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Friday, 18 December 2009

Rednal man dies after contracting MRSA in Heartlands Hospital

It's no secret that when going in for routine treatments and interventions in todays NHS you can end up dead. Heartlands hospital is in a 'enriched' area of Birmingham. As with the swine flu outbreaks there seems to be a definite link between multicultural area's and MSRA and Swine flu. Perhaps it is outrages to bring people over from third world countries to treat people with compromised immune systems.

Tropical diseases and poor hygiene have lead to the deaths of average Britons who are unfortunate to live near a 'enriched' area. Muslim women refusing to wash their arms and Africans who have not been health screened themselves are usually working on wards were people 'slip away' in a matter of days.

BNP policy is to train our own doctors and nurses to install the best possible care for our citizens, and particularly the old who are 'dropping like flies' in second world NHS trusts staffed by immigrants. We do not need medical staff from anywhere! There are enough young people and graduates on the dole to train up. They will not necessarily vote labour however. Is that part of their employment and training equation?

Article in The Daily Mail


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