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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Kai Murros

Author and nationalist from Finland

Unite union sees fit to meddle in politics and lobby to close down American Renaissance conference

Nick Griffin — “Victory Against All Odds.” Mr. Griffin is chairman of the British National Party. In June 2009 he stunned the political establishment by winning a seat in the European Parliament, representing North West England. He is widely recognized as one of Britain’s most colorful and dynamic young politicians. Nick Griffin is a keynote speaker at the Ninth American Conference 2010.

The Unite union has sent a letter to the hotel holding the conference, implying that they speak for 3 million Brits! As i understand it most people are in a union because they are afraid of losing their jobs. The union gives a large amount of it's subs to the Labour party, the Labour party support the unite union, and if anyone raises concerns about the arrangement they are labeled a Nazi.

There is no reason why Nick Griffin shouldn't attend the conference. It will generate world wide interest, as nation after nation rejects multiculturalism. Many countries in Europe and beyond look to the successes of the Front Nationale, and the British National Party as inspiration. As the Marxist plan to bastardize Europe and the Western world by stealth fails, left wing organizations are going all out (with taxpayers money/union subs) to discredit the noble cause of nationalism.

I advise anyone reading this who is in Unite to cancel their direct debit and join Solidarity (Union for British patriots)

The Author of the complaint can be reached below
Saba Mozakka, Unite, 020 7420 8916,

Friday, 29 January 2010

Front Nationale confront affirmative action which discriminates against white males

Front Nationale confront affirmative action against white males. Press Release: Marie-Christine Arnautu, Chairperson of the FN to the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, head of FN in the regional elections in Ile-de-France: Read Here

Lancaster Unity commenters incite violence against PPC Mark Collett

The nasty undemocratic and state sponsored Unity websites are in meltdown with the prospects of the BNP gaining parliamentary seats this general election.
This is a comment from the Lancaster Unity website

Anonymous Kev Scott loves The Jam said...
PG said...
"Some of us in Sheffield can't wait to get a chance to greet him. "Eggs on standby, chaps. :)

That'll be those brick shaped eggs you like so much in Sheffield then ;-)
This spanner will have a new arsehole ripped if he sets foot in Sheffield city centre!

7:16 PM, January 28, 2010
And they call us violent thugs!

They have seriously injured a BNP activist before, he could have died.

Vote commonsense. Vote BNP!

Birmingham (Pakistani) Liberal Democrat admits spying mission against Labour opponent

A LEADING Birmingham Liberal Democrat is at the centre of an extraordinary “bugging” row after arranging for a private conversation involving his Labour arch-rival to be secretly taped.

Ayoub Khan admitted to the Birmingham Mail that he launched a covert surveillance operation in a desperate attempt to save his career after he was found to have misled a court while giving evidence under oath. Read more

Cuffley train robbery

IMAGES of two men police want to speak to about a train robbery have been just been released.

A teenage lad had his mobile phone taken in the intimidating attack which happened on board a train bound for Cuffley.The mugging took place just before midnight on Tuesday, October 27 and police have today (Thursday) released these grainy CCTV images.Detective constable Mark Sutherland said that the victims, a group of five teenage boys aged between 13 and 14-years-old, were travelling to Cuffley when they were approached by a group of older males.

He said: “At around midnight the victims were threatened by a group of around 10 older youths who demanded that they hand over their mobile phones. 
“The older youths then stole a phone off one of the teenagers before leaving the train.”
He added: “While the detail in the images isn’t perfect we have been able to isolate stills of two men we would like to speak with in connection with what happened.
“This was a very intimidating experience for the victims, who were left frightened and shaken by the incident. I would encourage anyone who has information to come forward.”

Anyone with any information about the robbery is asked to contact BTP on.

DEPTFORD: Police appeal after man robbed on train

POLICE are appealing for information after a man was burned with a cigarette, forced onto a train and robbed.The 21-year-old from Plumstead was traveling home from Deptford on January 16 at around 8am after a night shift at work.

As he waited for a train a (black) man approached him making several aggressive demands for money.When the victim’s train pulled into the station the man forcefully grabbed hold of his arm and stopped him from boarding. Read more

Thursday, 28 January 2010

BNP parliamentary candidate stands against Tories first black MP in Windsor

The party is set to reveal their chosen representative, who will contest the seat currently held by the first black Tory MP Adam Afriyie.Local organiser for the BNP, Andrew McBride, said: "Its just a case of crossing the t's and dotting the i's and we will be revealing the right candidate in the coming weeks.
"We had a good run in the local elections and the residents of Windsor have been calling on us to put a candidate forward for the parliamentary seat.
"When people in the town see dairies being turned into mosques, and the problems caused by this, they contact us, as we can give them a voice."

The news comes as the Labour party announced they will be putting a Sikh former doctor, Amanjit Singh Jhund, forward as their candidate.
The BNP has also announced their candidate, Tim Rait, to contest the Maidenhead seat held by Conservative MP Theresa May.

The news has not be welcomed by the town's long-standing politicians. Read more

The New Face—And New Faces—Of the Tories

When David Cameron set about “detoxifying” the Tory brand, one of his first aims was to change the face of the party.

Painfully aware that he was surrounded in Parliament by (fellow) white middle-class men educated at public schools and Oxbridge, he sought to ensure that the next intake of Conservative MPs better reflected the country at large. Read more

Teenage rapists who filmed attack on girl of 13 sentenced to 16 years in total... but judge refuses to name and shame (race omitted)

Three teenage rapists who filmed their knifepoint assault on a 13-year-old schoolgirl on a mobile phone have been jailed for a total of 16 years.
The girl was led to the eighth floor of a block of flats by the 14 and 15-year-old attackers who were 'determined to get sex'.

I wonder what race the rapists were? The people of Peckham have a right to know if they are in danger from black gangs.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Stechford squaddie stitched up by Sunday newspapers for being a BNP member

Firstly, it is perfectly legal for members of the armed forces to be members of the BNP! The Birmingham mail reports that Anthony Phillips 21 who is an Iraqi veteran had to go AWOL after a Sunday newspaper published pictures of him (allegedly) sieg hieling, and separate photo's of him sporting a Nazi style tattoo.

Mr Phillips sister Andrea, a 24-year-old mum-of-two, said the picture of him appearing to make Nazi salutes was taken out of context.
She said: “He’s far from a Nazi. The photo was taken at his grandma’s funeral. They were pointing to a picture of his grandma".

The papers of course are looking to catch anyone out who supports the BNP as the election gets closer. Mr Phillips sister added:
“So what if he is a member of the BNP? He has every right to express his views.“He’s a soldier fighting for his country and people are stabbing him in the back. It’s not fair.”
Well said, all this guy appears to be guilty of is having a tattoo that someone doesn't like. Interesting how the Mail decides not to print a picture of this tattoo. Is it because maybe it is not Nazi after-all, and the photograph taken out of context is what has caused the young private all these problems?

Such uncertainty didn't deter Labour MP Steve McCabe from putting the (jack) boot in, he said; “Membership of the BNP is inconsistent with the values of the British Armed Forces.“Army personnel are supposed to uphold the values of the Crown and the BNP’s views conflict with those.”

In your opinion Mr McCabe, in your opinion! What authority do you have to tell the public about the Army and it's values? With his background of social work and lecturing in social work, I would suggest Mr McCabe doesn't know the first thing about military life, or about the honor that is due to veterans such as Anthony Phillips.

I say again, it is perfectly legal for members of the armed forces to be a member of the BNP! Only the police has a membership bar at present, which is unconstitutional and likely to change. Vote BNP!

Article here

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Asian pupils outnumber white children in Birmingham primary schools for the first time

The Birmingham mail reports: ASIAN children are outnumbering white pupils in Birmingham primary schools for what is believed to be the first time, according to the city council.

The proportion of youngsters aged seven and under with an Asian background stands at 40 per cent against 39 per cent for white children. Note; that doesn't include black kids or other ethnic soon to be majorities. If this doesn't wake people up i don't know what will?
Read more

Below is a story about the school i attended in Birmingham 1990-1996. Washwood Heath Comprehensive was about 60% Asian, 20% black, and 20% white during the time i was there. I did not attend the carol concert in the story below. Muslims 'jumping' white kids was a regular occurrence.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Man savagely assaulted near Benfleet rail station

Left: Lee Jasper doing a black power sign. No one wants to discuss the disproportionate amount of hate crimes by blacks against whites, especially in London.

A MAN was savagely attacked near Benfleet rail station, police said today.
Officers are appealing for witnesses to the assault on the 27-year-old man at 9.40pm on Friday.The assault, in Benfleet High Street close to the subway leading to the rail station, came as the man saw his girlfriend into a taxi. He was approached by the two (black) men who launched an unprovoked attack on him, punching him to the ground and kicking him to his head and body.

He suffered cuts and bruises to his face, arms and torso. Note: The Echo doesn't suggest the attack was racial. Read more


CLAIMS that mass immigration will help support Britain’s ageing population were condemned as “totally dishonest” yesterday.Ministers repeatedly say that migrant workers are desperately needed to expand the workforce to provide more tax revenue for supporting the rapidly growing number of pensioners.

But the argument was called into doubt in a discussion document from the population think tank Migrationwatch.

Sir Andrew Green, Migrationwatch chairman, said: “The pensions myth is just one in a long series of excuses that are trotted out in support of justifying the highest levels of immigration in our history. Read more

Sunday, 24 January 2010

David Yeagley reviews the movie Avatar

James Cameron’s movie sensation, AVATAR, is about race, obviously. In a classic venue of white man versus nature, the white man is made the traditional enemy of the environment and its more natural, morally superior habitants–persons of color. This is such a basic, anti-white fantasy, one has to wonder at the implications of the movie’s success. Are there that many non-whites in America, or, Are there that many guilt-mongering whites in America?

The Blue People: AVATAR Race Fantasy

DAVID Yeagley has been called “an American Indian Leonardo da Vinci“. He is an author, scholar, classical composer, concert musician, portrait artist and political commentator. He founded and runs the popular blog

DR Yeagely will also be a speaker at the Ninth American Renaissance Conference(2010).
Nick Griffin will also be speaking at the conference.

Bulgarian Nationalist party (ATAKA) ask Turkish government for an apology for 500 years of genocide

The history of Jihad in Bulgaria can be read here .

The letter wrote by Volen Siderov, President of ATAKA is below.

Through the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

Mr. President,

Mr. Prime Minister,

Being activists of the patriotic ATAKA political party and in the name of 650,000 Bulgarian voters who supported us we insist that the Turkish state apologize for the genocide over Bulgarian nationality practiced for a period of five hundred years.

During this period millions of Bulgarians were exterminated in the most sadistic way while about 3, 5 million Bulgarian children were violently separated from their families and turned into killers of Christians in the so called Janissary corps after the Turkish “Devshirme” blood tax.
Without this genocide Bulgarian nation would have run to 50 million people and would have been one of the largest nations in Europe.

Today Turkey owes an apology for the extermination of millions of human lives of Bulgarians.

Turkey owes us an apology for killing Vasil Levski – the greatest fighter for Bulgaria’s liberation from the Turkish yoke. Vasil Levski’s death sentence was set up and executed even in contradiction with the Turkish law at that time. This was a criminal execution and you owe us an apology for it.

In 1913 breaking the London peace treaty regular Turkish troops passed the Enos-Midia boundary and invaded Bulgaria’s territory. Tens of villages with Bulgarian population were burnt and devastated while their inhabitants – Bulgarian Christians: men, women and children – were killed by the Turkish army.

Over 300, 000 Bulgarians from Eastern Turkey were expelled from their native lands and their estates were plundered. According to Carnegie Commission report from that epoch and according to the data stored in Bulgarian and Turkish foreign ministries the price of these estates equals to over USD 10 billion today.

We insist that this debt of the Turkish country toward Bulgaria is paid off immediately!

Volen Siderov,

President of ATAKA political party

February 19, 2009

Visit Ataka Bulgarian Nationalist party here

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Author Says Race, Not Socialism, Is Key to N.Korean Ideology

North Korea: Socialist or National Socialist? The Japanese installed a high value towards homogeneity when they occupied North Korea the author writes. Japan has kept these values since WW2 and as everyone knows they have done exceptionally well, only now losing second place in the world to China.

The Japanese people are happy in their small island and are admired throughout the world. Why haven't the left accused them of racism? The same reason the left will not accuse North Korea of racism. In the leftist warped mindset Only the white nations can be guilty of this thought crime. Personally I'm sick of hearing the word and hope a large BNP vote will confirm the majority of people in Britain are sick of it also. If not, then we deserve the label, sick man of Europe.

Black thug Bleach attacker will be out in 6 months!

A teenage boy who savagely poured bleach over a mother after she asked him to be quiet in a cinema has had his identity revealed. Jordan Horsley, 16, attacked Annette Warden who was having a meal with her family in a restaurant in Leeds last July.

He was angry with Warden after she complained to staff to tell him and his friends to be quiet during a screening of the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince at the Vue cinema in Kirstell Road.

Once the film had ended Horsley shouted abuse at Mrs Warden from a car as she went to eat at Frankie & Benny’s restaurant with her husband, John and her two sons.

The trial heard how the group drove to a petrol station, where Horsley brought a bottle of Domestos bleach before driving back to the restaurant. Horsley attacked Warden from behind pouring the bleach on to the top of her head.

The bleach made contact with the victim’s face entering her eyes and bleaching her hair white and grey and damaging her blouse. Some also hit her husband and one of her sons.

This savage should have got at least three years. One has to wonder how long the sentence would have been if a white youth attacked a black woman with her family?
The Black voice newspaper makes no comment (sic) on te soft sentence.

Press Officer of the NPD Group in the Saxon parliament calls for minaret ban

The speech in the Saxon parliment: As announced in the last session of the Saxony state parliament, brought the NPD Group, today was a request to parliament one, the call on the government to become an advocate at the federal level for enshrining a minaret ban in the constitution.

Article here(click on news)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Foul mouth Lilly Allen abandonds multicultrul Britain to live in the Cotswolds

Lilly Allen has embarrassed herself in Australia. She has been on tour in Brisbane, as an encore, of sorts, she dedicated hit song F*** You to 'all the c**** out there'.

When interviewed recently she said ‘I just want to have babies and live in the countryside, that's my goal really. I'm not a careerist, what I really want is to be a mum. Lily has purchased a property in the Cotwolds. After making a song which called the BNP racist, it could be argued Lilly is being somewhat of a hypocrite, by practicing 'white flight', instead of practicing what she preaches.

Read more:

Polisen i Danmark tar ingen skit (Danish police deals with left-wing activists)

UK police take note. This is how you deal with left wing thugs.

Police want these men after Birmingham clashes

The police want to interview these men after the two Birmingham riots in 2009. Note no UAF organizers are in the pictures. They are the ones who incited the Muslims and blacks you see in the pictures to attack whites. No Salma Yaqoob either who shouted "our streets, our streets!" to fire up the vast number of young Muslim men, present on both occasions.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Geert Wilders trial

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Laminated Linen Protected Alexander the Great

Alexander's men wore linothorax, a highly effective type of body armor created by laminating together layers of linen, research finds.



NHS doctor receives six-figure payout

Nice work if you can get it. Dr Saiger recieves 333,000 from British tax payers!

Dr Saiger had originally claimed £1.3million, adding: 'As this is paid by the public purse it provides a good outcome for patient care in north Cumbria.'

Taxpayers may not be so impressed though. The £333,000 bill would have paid the salaries of 16 nurses or covered the cost of 55 hip replacement operations.
Read more:

Operation black vote invites AL Sharpton to UK to celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday

Operation Black Vote (OBV) has invited the Rev AL Sharpton to London to celebrate Mr Kings birthday. Diane Abbott will be giving a speech (surprise surprise) and the black activist Lee Jasper who calls for 'street action against BNP activists'. Inciting violence? Below is some history on Al Sarpton and Lee Jasper.

Sharptons views on white people

Sharpton was quoted as saying to an audience at Kean College in 1994 that, “White folks was in caves while we was building empires.... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Sharpton defended his comments by noting that the term "homo" was not homophobic but added that he no longer uses the term. Sharpton has since called for an end to homophobia in the African-American community.

Sharptons political history

Sharpton has run unsuccessfully for elected office on multiple occasions. Of his unsuccessful runs, he said that winning office may not have been his goal. "Much of the media criticism of me assumes their goals and they impose them on me," said Sharpton in an interview. "Well, those might not be my goals. So they will say, 'Well, Sharpton has not won a political office.' But that might not be my goal! Maybe I ran for political office to change the debate, or to raise the social justice question." Sharpton ran for a United States Senate seat from New York in 1988, 1992, and 1994. In 1997, he ran for Mayor of New York City.

On January 5, 2003 Sharpton announced his candidacy for the 2004 presidential election as a member of the Democratic Party.

On March 15, 2004, Sharpton announced his endorsement of leading Democratic candidate John Kerry.

On December 15, 2005, Sharpton agreed to repay $100,000 in public funds he received from the federal government for his 2004 Presidential campaign. The repayment was required because Sharpton had exceeded federal limits on personal expenditures for his campaign. At that time his most recent Federal Election Commission filings (from January 1, 2005) stated that Sharpton's campaign still had debts of $479,050 and owed Sharpton himself $145,146 for an item listed as "Fundraising Letter Preparation — Kinko's."

Lee Jasper history

Jasper has chaired many committees and organisations including the National Black Alliance, National Black Caucus and the Lambeth Police Consultative Group. He is the National Secretary of the National Assembly Against Racism. He was also a founder board member of the Jubilee 2000 Campaign, is a current member of the Black Jewish Forum, is was one of the co-chairs of Communities on Line, a national organisation promoting internet usage for social and economic justice, and has been School Governor of St Andrew's School, Brixton, Lambeth. Kingsdale and Chestnut Grove Schools in South London. He was a the driving force behind the radical black web site black information link. (

Lee Jaspers Racism

In 2001 and again in September 2008 he called for the establishment of black schools in the United Kingdom in response to a perceived educational crisis for black youth. His call has gained increasing support from large sections of the black community. But has outraged white and black liberals alike. He currently presents a programme on

He led discussions with black churches in London on behalf of the Mayor. He was also responsible for delivering a broad range of cultural events across London including the ' Rise Festival'. As a member of the Mayor's Advisory Cabinet, he was responsible for political advice regarding race relations in London He was the most high profile public figure of former Mayor Ken Livingstones advisors.

Corruption and milking the tax payer

In March 2008 it was reported that Police investigating public funds allegations involving associates of Jasper had arrested Joel O'Loughlin, said to be a friend of Jasper's, whose company, Diversity International (DI), went into liquidation after being paid nearly £350,000 by the London Development Agency. It was alleged that the tender rules had been waived when DI was paid £346,000 to run a London website despite having no expertise in the field and being based in Liverpool. In fact the rules were not waived as evidenced by Boris Johnson's Forensic Audit Panel and after a year long Police investigation O'Loughlin was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

On the same day another LDA-funded group linked to Jasper, Ethnic Mutual, was shut down by the Financial Services Authority. EM had received over £1 million from the LDA and the government, and it was discovered that £18,000 had been diverted from it to a company of which Jasper is a director.[6] Jasper stated that his fellow Directors had applied for and secured this loan without his knowledge, a fact confirmed to the Police by his co-directors.
The police launched an investigation after Jasper voluntarily referred these allegations to the police in a bid to clear his name and arrests were made in response to the pressure brought to bear by the London Conservatives and the Evening Standard. Over 11 individuals were arrested by the Metropolitan Police in the course of a year long investigation. Of the 11 people, 9 have been released without charge and it is widely expected that the final two will also be discharged.

Incoming Mayor of London Boris Johnson also launched an extensive Forensic Audit Panel investigation to examine in detail all aspects of Lee Jasper decisions and actions whilst in office. That committee reported in July 2008 that Lee Jasper had acted at all times within his remit as a Mayoral adviser. They did however express concern about two members of his staff who were responsible for the Carnival Showcase.

Lee Jasper calls for violence against the BNP

Note: There was no black Roman units involved in the conquest of Britain. Jasper is quoting a multicultural p.c version of history he watched on the Marxist BBC.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Senegal Offers Land to Haitians

The president of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade (left) has offered free land to Haitians. He said, Haitians were sons and daughters of Africa since Haiti was founded by slaves, including some thought to be from Senegal. We would give them a whole region if they turn up in large numbers he went on to say.

Will they take up the offer? Would the president like some Jamaicans also? Marcus Garvey first supported the 'back to Africa' notion and is still thought of as a hero by many black British and white liberals.

Also bearing in mind the Rastafarian 'religion' sees Ethiopia as the black homeland, and many Jamaicans relate to this 'religion', it is quite an interesting notion the president has proposed.

Black communities resent handpicked black candidates

Left: Poster from 'Operation black vote'. A Peckham without white men seems to be the plan? Do black people find obv patronizing and somewhat offensive? I know i do.

Note they have a Chinese woman on their site who is a Liberal democrat, is she black? I doubt she would say yes if asked. The organization should be called 'Operation vote against whitey' that would be more accurate.

This story from the (black) voice seems to encourage it's readers to abstain from voting. The article appears to denote that, 'the labour party just isn't pro black enough!'. They still stand by the hypocrite Diane abbott though, and make no mention of the scandals and corruption Keith Vaz has wormed his way out of in recent years.

Certain blood groups, like type B, are more common among people from the African, Caribbean and South Asian communities.

I'm glad this singer is urging black and Asian people to give blood because, as the mail says "some medical conditions requiring regular blood transfusions, like sickle cell anemia,have higher prevalence within these communities".

Actually the mail is bending the truth somewhat as, only black and south Asians(especially blacks) suffer from sickle cell.

Who Gets SCDs?
"The different kinds of SCD and the different traits are found mainly in people whose families come from Africa, the Caribbean, the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia.* In Britain SCD is most common in people of African and Caribbean descent (at least 1 in 10-40 have sickle cell trait and 1 in 60-200 have SCD).

It is estimated there are over 6,000 adults and children with SCD in Britain at present. There are other inherited conditions that mainly affect other groups, e.g. Cystic Fibrosis in Europeans, and Tay-Sachs disease in Jewish people."

Monday, 18 January 2010

Unemployment reaches 4 million in Germany say NPD

Read the article here (translated).

Dr Tawana, Vongai Gondo, and Catherine Kunatsa kill two patients at heartlands with wrong dose

Notice anything about the above names? Thats right the three of them are African. The two nurses (pictured) gave five times the dose of Amphotericin at Heartlands Hospital, in Bordesley Green. But the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has decided the pair “have no case to answer” and will not go before a disciplinary board. This means they could be treating on of your family in the future.

A NMC (nursing midwifery council) spokeswoman told the families it was because the nurses are very sorry and Dr Kiran Tawana, who wrote the prescription that led to the blunder, is also not facing a hearing. This is insane! Drug errors always involve disciplinary action and if someone dies from the mistake then your pin number should be taken away by the NMC as you are obviously not fit to practice.

Mr Richards suffered from Burkitt’s lymphoma and Mr Sunner, 36, from Stetchford, was in remission from leukaemia. They died within hours of each other on Cancer Ward 19 in July 2007. Dr Tawana and two nurses all exercised their right to refuse to answer questions at the inquest of the two men in February last year. This should be no defense! These incompetents should not get away with killing our people and face no punishment.

You can write to the Nursing midwifery council here and demand justice for the two dead patients.

Article in Birmingham mail

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pervert cabbie jailed after Sutton Coldfield sexual assault

Birmingham incubator of Jihadists

This article from the Mercury argues that young Muslims from the midlands are being brainwashed into hating Britain. Although the doctor who tried to cause havoc at Glasgow airport was in his fifties. The photo of this meeting shows the age of serious Muslim activists who support the group. Left: Hizb Ut Tarir meeting in Birmingham 3/02/07.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Embarrassment for Cameron as Tory councillor declares there are 'too many Paki's'

The market town of Colne, Lancashire, which Cllr Benson said had 'too many takeaways and too many Pakis'

Read more:

Friday, 15 January 2010

African Doctor kills two English people on his first shift

Another bme doctor kills a British citizen with his incompetence. Why can't we ban doctors from the 3rd world? There is absolutely no reason to import doctors as there is plenty of graduates on the dole. Mr Ubani has not even apologized to the victims family.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Diane Calls on Boris to Honour Pledge on Rape Crisis Centres

Diane Abbott has called on Boris Johnson to fund rape crisis centers in London. Nothing wrong with that but she fails to mention who is overwhelmingly responsible for these rapes, and what group of people are usually the victims.
The aforementioned was not a racist comment, it's all true and recorded below.
Sections on her website include London Schools and the Black Child and Black Women Mean Business

Whites in Hackney don't count then.

Lozells stabbings: Stop and search operation to continue as hunt for knifeman goes on

Left: The Lozells ripper? Powers of 'Stop and search' have been granted. When was they taken away?

Article from the Birmingham mail (no info on the ethnicity of the victims)

Northfield Labour MP uses his commons question to ask about Gaza

Richard Burden Northfield MP spent his question chance in the house of commons to waffle about Gaza. How many Palestinians (if there exists such a people) in Northfield? I would guess none.

His website:
Richard is Chair of the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group which seeks to foster good relations and understanding between Britain and Palestine and to promote a just and durable peace in the Middle East.Richard has had an active interest in this region since writing his university dissertation and visits the area at least once a year to see for himself the situation on the ground and to meet key players. Richard regularly speaks on this issue in Parliament as well as writing articles and commenting on developments. This section of his website has these articles available to download as well as any press releases issued.

His question:
I, too, have visited Sterodt, and the fear of the people there that my right hon. Friend has described is absolutely genuine. However, if she is saying that the flaw in the Goldstone report was the time limit placed on the date from which it enquired, and she has talked about other things that should be looked at, why has she failed to mention the existence of the Hamas ceasefire long before Operation Cast Lead, or the blockade that existed in an extreme form since Hamas was elected to Government and in one form or other for a long time before that? If she wants to be balanced, why does she not mentioned those things?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fox news has a new fox

Sarah Palin has had a tough time in the U.S. Over the past eighteen months. An unlucky election campaign and smears attacking her intelligence. They said she thought Africa was a country and she knows nothing about history. All allegations were without proof however and Obama's slick election campaign sunk to a low with the 'lipstick on a pig' comment.

Now she's back. Her autobiography is a best seller, her performance in the vice presidential debate has been re-analyzed, she actually did better than Biden many say, and now she has been invited as a weekly contributor for fox news. Palin for president 2012!

Africans riot in Italy

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Austrian Freedom Party to gain in 2010

A promising start to the year for the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) with their new year meeting well attended. Herbert Kickler hosted the occasion of New Year's meeting of the Freedom Party in Vienna. Before some 5,000 enthusiastic supporters Kickler took stock of recent years and offered an outlook for the election in 2010.

Nothing British imbeciles

The website 'Nothing British' is one of many the left have set up to attack the BNP and it's supporters. They seem to think they are on to something when they point out the £178 billion debt that our masters have put us in, can't be paid back by using BNP economic policy. The sensible and fair cuts the BNP have listed on their manifesto include

* foreign aid – £8 bn
* the war in Afghanistan – £11 bn
* the cost of immigration – £13 bn
* leave the EU – £14.6 bn

The cuts are supported by most British people who actually know how much we throw away, as a nation, via foreign aid and the E.U. The article then goes on to point out these figures are no where near the deficit of £178 bn. No shit Sherlock! Who would suggest for a minute that $178 bn could be paid off in one year, apart from a complete imbecile?

Then the writer goes on to say: Let’s say we accept their figures. The sum total of cuts then comes to about £32 bn.
The figures actually add up to £48 bn! Which means under a BNP government our deficit would be paid off before the first term, with money left over.

Better try harder 'Nothing British'.
Read the article here

Monday, 11 January 2010

BACK AMONG FRIENDS - The return of a Britsh traitor

George Galloway M.P with his supporters.

Following his deportation from Egypt at the hands of Mubarak’s police force yesterday, George Galloway MP arrived at around 2.30pm in Brick Lane to receive a welcome from friends and Tower Hamlets Respect colleagues.

He went on to give a press conference where he answered questions about his experiences on the month long Viva Palestina convoy and the rapturous reception it received upon reaching the people of Gaza.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Campaigner Jo Cleary fights Wootton Bassett protests

A Herne Bay mum protesting against the planned extremist march through Wootton Bassett says she's received death threats.

"It's thought the threats are from an anti-racism group, rather than a Muslim organisation."
It appears UAF are showing their true colours. More concerned about Muslim extremists right to protest than the indigenous people of these islands.

Magistrate sacked for misconduct

Iris Josiah "Is it because i is black?" Back in April 09 Miss Josiah, 50, claimed harassment, victimisation and racial discrimination against the Ministry of Justice and demanded £75,000 compensation. She said within the first few years of her appointment as a judge at Enfield magistrates in north London she witnessed racism.

Friday, 8 January 2010
A magistrate who failed to reveal she faced court proceedings has been removed from the bench for misconduct.

A panel found Iris Josiah's conduct over a lengthy period "fell below expected standards".

Man Chasing Handbag Thieves Stabbed

1/9/2010 © Sky News 2010
A man has died after being stabbed while chasing two muggers who stole a woman's handbag in east London. Acting Detective Chief Inspector John Sandlin appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Sukhwinder Singh pursued two men who robbed a 28-year-old woman near Barking station in east London.

When he caught up with the pair a fight broke out and the 31-year-old was knifed.

Mr Singh chased the robbers along Victoria Road into Uphall Road before he was attacked just before 7pm on Friday.

He was taken to the Royal London hospital but later died. A post-mortem is due to take place.

Detective Inspector John Sandlin, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "This is a tragic death of a man who was killed for attempting to stop others committing crime, and our thoughts are with Sukhwinder's family.

"However, I would also to reassure the wider community that tragic events such as these are very rare.

"I am appealing for anyone that knows who committed this crime, or who has any information about those who committed this crime, to do the right thing and come forward and contact police.

"My officers are also keen to hear from anybody who witnessed the initial robbery, the actual altercation that led to the stabbing and additionally anyone who may have seen any persons matching the suspect's description fleeing the Uphall Road area.

"It is also possible that the suspects may have abandoned the bag stolen and I appeal to anyone who may find a brown leather shoulder bag, to contact police.

"It may be that it has significant clues that could help solve this awful crime."

The two robbers were both black men in their 20s or 30s and 5ft 7in to 6ft.

The incident room can be contacted on 0208 345 3715 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Another incompetent BME doctor

A bungling doctor who missed a golf ball sized tumor in a patient three times has been banned from practising medicine. Rabin Apta failed to spot tell-tale signs of rectal cancer despite repeated visits from the middle-aged victim – telling her she had piles.
What does the left constantly tell us, the NHS would collapse if it wasn't for immigrants?

Article from The Mercury

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sweden awake! / Sverige vakna!

Never a Muslim country in German-land! Say NPD

Article from the German National Party (NPD) discussing the issues which are raised by mass immigration into Germany.

Access the NPD website here.

Birmingham city council bulletin for 2010. No saint George's day?

I received my email from Birmingham city council the other day. Here is what it says to welcome it's citizens to Birmingham's 2010 cultural events.

Welcome to Birmingham 2010

It may be cold outside but the city is hotting up with a host of free events and activities to look forward to including Chinese New Year, St Patrick's Day Festival and the BRB (Birmingham Royal Ballet) 20 Year Celebration in March.

This month we also remember victims and survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides around the world at Holocaust Memorial Day.

We show you how to get fit for free and stay warm this winter, and give you details about Birmingham’s World Cup bid. With recycling and environmental news, jobs and exciting competitions the Birmingham Bulletin has something for everyone.

There you go then. St George's day is non existent as far as Birmingham city council are concerned. I will be emailing them to ask why.

Friday, 8 January 2010

NDU National Democrats Youth (Sweden) hold three hour tabel top event in Gothernburg school

The National Democrats report that political parties were invited to set up stalls in the Gothernburg town of Hulebäcksgymnasiet (25/11/09). The rector was upset of the interest of national democracy and tried to stop students talking to the NDU. No other parties had bothered to set up a stall.

When students queued in hundreds around ND's secondary table, Head teacher Jan Östgård tried to persuade students to go away from the National Democratic table. A kind of human barrier was also attempted to try and stop the students from talking to NDU and meeting party members. The police were called and some teachers tried to ruin the party literature. The NDU accompanied by the party leader Marc Abrabbssom were not deterred however, and stayed for three hours, making contacts and explaining the party policies and values to the students.

Caught by the fuzz

The 'human chain' facism in action

Lots of interest from students perturbed the head teacher. I would guess he doesn't live in a multicult area?

The stall attracted interest immediately

Access The National Democrat Party here (translated)

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