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Saturday, 2 January 2010

British women take notice! This could have been YOU

Katie Piper before the attack

The harrowing story of Katie Piper is like something from South Africa. Is this a tragic preview of what we will go through as cities creep towards white minority status? People have commented that, "there are nutters in all races" and "this had nothing to do with race". I have my own views and see this attack as symbolic. In other words the guilty party (Daniel Lynch) thought to himself, right you white bitch, if i can't have you no one will want you, lets see how you feel without your pretty white face. Lynch had been dumped by Katie, not content with raping her he paid Stefen Sylvestre to throw acid in her face!

Katie Piper after

Everyone has had to deal with rejection at some stage but do you contemplate something so evil? Of course not. And as for Sylvestre, what if someone approached you to do such a wicked act. Any decent person would go ape. I can only see one reason why this attack happened. Both of them had such a profound hatred for white women they had no problem in planning and carrying out a truly heinous act.

Daniel Lynch (left) and Stefen Sylvestre. No doubt these two animals will get respect in black/Muslim dominated prison life for doing over a 'white bitch'. Whats the odds they turn Muslim within 6 months.


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