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Friday, 8 January 2010

NDU National Democrats Youth (Sweden) hold three hour tabel top event in Gothernburg school

The National Democrats report that political parties were invited to set up stalls in the Gothernburg town of Hulebäcksgymnasiet (25/11/09). The rector was upset of the interest of national democracy and tried to stop students talking to the NDU. No other parties had bothered to set up a stall.

When students queued in hundreds around ND's secondary table, Head teacher Jan Östgård tried to persuade students to go away from the National Democratic table. A kind of human barrier was also attempted to try and stop the students from talking to NDU and meeting party members. The police were called and some teachers tried to ruin the party literature. The NDU accompanied by the party leader Marc Abrabbssom were not deterred however, and stayed for three hours, making contacts and explaining the party policies and values to the students.

Caught by the fuzz

The 'human chain' facism in action

Lots of interest from students perturbed the head teacher. I would guess he doesn't live in a multicult area?

The stall attracted interest immediately

Access The National Democrat Party here (translated)


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