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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Abdul Jabbar - a British born Pakistani killed by drone attack is said to have come from Birmingham

Left: A US drone.

Another Birmingham born Pakistani who was under surveillance by British agents has been killed in Pakistan.

While our troops should be brought home from Afghanistan, there should be no sympathy for Muslim citizens of Britain who want to see a holy war against us.

The South Asian Alliance has been protesting in Birmingham about drone attacks in Pakistan.

If there were no terrorists in Pakistan then the drones wouldn't be there.

Time after time terror plots are traced back to Pakistan.

Yet left wing groups like Stop the War Coalition, see fit to ignore the terrorist intentions of people such as the Birmingham Muslim, who was recently killed by this drone, why?

Personally the author would rather see drones killing terrorists, than IED's killing Brits.

Left: A typical IED.

There is an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed openly...why are people who display treasonous intentions, and plan a 'holy war' against this country, allowed to stay?

Don't expect an answer from the Con/Lib coalition.

The Birmingham Mail reports - POLITICAL and anti-war groups staged a protest against US drone attacks, which they said have killed thousands of innocent people.

Members of the Pakistan Threek-e-Insaaf movement, Stop the War Coalition, the South Asian Alliance and others, gathered outside the Pakistani Consulate in Hockley, yesterday.

The protest came as reports said a Briton killed by a drone attack in Pakistan was a Birmingham man who had boasted of bringing holy war to the UK.

British agents have been trying to trace the family of a man who goes by the terrorist tag Abdul Jabbar, after his voice was picked up in a surveillance operation against al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

He was blown up together with three others in a US pilotless plane attack in Pakistan, near the Afghan border, on September 8.

Protesters in Birmingham unfurled banners and handed out leaflets demanding an end to the drone attacks in Pakistan, which they claim have killed more than 2,000 people and destroyed random houses and villages.

The dozen protesters also intended to present a letter to the Consul General detailing their concerns. Read more


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