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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Birmingham Tory councillor arrested over Twitter stoning post

Left: Twitter post by Gareth Compton.

Yasmin Alibhai Brown is a left wing columnist who writes for the Independent.

She is currently milking the publicity following the arrest of a Tory Councillor over a twitter post.

Meanwhile the likes of Amjem Choudary and Abu Hamza can incite murder on the streets of Britain without being arrested.

The hypocrisy of liberals such as Yasmin Brown is truly astonishing.

What a ridiculous waste of police time this case is, well done Yasmin!

The BBC reports - A Conservative Birmingham City councillor has been arrested over allegations he called on Twitter for a female writer to be stoned to death.

Erdington councillor Gareth Compton made the remark about Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on his Twitter page.

Police said he had been arrested under the Communications Act 2003 and bailed. He has since apologised.

Ms Alibhai-Brown said she found his attitude "loathsome" and that a "flippant apology" was not enough.

She had appeared on Radio 5 Live's breakfast show on Wednesday discussing human rights in China. Read more


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