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Thursday, 17 December 2009

SVP (Swiss Peoples Party) calls for impeachment of the President of the Federal Commission against Racism

The SVP have called for their equivalent of Trevor Phillips to be sacked after he implied the citizens who voted for the minaret ban are Nazi's.

Story translated from The Swiss People Party website. (note: German doesn't translate easily into English)

The SVP has Federal Didier Burkhalter, December 2009 prompted a letter to push for the dismissal of Prof. Dr. Georg Kreis as president of the Federal Commission against Racism. Circle has grossly denigrates the voters in a television program. He is head of the Commission no longer sustainable.

reads as follows:

Bern, 10 December 2009

Dear Sir,
"Swiss television broadcast in December 2009 on the first channel from 22.25 clock lift the club mission to the question "minarets - again? Out." In the course of the show was invited as panelists President of the Federal Commission against Racism, Prof. Dr. Georg Kreis, following statement: "If an SVP would have done in the thirties, an initiative against the Judaization of Switzerland - which is namely a parallel process as the Islamization of Switzerland, although there are no problems - then have at that time, also because of the Fears of the famous and the economic crisis, the former SVP may also hingekriegt such a result and we would have a problem ... "

With this assertion, Professor circle assumed that a majority of Swiss voters in the 1930s would have been willing to support anti-Semitic measures, comparable to the repression under which the Jewish population in Nazi-ruled Germany had to suffer. Not to mention the assumption that what was involved in the SVP and its voters and supporters of Minaret ban initiative a mass of potentially xenophobic respectively.

We consider this statement from Prof. circle as a monstrous arrogance to the Swiss citizens vote and voting citizens. Their testimony also speculative and conjectural nature of scientific dishonesty, which weighs a history professor twice as hard. It is a shameful insult to the wartime generation, an insult to all those Swiss citizens who have helped secretly for persecuted Jews, the expression of Professor circle is a defilement and injury to their memory.

Prof circle has disqualified himself with this immoderate, arrogant comparison for the performance of the duties of the President of the Federal Commission against Racism. We ask you, Sir, Burkhalter, work to ensure that Prof. circle's function is removed.

Yours sincerely

Toni Brunner, Nationalrat, Parteipräsident SVP Toni Brunner, National, Party President SVP
Martin Baltisser, Secretary SVP

You can visit the Swiss Peoples party site below


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