolores Moyano Ontiveros - 25 Oct 2010
# Jayant Dasgupta - 25 Oct 2010
# Samira Al Moufti - 19 Oct 2010
# Farouk Mustafa Younis - 15 Oct 2010
# Silvia Baciu - 15 Oct 2010
# Alastair James Cook - 14 Oct 2010
# Vidhu Mayor - 13 Oct 2010
# Rajinder Kumar Aggarwal - 12 Oct 2010
# Aivar Bracka - 12 Oct 2010
# Stephen Cox - 11 Oct 2010
# Philippe Leynaud - 07 Oct 2010
# John Lewis Isaac - 07 Oct 2010
# John Padraig Leahy - 06 Oct 2010
# Gilles Dreyfus - 06 Oct 2010
# Ashok Kumar Mohanty - 05 Oct 2010
# Alan Roy Williams - 05 Oct 2010
# Andrew Woods - 05 Oct 2010
# John Louis Cruickshank - 01 Oct 2010
# Adel Kareem Ahmad - 01 Oct 2010

The Sunday Mercury Reports - A DISGRACED Midland doctor has been sacked for sexually harassing two nurses within hours of starting a new job – then lied about the incident when applying for his next job

Akinfemi Akingboye was employed as a locum senior house officer at Warwick hospital when he went on his randy rampage.

He grabbed one terrified nurse by her head and demanded she kissed him while she was sat in the staff room.

And he told his second victim that she had “got inside his head” and put it in a “whirlwind”, despite only meeting her that day.

Akingboye also sniffed the nurse’s hair and asked her when she had a break was because he wanted to get to know her better.

Akingboye, who qualified as a doctor at the University of Lbadan, Nigeria, in 2000, was sacked from the hospital immediately and interviewed by police over the incident. Read more

Muslim Police Community Officer jailed for conning Birmingham women

Left: Naeem Naguthney.

In 2008 he told two American Christians in Alum Rock that they could not preach there, and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime.

Although the public called for him to be sacked, he was simply moved to Erdington.

Now Naguthney has been jailed for a year for conning two women out of nearly £8,000 by lying to them that he was in debt.

Can any Muslims be trusted to wear the police uniform in Britain?

The Sunday Mercury reports: A WEST Midlands Police Community Safety Officer has been jailed for a year for conning two women out of nearly £8,000 by lying to them that he was in debt.

The force has condemned the criminal actions of Naeem Naguthney who told his Birmingham victims he was suicidal due to the amount of money he owed.

It is not the first time the 33 year-old has landed himself in trouble with his employers.

Two years ago he was reprimanded after he stopped two Christian preachers from handing out Bible extracts
in Alum Rock,in the heart of the Muslim community in Birmingham.

Naguthney, a Muslim, accused Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham, of committing a hate crime.

The move sparked fear that the area had become a no-go a zone for non-Muslims.

Following the controversy the force moved Naguthney to work in Erdington.

But he then proceeded to con vulnerable women out of thousands of pounds by feeding them untrue sob stories about his debt problems while on duty.

Before he was jailed Naguthney enjoyed a trip to Goa, India, where he met former England football star John Barnes at a football tournament.

Naguthney pleaded guilty to willful misconduct in a public office and dishonestly making a false representation to make gain for self or other at Stafford Crown Court earlier this month.

As well as been jailed for 12 months he was ordered to pay one of his victims, Sandy Christopher, £6,400 compensation.

His second victim Sandra King, 63, said she handed over £1,300 to Naguthney in March last year.

Sandra, a former psychiatric nurse, told the Sunday Mercury: “You don’t expect someone in a uniform to do something like this. Read more

Saturday, 20 November 2010

National Democratic Party of Germany ask: Why should Germany be the cash cow of the EU?

Left: Ronny Zasowk of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) speaking at a party meeting.

After the Greek bailout, the NPD is asking... why should Germany bailout any more bankrupt EU countries?

It's a fair question, many Germans are unemployed, immigration is out of control, and the German people were never asked their views on the Euro in the first place!

Ronny Zasowk (NPD) writes an article for the NPD website on the subject.

Again we will be asked to pay

The cash cow of Europe will perish!

For years every respect by the people governed.

Border controls were abolished in Eastern Europe, without consulting the people.

Countless gamers have been banking with a tax-financed guarantee saved from ruin, without consulting the people.

Greece was saved by a giant credit without asking the German people.

Other EU countries such as Ireland, Portugal and Spain in recent years have badly shattered the wrong and are now before the state collapse - and are using German transfer billions to be saved, again the German people without asking too.

But time and again that it is only a redistribution of this huge apparatus in which we Germans are always the stupid ones.

Even the daily newspapers that the EU project otherwise can not get enough praise, could not portray Germany as Europe's paymaster.

Also from the German Teuroland for us there is the question.

According to expert opinion, the EU is threatening to a pure transfer to pervert Union, in which the strong have to pay alimony supposedly the many weak.

The "strong", which are then well despite countless unemployed horrendous national debt and collapsing social systems, we Germans.

In the capital markets is already on sale of government bonds fall, as the solvency of the FRG is now declining sharply already and further deterioration of credit quality is the logical consequence of the adventurous economic and financial policies of the federal government.

It must be assumed that the vision loose federal government Merkel and Westerwelle already so has resigned under that similar to the West German financial equalization soon a huge expropriation Moloch is created in which we are economically weak Europe alive must all Germans.

Then not only irregular rescue parachutes for acute life support ailing economies are tightened and then we Germans in the long part of the year and life for the preservation of other states.

A European or EU tax seems conceivable that makes the tax burden in this country even more unbearable, but given the other governments in power and protects against the angry masses of the people of Europe.

One thing must be clear, all long-term subsidy for foreign economies without any sense, but they lead to economically wrong receipt failing structures.

They only offer short-term protection for the currently in power.

Subsidies do not change the fact that each nation can only help themselves.

The Germans are becoming less willing to pay cash cow and man of Europe to play.

The financial sucking Germany can not permanently and for Europe to be sustainable.

For even the most cash cow milk is eventually based on the overload.

Neither the EU in its old form, yet the predictions of a transfer union or a disintegrating Union are recipes for a rational reorganization.

NPD will remain for us as the exit from this rearrangement machinery and the gradual formation of a Europe of nations and even specific Etats the only options for the future, we do not classify us soon in the States, international begging for alms.

Ronny Zasowk

Visit the NPD wesite here

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Was this a hate crime? It didn't get national coverage in America - let alone international coverage!

Left: Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23

Christian and Newsom were carjacked by several gun-wielding (black) men during a Saturday night date as they left a friend's apartment. They were taken to Davidson's rental house, beaten, raped and killed over several hours.

A few days later, his naked, bound and shot body was found partially burned along some railroad tracks. Hers was found hog-tied and stuffed in a trash can in Davidson's house. She suffocated in the trash can.

The couple also suffered genital mutilation via their kidnappers.

This case although shocking, is not unique, there are 30,000 plus rapes of white women by non whites every year in the United States.

"The National media hasn't asked why, it hasn't even reported it, why?"

"Knoxville bloggers have a theory..the national media is not interested in this case, because it doesn't fit any useful political correct narrative".

"It's not a useful crime".

Bye bye Harmans law!

Left: Harriet Harman joins the beat in south London wearing a stab proof vest.

Forever the hypocrite, the white man hating feminist, Harriet Harman, preaches to the masses that multiculturalism... has not put normal British people in danger.

Her ilk tell us... multiculturalism has enriched our lives, and that a law is needed to help Black and Asian people rise to higher positions (sic).

We still have the ludicrous Equality Act 2010, don't expect the fluffy Conservatives to get rid of that, but it would have been even worse if this evil woman's law would have been enshrined.

Two Birmingham Muslim men remanded in custody for importing heroin worth £5 million

Left: The main heroin route to Britain.

The left, and other multicultural supporters, constantly deny that the majority of heroin brought into Britain, is done so by Muslims.

They say that accusing Muslims of flooding Britain's streets with heroin is racist.

Meanwhile many Birmingham Muslims are in prison for selling heroin to our teenagers.

As well as high profit, it also ruins the users life...and often the lives of the addicts whole family!

Another disaster of multiculturalism...heroin from Pakistan and Afghanistan, being sold to impressionable British youths.

The Birmingham Mail reports - A FATHER and son from Birmingham have been charged with importing Class A drugs after heroin worth more than £5 million was seized by the UK Border Agency.

The estimated 80kg of heroin is the biggest detection of the Class A drug in the UK this year.

It was discovered at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk after being shipped to the UK from Asia in a single container listed as being filled with chilli powder. Gulab Mohammed, 50, and Khalid Mohammed, 28, of Hugh Road, Small Heath, appeared at Telford Magistrates’ Court on Monday and were remanded in custody to reappear at the same court next Tuesday. Three other men, also from Birmingham, were arrested and bailed until January 10.

None of them have been charged.

Brodie Clark, head of Border Force for the UK Border Agency, said: “This is a major seizure that reflects the robust controls we have in place at the UK border.

“Heroin is a dangerous Class A drug that wrecks the lives not only of individual users, but also their families and the wider community. Read More

Newtown pastor admits immigration fraud

The Birmingham Mail reports - A BIRMINGHAM pastor who illegally helped foreigners desperate to stay in Britain can today be exposed as a liar and a conman.

David Morrison provided false bank statements and letters to immigration tribunals deciding the fate of those requesting visas or applicants whose requests to stay in the UK had been rejected.

He also acted as a sponsor of applicants in other cases and forged a bank statement which claimed to show he had more than £150,000 in his account when he actually owed the HSBC £900.

Morrison, a pastor at the Word Life Centre in William Street North, Newtown, pleaded guilty to providing false representation in immigration cases at Birmingham Crown Court.

The 41-year-old, of Lindridge Road, Erdington, had previously admitted perverting the course of justice.

He is now on bail and is due to be sentenced in January. Det Con Chris Aldridge, from the UK Border Agency’s immigration crime team, said: “This man used what should be a respected position in the community to try to help foreign nationals with no right to be in the UK enter this country Read More

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Karen Chouhan on the Equalities Bill

Karen Chouhan talks about 'black and ethnic minority disadvantage', what are these disadvantages?

She is a 'race hustler', who makes a living from telling Europeans, that they should do more to help black/Asian people overpopulate the whole of the Western World.

Her website states she was - Recipient of the 2008 'Woman Warrior – Trailblazer Award' from the Reverend Jesse Jackson at the Rainbow Push Coalition New York Wall Street Economic Summit.

Clearly you have learnt from the best in the business Karen!

The video is from the utube channel of Operation Black vote, the title of this organisation is racist against whites (as are their ojectives)...who cares?

we are supposed to move over and let black/Asian people take over everything our forefathers worked and died for right?

Wrong, the equalities bill discriminates against white people in employment, education and housing, it is a symbol of Marxism and would be scrapped under a nationalist government.

Vote British National Party unless you want your children's education to be dictated by race hustlers such as Karen Chouhan et al.

Teenager punched and sexually assaulted by Asian sex attacker in Bedford

Every week British women and girls are being targetted by Asians and other ethnics, who are foaming at the mouth with hatred for the indigenous people of Britain.

White British girls/women should seriously consider carrying a panic alarm when going out at night in urban areas.

The BBC reports - A teenager has been threatened, punched and sexually assaulted by a man in Bedford town centre.

The 18-year-old woman was attacked in the early hours of Sunday in Mayes Yard, police said.

She managed to leave the scene and get to the Corn Exchange where she raised the alarm.

It is thought the attacker, described as an Asian man in his 20s or 30s, left in the direction of Silver Street. Police are appealing for witnesses.

Officers believe the man might have been loitering in the area around Mayes Yard before the attack, and that people leaving the town's pubs and clubs in the early hours could have seen him.

Det Ch Insp Steve Collin from Bedfordshire Police said: "This has been a very frightening experience for the young woman and she has been left shocked by what has happened to her.

"This man needs to be found before he strikes again."


Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Sunday Service 7/11/2010 with Rev Robert West of The British National Party

Left: Reverend Robert West.

Rev Robert West gives a Sunday Service via the British National Party radio station - Red White and Blue.

Listen here

The Rev Robert West writes...The attempt by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to crush the British National Party is an assault on freedom of association which will negatively impact on all Christians, regardless of their political beliefs, the Reverend Robert West has said.

In this week’s Sunday sermon broadcast, the Reverend West said the real objective of the EHRC’s attack on the BNP was “a political one of oppression of a political party and the dispossession of a people.

“What is crucial for Christians to understand is that this is also done in the context of a media, legal and government campaign against Christians and their views and values,” he said. Read more

Muslims behind the burning of a giant poppy in an Armistice Day outrage are unmasked by The Sun

From left: Abu Assadullah, Abu Ubaidah and Abu Rahin Aziz

The Sun reports
- The hate-filled extremists whipped up a 40-strong mob who screamed insults about Britain's war dead during the nation's two-minute silence on Thursday.

They head Muslims Against Crusades - formed after the radical group Islam4UK was banned - and want Sharia law imposed in the UK.

Pony-tailed leader Abu Assadullah masterminds the organisation's sick demos from a website where he spouts bile supporting al-Qaeda. He shares the name of a dead chief of the terror network linked to the 2008 Mumbai massacre, and posts video diatribes on MAC's YouTube channel. Read more


Left: Salma Yaqoob - Leader of Respect.

Never one to miss a cheap publicity stunt Salma poses infront of a swastka in Kings Heath Park.

Salma overlooks the fact that Muslim youths have been known to draw swastikas to express their hatred of the Jews.

The Respect Party calls itself a Socialist alternative.

It campaigns on issues such as student top up fees, trade unionism, and anti capitalism.

The true motives of Respect are different however, Muslim issues such as... no spy cameras in Sparkhill, Palestine, and the burqa are the real passions of the leader of Respect...Salma Yaqoob.

It is clear to see Respect are a Muslim party from the three Muslim Councillors the Party has in Birmingham.

Sparkbrook Salma Yaqoob Respect
Sparkbrook Mohammed Ishtiaq Respect
Sparkbrook Shokat Ali Respect

The Socialist Unity site and other Maxist sympahisers have ignored the issues (within Islam) of womens rights, genital mutilation, homophobia, and Halal ritual slaughter.

Usually the above issues would be at the top of any 'progressive alternative', yet the hypocrisy of the far left is, and always has been...obvious.

Something has gone badly wrong at the recent Respect conference however, the small Trotskyist group, Socialist Resistance, have resigned from the Respect Party, because of the decision at the Respect conference for the party to begin to organise on Scotland.

Perhaps the Scottish left reject the notion of having a fake Marxist party, with a Muslim leader representing them?

"What do Respect know about Scotland?"... is a valid question.

The answer of course is nothing, Respect is an inner city party that represents Muslims first and foremost.

The Respect leader lecturing the Scots is as ridiculous as her lecturing the Irish, which she has done on several occasions.

This is the text of a leaflet distributed by supporters of Socialist Resistance in Respect.

We are strongly opposed to the proposition that Respect organise in Scotland, as proposed in amendment E to Motion 1

Socialist Resistance has supported Respect since its inception in 2004 and previously supported the Socialist Alliance. We supported George Galloway’s letter which sought to democratize the leadership of Respect and backed the majority in the ensuing split in the organisation in 2007. We put the resources of our newspaper at the disposal of Respect. We understood that George and Salma , given their role in the anti-war movement had a vital contribution to make in building a political alternative to New Labour.

But were a resolution to organise Respect in Scotland to be passed at this Respect Conference this would make our situation in the organisation untenable. We are against such a resolution being adopted on a number of grounds:

1) A controversial change of a long-held policy that Respect does not organise in Scotland should not be introduced a week before the conference and with no discussion at the National Council or in the branches.

2) The only purpose in organising in Scotland would be for Respect to stand candidates in next May’s Scottish Parliament elections and in subsequent parliamentary and local elections. Respect has no policy positions on the specific situation in Scotland, particularly the issue of devolution and self-determination an issue around which there would be several different positions. To go into a Scottish election with no debate on key political issues would be fundamentally wrong. Read more

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Birmingham Tory councillor arrested over Twitter stoning post

Left: Twitter post by Gareth Compton.

Yasmin Alibhai Brown is a left wing columnist who writes for the Independent.

She is currently milking the publicity following the arrest of a Tory Councillor over a twitter post.

Meanwhile the likes of Amjem Choudary and Abu Hamza can incite murder on the streets of Britain without being arrested.

The hypocrisy of liberals such as Yasmin Brown is truly astonishing.

What a ridiculous waste of police time this case is, well done Yasmin!

The BBC reports - A Conservative Birmingham City councillor has been arrested over allegations he called on Twitter for a female writer to be stoned to death.

Erdington councillor Gareth Compton made the remark about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on his Twitter page.

Police said he had been arrested under the Communications Act 2003 and bailed. He has since apologised.

Ms Alibhai-Brown said she found his attitude "loathsome" and that a "flippant apology" was not enough.

She had appeared on Radio 5 Live's breakfast show on Wednesday discussing human rights in China. Read more

Thursday, 11 November 2010

'Muslims Against Crusades' burn a model of a poppy and break two minute silence in central London

Left: Muslims burn a poppy at 11 a.m.

The Daily Mail reports - Islamic protesters sparked fury today after they burned a model of a poppy and deliberately broke the silence at Armistice Day commemorations in central London.

As millions of Britons fell silent to remember those who have died in war, members of a group called Muslims Against Crusades clashed with police during an 'emergency demonstration' in Kensington, west London.

They held banners which read 'Islam will dominate' and 'Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell'. Read more

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wear your poppy with pride

How much longer are we supposed to ignore the danger living within our society?

Wear your poppy with pride, and remember our brave soldiers who have died.

Muslims against crusades are planning to disrupt the two minute silence in London.

The silence from the left against these Islamic colonisers, and their total abhorrence for everything we hold dear is deafening.

Meanwhile The socialist Unity website constantly cheers every time a Muslim gets elected to a political position, and even suggest wearing a poppy is somehow morally questionable!

Both treacherous groups forget one thing, the British are awakening from their slumber, they will only, and can only, stand for so much.

English starts 0:45

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Win win situation' Adam Walker of The British National party - interviewed outside court 08/11/2010

Left: UAF activists seem to think the British could not cope without Pakistani Halal Kebabs.

Trevor Phillips of the EQHR is running out of excuses to shut the British National Party down.

The British National party gained almost a million votes in the Euro elections of 2009.

MR Phillips...the BNP is here to stay!

Today’s Court Case: An Overview from Nick Griffin MEP

Monday, 8 November 2010

Communist George Galloway and Convicted thug Martin Smith call sarkozy and Merkel 'racist' at UAF march

Friend of the dictator Saddam Hussein, and hard line Communist, George Galloway spoke alongside Martin Smith at a UAF ralley in London recently.

Left: George Galloway with the mass murderer Saddam Hussein.

In January 1994, he was shown on television apparently praising Saddam Hussein for his courage, strength and indefatigability.

Ignoring the many terrorist attacks, child grooming and anti white racism of the Muslim lobby in Britain, Galloway has been in the pocket of Muslims for years.

Left: Martin Smith 'pushing his luck' at a Birmingham EDL ralley in 2009.

He wasn't arrested on this occasion, but was later arrested for assaulting a police officer at an EDL ralley, and convicted of assault.

Martin Smith is the chairman of the minuscule Socialist Workers Party who call for a Marxist revolution in Britain.

He is also a hypocrite who smears the BNP and EDL as racist thugs, while justifying violence from the UAF, claiming victim status constantly.

These Marxist's are more than happy to see the whole of Europe become an Islamic state.

They do not care about the British, or the future of British children.

Watch the video of their march below, join the BNP and become active in your area, unless you want these creeps speaking for you.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

UKIP were homophobic towards me, claims West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclair

Left: Nikki Sinclaire.

The Sunday Mercury reports - The UK Independence Party (Ukip) is to be taken to the High Court by the West
Midlands MEP claiming it discriminated against her because she is gay.

Nikki Sinclaire is taking action over Ukip withdrawing the whip from her in the European Parliament and preventing her standing for the Commons as a candidate for the party.

She claimed that her treatment had been in breach of Ukip's constitution and was motivated by sexual orientation discrimination.

A directions hearing is to be held by the High Court. The MEP is also taking the party to an employment tribunal, with a preliminary hearing on December 28.

Ms Sinclaire was kicked out of the party after she refused to sit with the eurosceptic group Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) which Ukip joined in the European Parliament last year.

She said she quit the EFD because it contained "extreme elements", including people with "openly homophobic opinions".

"I think that is homophobic in itself, the fact that they expected me to sit next to such people and engage with such people in the Parliament, while taking a holier-than-thou attitude to parties like the BNP (British National Party) in the UK," she said.

As well as withdrawing the whip from the MEP, Ukip's national executive committee also ended her position as the party's candidate for Meriden at the general election.

She said she still believed in the aims of Ukip, whose principal goal is to take the UK from the European Union, and would be prepared to be one of its MEPs again if it was "more tolerant".

"It is unacceptable in the 21st century for people to be marginalised and treated in an offensive and derogatory way on the grounds of their sexuality," the MEP said. Article

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Islam 2010: Child Abuse, Brainwashing, Torture, Murder, wife beatings and Pedophilia

Thanks for all your help! HAITI: Peacekeepers blamed for cholera outbreak

A bizarre story comes from the Black voice newspaper.

Apparently neither the open sewers, nor the stone age level of hygiene inside the hospitals, are the reason for the cholera outbreak, it's the Nepalese soldiers from the U.N!

I suppose thats the reason for the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe too?

The Black voice reports - HUNDREDS OF protesters who blame United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal for Haiti’s widening cholera epidemic marched on a rural military base last week to demand that the soldiers leave the country.

Demonstrators waving tree branches and carrying anti-UN banners walked from the central plateau city of Mirebalais several miles to the gates of the base perched above a tributary of the Artibonite River, a

waterway identified by health officials as a conduit for the infection.

The protesters chanted “Like it or not, they must go” as the Nepalese soldiers and other UN peacekeepers remained inside. Cholera has sparked widespread fear in Haiti, where it was unknown before the outbreak was first noticed by authorities on October 20. More than 4,700 people have been hospitalised and at least 330 have died, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Read more

Friday, 5 November 2010

March of the Titans - a overview of Saturns moon - an alien earth in our own solar system

Above Left: Surface of Titan. Above right: Celebrating Cassini's arrival at Saturn, Dr. Charles Elachi, Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, high fives Cassini Program Manager Robert Mitchell, left. Dr. Ed Weiler, NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Science, looks on at right.

The Cassini program is an international cooperative effort involving NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian space agency, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI), as well as several separate European academic and industrial contributors. The Cassini partnership represents an undertaking whose scope and cost would not likely be borne by any single nation, but is made possible through shared investment and participation. Through the mission, about 260 scientists from 17 countries hope to gain a better understanding of Saturn, its stunning rings, its magnetosphere, Titan and its other icy moons. Read more

With sierras, dunes, and great lakes Titan is tantalisingly similar to earth.

The Saturn moon was obscured by clouds until 2004 when Nasa's Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn.

With endless possibilities in Space the question must be asked... where is Britain's space programme?

As pointed out by Arthur Kemp and other British National Party speakers; we are giving away 9 billion sterling each year to countries who have their own space programmes, such as India.

Vote BNP to end obscene amounts of foreign aid charity, and invest heavily in British scientific research and education.

For a virtual tour of Titan from Nasa's Cassini website click here

Voyager mission to Titan 1980-81

"Never take the side of the Kuffar over a Muslim"

And we are supposed to intergrate with these people?

"the belivers are a single brotherhood"

Roushanara Choudary sentenced for 15 years
"she is better than all the Kuffar put together"

Video from

"It is He Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islâm), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikûn (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh) hate (it)."
(At-Taubah - 9: 33) Al Quran

All three Labour peers found guilty of fiddling expenses are Asian

Above: Lord Amirali Bhatia, Baroness Pola Uddin and Lord Swraj Paul.

All three Labour peers who are guilty of fraud are Asian. Here

What is it with South Asians and fraud?

Is there an inherent dishonesty amongst these people in general?

In 2009 there was voter fraud at Sparkbrook Birmingham, which lead to disgrace for the Council and blighted the entire U.K election process.

Below are the names of the candidates.

Ali Shokat (Resp): 2495
Mohammed Azim (Lab): 2228
Abdul Kadir (Con): 799
Naeem Qureshi (Lib Dem): 506
Charles Alldrick (Green): 213
Sakander Mahmood (Ind): 55

It wasn't the first time either, in 2005 A judge investigating vote-rigging in Birmingham's local elections, had ruled there was widespread fraud and had ordered new elections.

Left: The three Aston representatives, Mohammed Islam, Muhammed Afzal and Mohammed Kazi.

During the hearings, which were held at the Birmingham and Midland Institute and lasted four weeks, Judge Mawrey heard how the trio were caught operating a "vote-rigging factory".

The police described how they found Mr Islam, Mr Afzal and Mr Kazi handling unsealed postal ballots in a deserted warehouse in the city.

Even Baroness Warsi who is Asian herself has said; alleged fraud was "predominantly within the Asian community" and benefited Labour.

In 2008 The Telegraph reported: Sri Lankans were involved in taking over petrol stations or bribing staff at others to fit cameras in the ceilings above the shop counters to film motorists typing in their pin numbers.

In another case, investigators in the US and UK found that Younes Tsouli and associates Waseem Mughal and Tariq al Daour, had used computer viruses and stolen credit card accounts to set up a network of communication forums and websites that hosted tutorials on everything from computer hacking to bomb-making.

I'm not even going to mention the Cricket!

Vote BNP for honest Councillors who will always whistle blow on voter fraud, without any concern for political correctness, or the fear of being smeared a racist.

The truth is not racist!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

A look at the home pages of Colleges and Universities in the West Midlands

Ever feel like your being discriminated against in your own country?

Ever feel like your forefathers achievements are being deleted from history?

Ever feel (as a white male) you are being disregarded in the present, thus rubbed out of the multicultural plans for the future?

If you ticked yes to all three, you are NOT being paranoid!

The homepages of local colleges and Universities make no bones about it (white males not wanted).

How must young white Brits feel when they log onto these sites when choosing a further/higher education campus?

Vote BNP to end this anti white discrimination!

Images from Joseph Chamberlain college homepage


Birmingham Metropolitan College (Sutton Campus) Homepage


Birmingham City University Open Days


Wolverhampton University
Open Day promotion on main website


Derby University

If you are still in doubt we are being discriminated against have a read of the Black NUS website

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