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Saturday, 20 November 2010

National Democratic Party of Germany ask: Why should Germany be the cash cow of the EU?

Left: Ronny Zasowk of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) speaking at a party meeting.

After the Greek bailout, the NPD is asking... why should Germany bailout any more bankrupt EU countries?

It's a fair question, many Germans are unemployed, immigration is out of control, and the German people were never asked their views on the Euro in the first place!

Ronny Zasowk (NPD) writes an article for the NPD website on the subject.

Again we will be asked to pay

The cash cow of Europe will perish!

For years every respect by the people governed.

Border controls were abolished in Eastern Europe, without consulting the people.

Countless gamers have been banking with a tax-financed guarantee saved from ruin, without consulting the people.

Greece was saved by a giant credit without asking the German people.

Other EU countries such as Ireland, Portugal and Spain in recent years have badly shattered the wrong and are now before the state collapse - and are using German transfer billions to be saved, again the German people without asking too.

But time and again that it is only a redistribution of this huge apparatus in which we Germans are always the stupid ones.

Even the daily newspapers that the EU project otherwise can not get enough praise, could not portray Germany as Europe's paymaster.

Also from the German Teuroland for us there is the question.

According to expert opinion, the EU is threatening to a pure transfer to pervert Union, in which the strong have to pay alimony supposedly the many weak.

The "strong", which are then well despite countless unemployed horrendous national debt and collapsing social systems, we Germans.

In the capital markets is already on sale of government bonds fall, as the solvency of the FRG is now declining sharply already and further deterioration of credit quality is the logical consequence of the adventurous economic and financial policies of the federal government.

It must be assumed that the vision loose federal government Merkel and Westerwelle already so has resigned under that similar to the West German financial equalization soon a huge expropriation Moloch is created in which we are economically weak Europe alive must all Germans.

Then not only irregular rescue parachutes for acute life support ailing economies are tightened and then we Germans in the long part of the year and life for the preservation of other states.

A European or EU tax seems conceivable that makes the tax burden in this country even more unbearable, but given the other governments in power and protects against the angry masses of the people of Europe.

One thing must be clear, all long-term subsidy for foreign economies without any sense, but they lead to economically wrong receipt failing structures.

They only offer short-term protection for the currently in power.

Subsidies do not change the fact that each nation can only help themselves.

The Germans are becoming less willing to pay cash cow and man of Europe to play.

The financial sucking Germany can not permanently and for Europe to be sustainable.

For even the most cash cow milk is eventually based on the overload.

Neither the EU in its old form, yet the predictions of a transfer union or a disintegrating Union are recipes for a rational reorganization.

NPD will remain for us as the exit from this rearrangement machinery and the gradual formation of a Europe of nations and even specific Etats the only options for the future, we do not classify us soon in the States, international begging for alms.

Ronny Zasowk

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