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Monday, 7 December 2009

No Cristmas in Copenhagen

Article by Bad Eagle

The leaders of the world have declared themselves enemies of the world. The great “climate change” conference in Copenhagen (COP15) has banned all Christmas trees, Christmas symbols, any thing pertaining to Christmas.

Christmas is a religious holiday that has no place at a United Nations function, according to the Foreign Ministry’s Svend Olling, who is the head of practical planning for the climate summit.

‘We have to remember that this is a UN conference and, as the centre then becomes UN territory, there can be no Christmas trees in the decor, because the UN wishes to maintain neutrality,’ said Olling.

No Christmas in Copenhagen? No Christmas
in the world, if the the UN has any say in it.

So, is the world against Christianity? Is the world united against Western Civilization? Christians must not be Christian? Christians must observe no Christian tradition? Is Christian culture no longer allowed–anywhere?

Thus saith the committee.

What is it about committees that makes them attack that which they’re supposed to care for? Remember the National Collegiate Athleteic Association (NCAA) and its peremptory intrusion into Indian affairs? They decided that images, monikers, or names of American Indians must be removed from all teams, or they couldn’t play in any post-season tournaments. The American Indian image must be removed from the public view. Why would the NCAA committee want to destroy culture and tradition in this way, and commit a visual genocide, an optical holocaust against Indians? It is an ethnic cleansing on U.S. campuses.

Climate committees, sports committees, and even toy committees. The latest best seller toy is declared unsafe by critics! One of the Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters, from the St. Louis-based Cepia LLC, is said to have antimony, a potentially harmful chemical on it. Antimony, which can cause health problems, is found on the hair and nose of one of the toy hamsters, called Mr. Squiggles.

Forget it. Name a committee, and you’ve got a condemnation of something. Name a congressman, and you’ve got a string of laws, most unnecessary, and some positively laws. From concerns over tiny toys to world climate, committees exist to control things. It is the nature of a committee. Whether a local school board, or an international assembly like the United Nations, it’s all about making rules for other people to follow. It’s about controlling people.

Russells means noted the problem with Indian tribal governments in an interview with the Lakota Journal newspaper, January 7-14, 2005. He called committees “communist.”

“Under the present system–the council has all the power. The tribal council on every reservation is Communist because they are run by committees. When ruled by committees, the council continues to garner more and more power.”

(That must have endeared Means to his Communist AIM associates.) It’s about presuming power over those who elected, or appointed you. Of course, the thing with committees is their appointment, not their election. But, even when committees or boards are elected, they always try to shape things for their own continuity and future power.

So, who wins? Perhaps no one. Society simply passes through periods of massive power conglomeration and the inevitable revolutions and dissolutions of such. Then the cycle begins again. Everything will be re-named the next time around, so as no to bore anyone–any too much.

The fact that this cycle seems perennial seems to indicate that a good sector of society is always asleep, or, preoccupied with work. Freedom, precious as it is, requires constant vigilance. Desperate guard. Otherwise, the wees of wimpy power graspers grow–fast and furiously.

Let it be known, then, the UN is the enemy of Western Civilization. The UN should be dissolved immediately. Every western country should withdraw forthwith–especially the United States. Yes, Get Us Out.


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