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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Nothing British imbeciles

The website 'Nothing British' is one of many the left have set up to attack the BNP and it's supporters. They seem to think they are on to something when they point out the £178 billion debt that our masters have put us in, can't be paid back by using BNP economic policy. The sensible and fair cuts the BNP have listed on their manifesto include

* foreign aid – £8 bn
* the war in Afghanistan – £11 bn
* the cost of immigration – £13 bn
* leave the EU – £14.6 bn

The cuts are supported by most British people who actually know how much we throw away, as a nation, via foreign aid and the E.U. The article then goes on to point out these figures are no where near the deficit of £178 bn. No shit Sherlock! Who would suggest for a minute that $178 bn could be paid off in one year, apart from a complete imbecile?

Then the writer goes on to say: Let’s say we accept their figures. The sum total of cuts then comes to about £32 bn.
The figures actually add up to £48 bn! Which means under a BNP government our deficit would be paid off before the first term, with money left over.

Better try harder 'Nothing British'.
Read the article here


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