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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Gangsters paradise

Left: Pakistani Muslim women.

Pakistani Muslim women are closely guarded via an almost medievil zeal of chastity and abstinence (fair enough).

White British women (prostitutes or otherwise) different story.

Muslim Robbers jailed for targeting Midlands prostitutes

The Birmingham Mail reports - A GANG of masked robbers who subjected prostitutes working in their homes in Birmingham to terrifying ordeals have begun long jail sentences.

The raids on the victims were carried out after one of the team posed as a client.

Ashan Ramzan, 29, of York Road, Hall Green, who had previously been found guilty of two charges of robbery, was jailed for ten years.

Zaheer Ali, 21, of Russell Road, Hall Green, who had admitted two robbery charges, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment while Mohammed Umar, 22, who had been convicted of robbery, was given a six-year sentence.

Judge Murray Creed said: “These offences were undoubtedly terrifying. Both the victims spoke about covered faces.

“They were pre-planned and telephone calls were made ahead to victims. The defendants who went to the property, in each instance, called in a team.

“These were targeted victims and the offences were committed in a group in someone’s home.

“Cash was taken at a time of the day when it was known there was likely to be cash on the premises.”

James Dunstan, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the first victim worked from a city centre address advertising as Oriental Waterbed Massage.

He said one of the team made an appointment with the woman but once inside produced a knife, telling the victim, who was with a friend, to get on the floor and not look at him.

Three others who had their faces covered, including Ali and Ramzan, then came in and forced the two women into a bedroom where they were shut inside a wardrobe, with a sofa put up against the door.

Around £600 was stolen along with three mobile phones and the following day the gang used a similar method to rob a 40-year-old Korean prostitute.

Mr Dunstan said that she pleaded for her life, had a knife placed to her throat and that the robbers netted around £2,300.

Dean Kershaw, for Ali, said that he had run up gambling debts and that he was extremely remorseful.


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