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Sunday, 28 November 2010

UAF only manage to muster 150 for Nuneaton EDL protest

Left: Birmingham September 2009.

The UAF proudly claimed that a united group of anti fascists, from all racial backgrounds, 'ran the EDL out of town'.

In reality it was gangs of Muslim/Black youths, armed with knives and chains, who confronted the EDL, and attacked the lone EDL supporter (pictured left).

However, it would appear that the mosques have ordered the Muslims to stay away from such protests.

Now the UAF find themselves standing alone.

At this present time it seems the UAF are getting jitters when it comes to confronting the EDL.

They never confronted them head on anyway, the UAF prefer to hide behind Muslims and shout their tired rhetoric.

Despite all the tough talking, if the Muslim youth don't turn up, the UAF it appears don't want to know.


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