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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

No justice for 14 year old lad who was hit with a brick and stabbed with a screwdriver by severn Asians

Left: Victim of vile racist attack - Joseph Haigh, 14.

Another sickening attack against a white Briton in his own country.

Who do these scum bags think they are?

Most likely they were Pakistani Muslim, they are fond of setting upon lone white lads in packs, this attack deserves national coverage.

Apparently a young witness refusing to testify has lead to the scum going free, he shouldn't have had a choice in the matter, furthermore the police refused to call this a race attack, even though the attackers were shouting racial abuse at him!

Vote BNP to put a stop to such incidents, and get justice for people like Joseph.

The press news reports - A TEENAGE boy was knocked unconscious with a house brick, stabbed with a screwdriver and “left for dead” in a vicious race attack.

Joseph Haigh, 14, was savagely beaten by the gang of up to 15 Asian youths in Thornhill on Friday night.

The gang hurled racist abuse at him, constantly referring to the colour of his skin, yet police refused to classify the attack as racially-motivated.

Joseph’s dad Jonathan, 42, of Thornhill, said: “It was a racist attack.

“They were calling him ‘white trash’ and white this, that and the other.

“This is why people are angry about what is happening in this country.

“If it had been an attack by whites on an Asian lad it would have been a definite race attack. When it’s the other way round they don’t want to know.”

Joseph was out with his friends at around 9pm on Friday near Thornhill’s Rectory Park when the gang of Asians, said to be aged 18-20, came at them.

Joseph’s friends scattered and Joseph tried to make off on his bike, only to be confronted by one of the thugs who smashed him in the head with half a brick. Read more


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