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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Black thug Bleach attacker will be out in 6 months!

A teenage boy who savagely poured bleach over a mother after she asked him to be quiet in a cinema has had his identity revealed. Jordan Horsley, 16, attacked Annette Warden who was having a meal with her family in a restaurant in Leeds last July.

He was angry with Warden after she complained to staff to tell him and his friends to be quiet during a screening of the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince at the Vue cinema in Kirstell Road.

Once the film had ended Horsley shouted abuse at Mrs Warden from a car as she went to eat at Frankie & Benny’s restaurant with her husband, John and her two sons.

The trial heard how the group drove to a petrol station, where Horsley brought a bottle of Domestos bleach before driving back to the restaurant. Horsley attacked Warden from behind pouring the bleach on to the top of her head.

The bleach made contact with the victim’s face entering her eyes and bleaching her hair white and grey and damaging her blouse. Some also hit her husband and one of her sons.

This savage should have got at least three years. One has to wonder how long the sentence would have been if a white youth attacked a black woman with her family?
The Black voice newspaper makes no comment (sic) on te soft sentence.


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