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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Police put Birmingham Muslims 'feelings' before safety of residents

Birmingham Muslim Community Gather For Friday Prayers

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - The minaret and dome of the Central Mosque blends into the skyline of Birmingham City as Muslims arrive for friday prayers on 2 February, 2007, Birmingham, England.

Around 3,500 attended prayers where religous leaders called for calm in the wake of the nine arrests during anti-terror raids across the city.

Detectives are continuing to question nine men in an alleged attempt to conduct an 'Iraqi' style kidnap of a British soldier. Life Magazine

As Muslims take over Birmingham, street by street, school by school, and Council seat after Council seat, the LibCon led Council of Birmingham have pandered to the colonisers once again.

In the same week a man was shot on his doorstep during a driveby shooting in the area of Stechford (which is being rapidly colonised by Muslims), the Police have announced that the CCTV cameras put up in various high crime area's have been scrapped.

The camera's have already been installed and cost the taxpayer 3 million pounds!

Even worse, the Dhimmi Police have been forced to apologise for any offence caused!

Reports say the camera's were all in Sparkill but this Sky news video actually shows Mosely.

Either way this is the Muslim lobby flexing their muscles in Birmingham.

As one comment said in the Birmingham Mail...If you've nothing to hide, what's the problem?

Vote BNP to get a Birmingham British National Party Councillor.

The Birmingham Mail reports - CAMPAIGNERS who opposed so-called “spy” cameras in Muslim areas of Birmingham said they felt vindicated after the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police apologised for their introduction.

Chris Sims admitted on Thursday there had been “serious shortcomings” in the management of the Project Champion camera scheme in Alum Rock and Sparkhill.

Responding to his comments, Coun Tanveer Choudry (Springfield, Lib Dem) said: “We are pleased with the report and I’m glad to see that policing the police is still happening.

“We were concerned there could have been a whitewash but it wasn’t.

“I’m glad to see Mr Sims admitted they were wrong and we wish they would take the cameras down.”

Steve Jolly, who led a pressure group called anti-CCTV, said: “The report couldn’t have been more damming.

“It was what we were saying all along.

“The police need to start again,” he added.

Corinna Ferguson, legal officer at civil rights group Liberty, which is representing a group of Sparkbrook residents affected by the cameras, said: “It is now clear the concerns we raised when we threatened legal proceedings were well-founded.

“Project Champion disregarded legal obligations in relation to privacy and discrimination and was falsely sold to the Muslim community as general crime prevention when it was purely a counter-terror measure.”



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