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Monday, 1 November 2010

Elite armed police squad to be set up in Birmingham to fight (Muslim) terror threat

As the Muslim population of Birmingham grows at breakneck speed, new mosques are popping up all over the city, and madrassas teaching Islamic Jihad are commonplace on Birmingham streets, police are stepping up security.

Was this how it was in Spain or Eastern Europe when Muslims took over whole cities?

A constant drip of new Muslim immigrants, high Muslim birth rates, and those natives (who could afford to) moving to a better area, that hasn't been Islamified.

The benefits of immigration are surely dawning on more brummies as Muslims in the city centre hold regular 'Islamic outreach stalls', Mosques proudly call the Quran 'the last testament', and billboards are emerging quoting Quaranic verses!

Spread the word to friends and family, support the BNP and make a stand against the hostile Islamic take over... before it's too late.

Historical context

By 715 AD nearly all of Spain was under Muslim occupation.

As with most resistance the fight began in a small way with Pelayo, who ruled a tiny territory and ran guerrilla raids against the Muslims. This was the beginning of the liberation of Spain from Muslim tyranny " this movement was called the Reconquista.

Faced with the knowledge of the fate that awaits those who fall under Islamic rule, the Spaniards began the attempt to reclaim their land (the 'Reconquista') in 718 AD, but it took until 1492 AD to finally overthrow the invader!

Left: Battle of Mohacs Hungary 1526.

After subjecting the Balkans to their tyranny, the Ottoman Jihadis cast their covetous eyes towards central Europe.

There lay the Kingdom of Hungary blocking their path towards Europe. An Ottoman attack on Hungary was inevitable.

This campaign began in 1526 with the Battle of Mohacs.

Left: The Hungarian sovereign Louis II attains martyrdom at the battle of Mohacs.

The Battle of Mohacs was a result of the rejection by the Hungarian sovereign Louis II of a Turkish Invitation to him to embrace Islam.

The stunned Louis asked the Turkish delegation as to why they were attacking Hungary, since the Hungarians had not attacked the Turks.

He was told by the Turkish delegation that he had earned the displeasure of the Turks by being a Kafir (non-Muslim).

The Birmingham Mail reports
- According to reports, the squad will be one of a number across the country with handpicked marksmen ready to repel armed attacks.

They will be armed with deadly Heckler & Koch sub-machine guns that are capable of firing up to 750 rounds per minute.

The network of armed squads will mirror the established counter-terrorism hubs set up five years ago following the London Tube bombings. One of those units is based in the West Midlands.

As well as terrorists the units will be able to respond to incidents such as killing spree by taxi driver Derrick Bird in Cumbria earlier this year. Twelve people were killed before Bird killed himself.

Police firearms units are currently training with SAS troops to hone tactics to tackle the threat of terrorists rampaging through public spaces and taking hostages.

The units would be able to target terrorists before they have chance wreak the havoc seen in Mumbai in November 2008 when ten gunmen killed 174 people.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: “In recent times the force has made improved resources available to the firearms unit. This is not in response to any specific information suggesting an increased threat to the West Midlands.”



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