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Sunday, 31 October 2010

The removal of CCTV from Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook following an outcry from local residents has hampered efforts to trace suspected Extremists!

The CCTV issue in Birmingham refuses to go away as Police sources state; "taking them down is making counter terrorism more difficult in the city".

Vote BNP to get a councillor to speak up for the rights and safety of indigenous Brummies!

The Sunday Mercury police source said: the threat to Birmingham could come from INSIDE the city.

And he warned that the decision to remove CCTV cameras from Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook following an outcry from local residents had hampered efforts to trace suspected extremists.

“The counter terrorism officers have got a major problem trying to gather evidence against suspects,”

“That’s always a difficult job, but it’s been made twice as hard by all this nonsense over the CCTV cameras. They could have really made a difference in tracing extremists.” Says police insider.

Salma Yaqoob a Respect councillor for Sparkhill/Sparkbrook, and leader of the party, has been at the forefront of getting the camera's taken down.

She actually gloats about it on her blog here

Forever critising the main parties for wasting money (at the local level) , she ignors the fact that Islamic extremism is costing Birmingham tax payers millions in extra policing, and that the CCTV she is so proud of getting taken down, had already cost the tax payers of Birmingham 3 million pounds!

The Sunday Mercury reports on the serious terrorism threat from Birmingham.

POLICE armed response vehicles are patrolling 24 hours-a-day around Birmingham after intelligence chiefs warned of a Mumbai-style terror attack on the city.

The West Midlands force has DOUBLED the number of armed officers in the city, TREBLED the armed vehicles on patrol and deployed specialist marksmen trained to carry out “head shots” on terrorist gunmen.

The move comes after a Birmingham man was killed in the Al Qaeda heartland of North West Pakistan last month, leading to fears that he was at the centre of a terror cell intent on copying the Mumbai attacks by targeting hotels in European cities.

More than 170 people were shot dead in the 2008 Indian terror atrocity after heavily armed militants took over two five-star hotels.

Preparations by cops for a similar attack in Birmingham were revealed last night by a senior police source.

“Top-ranking members of the firearms team were called down to London two weeks ago for a COBRA meeting to discuss the threat of terrorists laying siege to a city as they did in Mumbai,” he said.

“The police have received information from Pakistan that a similar attack in this country would most likely happen in Birmingham, London, Leeds or Manchester. They fear an attack on a major hotel, just like in Mumbai, but it could happen anywhere in the city.

“The response has been to step things up in Birmingham.

‘‘Usually there is only one Armed Response Vehicle on patrol, but now there are three patrolling the city at all times – they’re on the move 24 hours-a-day.

“On top of that, there are two specially equipped Land Rovers staffed with armed officers, and at least one specialist trained to take head shots, just like an army sniper.

“Tactical firearms experts have also been deployed and, despite what the Government says about budget cuts, there have been no qualms about handing out plenty of overtime for this. Read more


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