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Sunday, 24 January 2010

David Yeagley reviews the movie Avatar

James Cameron’s movie sensation, AVATAR, is about race, obviously. In a classic venue of white man versus nature, the white man is made the traditional enemy of the environment and its more natural, morally superior habitants–persons of color. This is such a basic, anti-white fantasy, one has to wonder at the implications of the movie’s success. Are there that many non-whites in America, or, Are there that many guilt-mongering whites in America?

The Blue People: AVATAR Race Fantasy

DAVID Yeagley has been called “an American Indian Leonardo da Vinci“. He is an author, scholar, classical composer, concert musician, portrait artist and political commentator. He founded and runs the popular blog

DR Yeagely will also be a speaker at the Ninth American Renaissance Conference(2010).
Nick Griffin will also be speaking at the conference.


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