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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Left: Salma Yaqoob - Leader of Respect.

Never one to miss a cheap publicity stunt Salma poses infront of a swastka in Kings Heath Park.

Salma overlooks the fact that Muslim youths have been known to draw swastikas to express their hatred of the Jews.

The Respect Party calls itself a Socialist alternative.

It campaigns on issues such as student top up fees, trade unionism, and anti capitalism.

The true motives of Respect are different however, Muslim issues such as... no spy cameras in Sparkhill, Palestine, and the burqa are the real passions of the leader of Respect...Salma Yaqoob.

It is clear to see Respect are a Muslim party from the three Muslim Councillors the Party has in Birmingham.

Sparkbrook Salma Yaqoob Respect
Sparkbrook Mohammed Ishtiaq Respect
Sparkbrook Shokat Ali Respect

The Socialist Unity site and other Maxist sympahisers have ignored the issues (within Islam) of womens rights, genital mutilation, homophobia, and Halal ritual slaughter.

Usually the above issues would be at the top of any 'progressive alternative', yet the hypocrisy of the far left is, and always has been...obvious.

Something has gone badly wrong at the recent Respect conference however, the small Trotskyist group, Socialist Resistance, have resigned from the Respect Party, because of the decision at the Respect conference for the party to begin to organise on Scotland.

Perhaps the Scottish left reject the notion of having a fake Marxist party, with a Muslim leader representing them?

"What do Respect know about Scotland?"... is a valid question.

The answer of course is nothing, Respect is an inner city party that represents Muslims first and foremost.

The Respect leader lecturing the Scots is as ridiculous as her lecturing the Irish, which she has done on several occasions.

This is the text of a leaflet distributed by supporters of Socialist Resistance in Respect.

We are strongly opposed to the proposition that Respect organise in Scotland, as proposed in amendment E to Motion 1

Socialist Resistance has supported Respect since its inception in 2004 and previously supported the Socialist Alliance. We supported George Galloway’s letter which sought to democratize the leadership of Respect and backed the majority in the ensuing split in the organisation in 2007. We put the resources of our newspaper at the disposal of Respect. We understood that George and Salma , given their role in the anti-war movement had a vital contribution to make in building a political alternative to New Labour.

But were a resolution to organise Respect in Scotland to be passed at this Respect Conference this would make our situation in the organisation untenable. We are against such a resolution being adopted on a number of grounds:

1) A controversial change of a long-held policy that Respect does not organise in Scotland should not be introduced a week before the conference and with no discussion at the National Council or in the branches.

2) The only purpose in organising in Scotland would be for Respect to stand candidates in next May’s Scottish Parliament elections and in subsequent parliamentary and local elections. Respect has no policy positions on the specific situation in Scotland, particularly the issue of devolution and self-determination an issue around which there would be several different positions. To go into a Scottish election with no debate on key political issues would be fundamentally wrong. Read more


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