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Monday, 22 November 2010

The enemy within: Territorial Army recruits 'racially abused' in Bordesley

Territorial army cadets have been spat on and chased by Muslim thugs in Bordsley Green Birmingham.

The cadet centre is next to a mosque. This is what happens when Islam starts to take over a city.

In 2008 a plot by Muslims in Birmingham was uncovered whereby they planned to behead a British soldier!

Wakey wakey Birmingham residents, these Muslims will not stop until they have hedemony over the indigenous population.

The Birmingham Mail reports
- POLICE fear Midland Territorial Army recruits who claim they have been racially abused while wearing their uniforms are victims of hate crimes.

The cadets say they have been verbally abused and spat at while walking to training sessions near Blues’ St Andrews stadium in Bordesley, Birmingham.

One recruit has reported that driver slowed down his car, wound down his window and shouted: “I hope you get blown up by an IED.”

Another says he was chased by a group of Asian youths who screamed insults and spat at him.

West Midlands Police said they are investigating the allegations.

A spokesman said: “The incidents in question have been recorded as racially motivated section four public order offences. Read more


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