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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Violent Edgbaston home invasion to appear on Crimewatch (lets see if they get the race of the attackers right)

Left: Early 90's album by the rapper Ice T called 'home invasion'.

Back in the early 90's the phenomenon of home invasion was unknown in Britain.

In recent years home invasions in Britain by black males have been on the rise.

Violent assault, robbery, murder, and rape are all features of a home invasion, in America the family is often burnt afterwards to destroy DNA evidence.

Welcome to multicultural England!

The Birmingham Mail reports - DETECTIVES investigating a violent robbery in which a man received multiple stab wounds at his Birmingham home will appear on BBC One’s Crimewatch programme tonight.

The family who live on Selwyn Road, Edgbaston, were subjected to a horrifying ordeal after five men forced their way into their home shortly after 10pm on July 22, after ringing the doorbell.

The gang assaulted the 71-year-old father and 60-year-old mother, and attacked their 29-year-old son with a hammer and stabbed him repeatedly.

The attackers fled with cash, a large quantity of gold, several personal items and the keys to the son’s Mercedes, in a green or blue Ford Focus and the stolen silver car.

Four of the five men are described as black and one of the men is believed to be Asian.

Tonight’s programme, on at 9pm, will feature a reconstruction and an interview with the family.


Crimewatch reconstruction


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