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Thursday, 7 January 2010

US Lifts HIV/Aids Immigration Ban

Barrack Obama is determined to darken the USA with immigrants from Africa. Aids or no Aids.

For some reason Obama has scrapped the Aids immigration ban. At a time when the middle class in America are about to be lumbered with the health care costs of legions of the economic inactive, it seems Obama wants the middle, (mostly white) classes, to pay for the medicine and care of people from his mother country; Africa.

The dark continent has 2/3rds of the worlds aids carriers! This fact as been ignored in Britain as we have had high levels of immigration from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, and Uganda in the past ten years. America has been stronger on this issue up to now, putting their own citizens first by not bringing in Millions of aids carriers. It would seem those days are now gone.


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