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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bulgarian Nationalist party (ATAKA) ask Turkish government for an apology for 500 years of genocide

The history of Jihad in Bulgaria can be read here .

The letter wrote by Volen Siderov, President of ATAKA is below.

Through the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey

Mr. President,

Mr. Prime Minister,

Being activists of the patriotic ATAKA political party and in the name of 650,000 Bulgarian voters who supported us we insist that the Turkish state apologize for the genocide over Bulgarian nationality practiced for a period of five hundred years.

During this period millions of Bulgarians were exterminated in the most sadistic way while about 3, 5 million Bulgarian children were violently separated from their families and turned into killers of Christians in the so called Janissary corps after the Turkish “Devshirme” blood tax.
Without this genocide Bulgarian nation would have run to 50 million people and would have been one of the largest nations in Europe.

Today Turkey owes an apology for the extermination of millions of human lives of Bulgarians.

Turkey owes us an apology for killing Vasil Levski – the greatest fighter for Bulgaria’s liberation from the Turkish yoke. Vasil Levski’s death sentence was set up and executed even in contradiction with the Turkish law at that time. This was a criminal execution and you owe us an apology for it.

In 1913 breaking the London peace treaty regular Turkish troops passed the Enos-Midia boundary and invaded Bulgaria’s territory. Tens of villages with Bulgarian population were burnt and devastated while their inhabitants – Bulgarian Christians: men, women and children – were killed by the Turkish army.

Over 300, 000 Bulgarians from Eastern Turkey were expelled from their native lands and their estates were plundered. According to Carnegie Commission report from that epoch and according to the data stored in Bulgarian and Turkish foreign ministries the price of these estates equals to over USD 10 billion today.

We insist that this debt of the Turkish country toward Bulgaria is paid off immediately!

Volen Siderov,

President of ATAKA political party

February 19, 2009

Visit Ataka Bulgarian Nationalist party here


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