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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Awakening of the Magyars - Jobbik Prime Ministerial nominee Gábor Vona meets the voters

From Jobbik website: On Tuesday the 16th of February, Jobbik's Prime Ministerial nominee went to meet the Budapest public in the centre of the city, at one of its busiest thoroughfares, the Nyugati underpass. In a move unlikely to be seen from any other nominee in the 2010 elections, the Jobbik leader assisted in the process of collecting recommendation slips.

For parliamentary candidates to be eligible to stand in Hungarian elections, their party must receive a sufficient number of these slips, which are non-transferable and usable by each voter only once.

The Jobbik leader spoke to, and was quizzed by the public at length; and Jobbik TV went on to ask several people who had chosen Jobbik as their slip choice, why they had decided on choosing the Movement for a Better Hungary.

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