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Saturday, 26 September 2009

White 15 year old beaten up by muslims

The following story is one i myself can relate to after attending Washwood Heath school in Birmingham from 1990 -1996. Many a time we were jumped by Muslims, sometimes with their older brothers turning up in taxi's. Fortunately, now all young voters have someone who understands their plight. Vote BNP! ic1male


Pupils are suspended after fights near school

Fourteen pupils have been suspended from a Black Country school following a series of fights that left a 15-year-old boy badly injured in hospital.

The boy has had plates inserted into his jaw after being attacked by a gang of Asian youths in a car as he walked home from Alexandra High School in Tipton despite having nothing to do with previous incidents.

That incident on Wednesday came a day after a row between two pupils led to the police being called to the school.

This was followed by a series of fights between Asian pupils and a group of white youths, who did not go to the school, in Upper Church Lane.

Since then Sandwell Council’s wardens have been patrolling and the police keeping watch.

Last night hundreds of concerned parents packed into the hall of the Alexandra Road school after being invited to a meeting.

Many called for headteacher Ian Binnie to ban pupils leaving the school at lunchtime while others said they would be keeping their children home until the disputes had died down.


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