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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

2nd Bromsgrove branch meeting

The second meeting in the new branch went well last night. First there was a new member to the party who explained why he had joined. He told the crowd how he and his family had left Birmingham to 'live around their own' which all could understand. Any racial group requires it' s own space for its own people of course. Think Handsworth (black), Alum Rock (Pakistani), Handsworth Wood (Indian), and Northfield (White) just about. For a first speech it was delivered well and hopefully brought the party some new activist's in the area of Bromsgrove.
Secondly Mike Bell gave an update on party activity since the first Bromsgrove meeting two months ago.
Last but not least was the legendary Arthur Kemp. He gave figures on the scandalous amount of money our government gives away while are own elderly are poor, many are unemployed, and soldiers are sleeping on the streets. Rhetorical questions were raised such as 'why are we giving Mungabe's regime 60 million a year, while he has openly called the British pigs and swindler's'. Some new activist's were confirmed towards the end of the night and money for the local branch was raised. ic1male

Arthur Kemp's book March of the Titans can be previewed/purchased below.


TITVS-ADVXAS 9 October 2009 at 11:29  

Isn't Alum Rock part of the "crescent" that also moons over Vauxhall, Small Heath, Sparkbrook and Sparkhill?

Anonymous 10 October 2009 at 15:31  

sure is

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