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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Black woman with Jamaican asylum partner states: If they keep taking my kids away I will keep having them

Left: Lavine Samma and her 31-year-old asylum seeker boyfriend Damien Sewell.

Vote BNP for an end to the asylum seeker farce!

The Sunday Mercury reports - SHAMELESS benefits mum Lavine Samma has a plan. She intends to carry on having babies until she gets a council house.

So far the jobless 28 year-old has has five children by three different fathers – and all of them have been taken into care by social services.

Now she is pregnant again, and is expecting her sixth child in just nine years. Like the rest, it is likely to be taken from her.

“I’ve been told the only way I can get a council house is by having children to look after,” she says.

“If they keep taking them away from me I will just keep having them.

“Again and again and again!”

Lavine lives in a tower block council flat in the Newtown area of the city with her 31-year-old asylum seeker boyfriend Damien Sewell.

The unemployed couple have been together since 2002 when Jamaican Damien came to England on a holiday visa and decided to claim asylum. They have since had three children together.

Damien thought it was four – until a DNA test revealed that the tot was not his child.

The baby they are expecting, who will be Lavine’s sixth overall, is due in May 2011.

So far all of her children have been taken into care after she was found guilty of neglect in 2007, and sentenced to a year in prison after her eldest child was found with scratches and bruises on its body.

Lavine served six months in jail and was then released on licence. She has continued to have children ever since.

“It is my human right as a woman to have children,” she boasted.

“I know I may have done wrong in the past, but it feels like I am being persecuted now.

“It feels like a campaign by the council to sterilise me by taking all my children off me.

“They claim I am a high risk and that the children would be better off elsewhere, but how can a child ever be better off without its mum? Read more


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