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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Solihull mum died after solution burnt lungs at Heartlands Hospital

Dr Mansur. Murderer or imbecile? Either way he should never be allowed to practice in this country again.

'Under cover mosque' filmed in Birmingham. "We are doctors, we are dentists, you know what to do" preached to the gatherers at a Birmingham mosque.

Another Briton is dead after being given ten times the normal amount of solution during a medical procedure. What kind of NHS kills patients who come in for routine interventions? Dr Mansur has come up wit pathetic excuses and begs for forgiveness. Firstly his license should be removed for life. Then he should be up in crown court, FOR MURDER!

Should Muslim doctors be allowed to treat our vulnerable citizens at all? I certainly wouldn't use a Muslim G.P because frankly i don't trust them. If nothing else the Hippocratic Oath comes second to the Koran and the Koran has no love for unbelievers as we know.


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