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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The Swiss People's Party (SVP) have raised eyebrows with another highly original campaign poster!

You can visit the Swiss People's Party website here

The Telegraph reported on the campaign poster - A Right-wing political party in Switzerland has produced a provocative anti-immigration campaign in which a photograph of naked young models wading into Lake Zurich is contrasted with an image of headscarf-wearing Muslim women bathing in filthy water.

The campaign is meant to warn the Swiss of what could happen to the country if it allows greater immigration.

It comes as the Alpine nation prepares to vote on whether immigrants who commit serious crimes should be automatically expelled.

The online campaign was produced by a regional branch of the Swiss People's Party (SVP), the largest in parliament and the country's biggest political force. Read more

Left: The highly successful campaign poster from the SVP 2009.

The European Times - recent history of the SVP


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