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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Seventh man stabbed in Lozells

More cultural enrichment stories to warm the cockles this Christmas. A (black) man is known to have stabbed Severn people in Lozells Birmingham and is still at large.

The Birmingham Mail says:
'We know that robbery is not a motive, as nothing has been taken by the offender in any of the incidents and we do not believe that he is specifically targeting his victims for a reason such as race or any other hate crime.'

On what rationale do the Birmingham mail decide these crimes are not involving hate or race hate? If they told us the ethnicity of the victims and they were of different races then that would be a fair statement. What seems more likely is the police are being pressured from above to play down racist murders of white people by black savages (yes you are a savage if you go around stabbing innocent people). The true accounts, and the sheer number of these incidents doesn't fit in with the governments rainbow colored future, where peoples of different races and cultures live peacefully together.

In the mean time white people who can't afford to move to the suburbs (where most anti fascists live) are being 'picked off' by blacks and Asians who have a severe hatred of the indigenous peoples of this island. Those who suffer the brunt of the failed multicult experiment are school kids in area's where white people are now the minority, shop keepers who live in area's where they have become the minority, and white women who live in Muslim majority area's and are constantly harassed and called 'slag' or 'white bitch'.

Story from Birmingham Mail


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