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Monday, 22 March 2010

Islamification of Birmingham continues as Stechford Mosque/Madrassa gets full planning permission

Left: Stechford station 1963

Enoch Powell was born in Stechford, on 16 June 1912. He would walk along the railway track in his younger years to find a quiet spot to read.

I myself have happy memories of walking up a steep hill which brings you to the railway station, after getting off the 14 bus from Alum Rock to go to the swimming baths at Stechford. The swimming baths were unique because in the 80's there was an outside pool, which was heated!

Although the area has relatively few Muslims, now there are 3 Mosques in Stechford! This latest one includes a Madrassa (Islamic indoctrination centre) and education annex. Islamic colonisation in progress in the very area Enoch Powell was born.

The Birmingham Mail reports

Mosque leaders have been told to introduce stewards to control parking after winning planning permission to keep their prayer rooms open.

City planners have also set a limit of 150 worshippers attending the mosque in Albert Road, Stechford, at any one time following complaints from local residents. But the mosque, which has been open for 12 years under various temporary and limited planning approvals, was delighted to finally be given permanent approval. The building will serve as a prayer room for Friday worship, a madrassa, or Islamic school for children, and community training centre offering courses in English, computing and even sewing. Read more


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