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Friday, 5 November 2010

All three Labour peers found guilty of fiddling expenses are Asian

Above: Lord Amirali Bhatia, Baroness Pola Uddin and Lord Swraj Paul.

All three Labour peers who are guilty of fraud are Asian. Here

What is it with South Asians and fraud?

Is there an inherent dishonesty amongst these people in general?

In 2009 there was voter fraud at Sparkbrook Birmingham, which lead to disgrace for the Council and blighted the entire U.K election process.

Below are the names of the candidates.

Ali Shokat (Resp): 2495
Mohammed Azim (Lab): 2228
Abdul Kadir (Con): 799
Naeem Qureshi (Lib Dem): 506
Charles Alldrick (Green): 213
Sakander Mahmood (Ind): 55

It wasn't the first time either, in 2005 A judge investigating vote-rigging in Birmingham's local elections, had ruled there was widespread fraud and had ordered new elections.

Left: The three Aston representatives, Mohammed Islam, Muhammed Afzal and Mohammed Kazi.

During the hearings, which were held at the Birmingham and Midland Institute and lasted four weeks, Judge Mawrey heard how the trio were caught operating a "vote-rigging factory".

The police described how they found Mr Islam, Mr Afzal and Mr Kazi handling unsealed postal ballots in a deserted warehouse in the city.

Even Baroness Warsi who is Asian herself has said; alleged fraud was "predominantly within the Asian community" and benefited Labour.

In 2008 The Telegraph reported: Sri Lankans were involved in taking over petrol stations or bribing staff at others to fit cameras in the ceilings above the shop counters to film motorists typing in their pin numbers.

In another case, investigators in the US and UK found that Younes Tsouli and associates Waseem Mughal and Tariq al Daour, had used computer viruses and stolen credit card accounts to set up a network of communication forums and websites that hosted tutorials on everything from computer hacking to bomb-making.

I'm not even going to mention the Cricket!

Vote BNP for honest Councillors who will always whistle blow on voter fraud, without any concern for political correctness, or the fear of being smeared a racist.

The truth is not racist!


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